How to Easily Remove a EZGO Golf Cart Motor (STEPS)

Removing EZGO golf cart motor

How to Change a EZGO Electric Motor

You may wish to change the electric motor in your EZGO electric golf cart and replace it with a new one. Some carts motors can be difficult to change.

How to change the motor on a Electric EZGO:

  1. The first step is to remove the wires connecting the battery pack to ensure that the cart has no power.
  2. It is advisable to use protective gloves. Do not use wristwatch, rings or jewelry.
  3. If you have to access the motor from below the rear seat, you must lift the rear of the cart using a jack.
  4. The next step would be to remove all the wires connected to the electric motor. Many golf cart electric motors have wires with color codes. If not, you will have to leave some marks on the wires and make a rough diagram. This is necessary for you to remember the connections when fixing the new motor.
  5. Some motors have designated terminals like A1 and A2 for the armature side and those connecting the field circuit are labeled F1 and F2. You will first have to disconnect all of them.
  6. You should now be able to notice the bolts that secure the motor to the cart’s chassis. Once these bolts are removed, you should be able to jerk the motor out.
  7. The recommendation is to cradle the motor from above, for safety.
  8. There are shafts through which the motor would have been slid down for seating it securely. You need to lift the motor slowly out of the shafts.

Once you have successfully removed the motor from its position, fitting the new motor in place should be a breeze. You have to just follow the reverse process.

All this appears easy. However, in reality, it may not be so easy to handle.

For starters, the input shaft could be jammed or broken, making it difficult for you to pull the motor up. You can use a hammer mildly to slowly tap and pull it off the hold and pull it up.

The other issue you may face with the older models of EZGO carts is where the motor could be welded to the body. You will have to use a gas flame to un-weld and remove the motor. 


How to Remove EZGO TXT Electric Motor?

Some users of the EZGO TXT electric golf cart miss the snap ring that holds the input shaft. The shaft in turn holds the motor.

On most occasions, the difficulty in removing the motor from its place in a golf cart is due to the rust that would have developed all around. It won’t come off so easily and you can’t use too much force as it may damage some of the other parts.

Heating the armature with a cutting torch and then cold spraying and repeating this for a couple of times can help. You can also try using a penetrant like Kroil oil to quickly cut through the rusted portions.


Tools Needed for Removing EZGO RXV Motor 

The step-wise guide for removal of the motor from an EZGO RXV Gas golf cart is given here. The list of tools you must have handy before you start the operation is as follows.

Socket, 10 mm

Socket, 12 mm

Socket, 14 mm

Socket, 1/2″

Socket, 5/8″

Impact Socket, 19 mm

Wrench, 8 mm

Wrench, 10 mm

Wrench, 12 mm

Wrench, 13 mm

Wrench, 14 mm (2 Nos.)

Wrench, 15 mm

Wrench, 19 mm

Combo Wrench, 19 mm


Extension 6″


Flat Ratchet

Impact Tool

Straight Blade Screwdriver

Drip Pan


EZGO RXV Motor Removal Steps

  1. You have to first remove the battery wires so that the cart cannot be powered.
  2. Next, the air hose should be removed from the carburetor side.
  3. Use a jack to lift the cart from the rear end.
  4. The drive belt should then be removed. The easiest way is to rotate the clutch towards the cart’s rear to slip off the belt. Remove the belt and keep it aside.
  5. Use the 8mm wrench to disconnect the ‘DF’ wire from the starter.
  6. Next, use the 10mm socket to remove the ground strap from the starter/generator and remove the part from the cart.
  7. Now, there are two bolts between the muffler and the starter that should be removed and the ground strap should also be dispensed with.
  8. Take out the bracket holding the pulse line using a 6-inch extension along with a 12mm socket.
  9. Detach the ignition wire from the harness.
  10. Use a pair of pliers to remove the pulse line from the fuel pump.
  11. Place a drip pan to catch any fuel remaining in the carburetor while disconnecting the fuel line.
  12. Next, remove the throttle rod assembly; you will need the 6-inch extension and a 12mm socket for this step.
  13. Remove the choke cable and the bolts from the bracket holding the starter/generator.
  14. Remove the muffler bolts.
  15. Engage the clutches by setting the parking brake and set the F/R switch to F.
  16. Remove the driven clutch.
  17. In the next step, remove the clutch by using a clutch puller bolt, first installing it and then removing it once the clutch is removed.
  18. You have now reached the motor. First, remove the 15mm bolts from the bracket which holds the motor. You will have to remove the bolts from the bottom of the skid plate as well.
  19. In the next few steps remove the wiring harness from the motor, the choke cable from the carburetor, the pulse line from the fuel pump and the ground strap from the motor. Loosen the starter/generator and remove the belt. Remove the control rod from the governor to the carburetor.
  20. Remove the four bolts that secure the motor to the motor support castings.
  21. The motor will be free now for lifting. You must lift it vertically along with the drive clutch. Use a hoist for this since you may not be able to lift it alone.

The key points here are that the motor of the EZGO RXV Gas golf cart is heavy and you must have a strap or a hoist for lifting it. The other is that you must remove all connecting wires before pulling the motor out.


How to Remove EZGO Marathon Electric Motor

Removing the motor from the EZGO Marathon golf cart involves first removing all the items connected to it like the armature assembly and the wires. There are usually 3 or 4 bolts holding the motor to the differential shaft along with a bracket. Removing these bolts will free the motor.

The problem is when the motor gets jammed in its place for various reasons, mostly rusting. A combination of spraying WD40 and using a hammer to tap mildly here and there to get the motor to release from its hold will yield the desired result.


How to Remove EZGO PDS Motor

The motor fixed on the EZGO PDS (Precision Drive System) model golf cart is not very difficult to remove. You should prepare yourself before you start the motor removal work. If you are planning to fix a new one in its place, keep that also ready. The tools and other stuff you must have are as follows:

  • Insulated wrench, 9/16-inch
  • Chalk or paint pen
  • Internal snap ring pliers
  • Socket wrench, 3/8-inch drive
  • Socket, 3/8-inch, 3/8-inch drive
  • Socket, 7/16-inch, 3/8-inch drive
  • Plastic or rubber-faced hammer
  • Torque wrench, in. pounds, 3/8-inch drive
  • Molybdenum grease

Here are the steps to remove a PDS motor:

  • You must first put the Run-Tow/Maintenance switch to Tow/Maintenance.
  • Disconnect the wires connecting the battery.
  • Disconnect and remove all the wires and cables connected to the motor.
  • You should then remove the snap ring and the speed sensor from the motor end cover.
  • The motor is fixed on the axle housing using bolts; remove them.
  • Now you should be able to pull the motor out of its location.
  • If it is not coming off easily, use a light hammer to just tap it a little.
  • Use a strap or hoist to hold the motor if you find it difficult to lift it by hand.

The usual issue faced is the rusting and the motor’s base getting jammed. Use a penetrating oil in such cases. To avoid this in the future, remember to put some Never-Seez while fixing the new motor.

Some EZGO PDS cart owners forget to place the cart on the Tow/Maintenance mode. This must be done without fail.

Another simpler way to yank the motor out would be to remove the left side rear wheel of the cart out. You can then place the jack (if it is a hydraulic one) beneath the motor. This way, once you have removed all the cables connected to the motor and the bolts, it becomes very easy to remove the motor.


2001 EZGO Engine Removal

There is an easy way to remove the engine on a 2001 EZGO golf cart. Here’s how you do it:

  • You have to remove the 8 bolts holding the engine in place.
  • You should remove all attachments such as cables, filters and ignition wires.
  • The engine can then be pulled up.
  • Mind the weight of the engine; it’s around 80 pounds.

The tools needed include a vice grip, ¾-inch socket for the starter generator,½-inch spanner for those 8 bolts and the next lower sized spanner to loosen the accelerator cable.

There can difficulty at times such as the connecting rod getting jammed with the crankshaft. If the parts are not lubricated properly, they can rust and it gets difficult to remove later. You can make a video of how you removed the motor and share it with other users.


Robin 295 Engine Removal

The expert advice on the easy way of removing the Robin 295 engine from a golf cart (a 1997 EZGO TXT or any other model) is as follows:

  • Disconnect all the electrical, fuel and air supply lines.
  • Then remove the belts, exhaust and the choke cable.
  • Remove the starter.
  • Put a jack under the motor.
  • Remove the skid plate under the motor by unscrewing the four bolts.
  • Then remove the 4 bolts under the motor.
  • You should be able to lift the motor out now.

There are detailed manuals available online that have the step-by-step instructions as well as diagrams to show you how the connections are to be removed and where the bolts are located. You may also find videos on YouTube and see how the Robin 295 engine can be removed.


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