How to make your EZGO Golf Cart Go Faster (STEPS)

You can make your EZGO golf cart go much faster by adding more torque, upgrading the motor of  or increasing the voltage of the batteries. 

  • Add more torque
  • Upgrade the motor
  • Increase the battery voltage
  • Decrease the load


Adding More Torque

Increasing the torque of your EZGO golf cart will automatically increase its speed. To increase the torque, you will have to increase the RPM of the motor. You can do this in 2 ways.

  1. Increase the voltage of your motor to get more RPM.
  2. Replace the motor with one which has a higher RPM.


Get a Motor with a Larger Field Coil

You can replace the existing motor of your golf cart with a series motor. This type of motor comes with a large field coil inside and hence has a bigger magnetic area resulting in more torque as well. The armature inside a series motor is also more balanced than inside a shunt motor.


Increase the Voltage of Your Batteries

Changing the batteries to ones that have higher voltages is one way to increase the speed of your golf cart. Increasing the battery pack voltage will increase the motor output of your cart. This will in turn boost the speed of the cart. Alternatively, you can add more batteries with lower voltages to enhance the speed. So instead of replacing the batteries completely, you can change the wiring to include more batteries thereby increasing the total voltage.


Running the Cart without Much Load

Every cart is designed to carry a certain load of weight. When the cart is overloaded, it will move at a slower pace. Try to keep the cart light and without much weight. This will definitely enhance the speed.

There are a lot of other ways through which you can increase the speed of your cart. Upgrading certain parts can help boost the speed. You need to check the parts and their dependencies carefully before changing anything to make sure that it does not affect any other component.


Some tips to make your EZGO golf cart faster are:

  • Changing the solenoid and the controller
  • Upgrading the motor to an Admiral motor as this motor is known for its speed
  • Getting taller rear tires fitted in place of the existing ones


EZGO golf cart going faster


How to Make EZGO Electric Golf Cart Faster

You can make an EZGO electric golf cart go faster by ensuring that the engine is clean, making changes to the gear ratio or upgrading the motor. Changing the speed regulation chip on your EZGO electric cart to one with a higher speed capacity can also make it go faster.


Keeping the engine clean

Any engine that has been used for a long time will definitely slow down due to the dust and grime build-up on it. Cleaning the engine of your EZGO cart will help you regain the lost speed. This is a cost-effective and efficient method of boosting speed.

  1. Take a clean cloth and rub the dust away gently.
  2. Clean the area surrounding the engine with soap and water. Make sure that the soap does not enter inside the engine.
  3. Wipe the engine with a dry cloth.
  4. Repeat if required until all the grime is washed away.


Make Changes to the Gear

The gear is an important component that helps to control the speed of your cart. For a cart to function at higher speeds you need a gear ratio higher than 6:1. You can change the gear ratio of your cart to achieve more speed. The gear is generally located under the transaxle.

You can do this change yourself if you’re familiar with the cart mechanics. If not, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a mechanic.


Upgrading your EZGO Motor

Upgrading the motor to a better and high-performance one will help you gain a lot of speed for your cart. There are a lot of brands and types of motors in the market. You can identify the right one for your cart and fix it. It’s worth understanding the impact of this change before buying a new motor as it can affect certain components.

You can either replace the motor with one from the same brand or an aftermarket brand. However, upgrading the motor might turn out to be more expensive than the other methods mentioned above.


How to Make EZGO RXV Faster

The easiest way to make the EZGO RXV go faster is to get the freedom mode unlocked in the cart. This can make sure that your cart goes up to a speed of 19mph.

Any EZGO dealer can help you unlock the freedom mode easily. You can also change the gear ratio or acceleration parameter of the cart.


Changing the Gear Ratio

You can change the gear to different ratios. Although a few people use the 8:1 ratio, it’s not recommended as it can impact the uphill performance.

  • You can try using the 12:5:1 combination of gears. This does not impact the braking system, unlike the 8:1 system.
  • The 12.5:1 gear ratio ensures that the speed is boosted considerably.
  • The battery life is also not affected through this method.

If you do wish to try out a new gear combination, it would be advisable to keep these pointers in mind.


Changing the Acceleration Parameter

You can take the cart to an EZGO dealer to change the setting of the acceleration parameter to High. This can help your cart move faster.

  • Changing the setting increases the torque which makes the cart gain more speed.
  • This can be done only if the freedom mode is unlocked. If the mode isn’t unlocked, then you need to get it done first.
  • Do not try this yourself as it can cause damage to other components if you are not familiar with the cart mechanics.


How to Make 36v EZGO Go Faster

You can make the 36V EZGO go faster by removing and replacing worn-out parts, replacing the tires and removing additional weight from the cart. Cleaning the engine can also increase the speed of the cart.


Replace worn-out parts

Check for any kind of damaged or worn-out parts in your cart. Remove them and get new parts fitted immediately. This will help you notice a significant change in the momentum of the cart.


Replacie the Tires

Large tires cover more ground space than small or normal tires. Hence, replacing the rear tires will help you gain more ground thereby helping the cart gain more speed.

  • Do not replace the front tires.
  • Check for the tire alignment before driving to avoid any kind of issues.


Remove Additional Weight from the Cart

Added weights will slow down your cart. Remove any additional fittings in your cart like racks. You will be able to see a noticeable difference in its speed.

  • Remove additional seats from the cart.
  • Remove any kind of decorations that have a lot of weight from the cart.
  • Try to drive your cart without any heavy goods.


Clean the EZGO golf Cart

Cleaning the cart might be something that you do regularly but power washing the cart can help it go faster. The EZGO 36v cart can accumulate a lot of grime over a period of time. You need to clean it thoroughly to enjoy more speed.

  1. Perform a power wash for the golf cart.
  2. Scrub the cart thoroughly to remove dirt and grime. Grime accumulated over a span of time can make your cart go slowly.
  3. Check for grime and small stones under the pedal and wash them off. Remove the stones using a screwdriver or a pair of pliers. The grime and/or small stones can prevent you from pressing down on the pedal, thus reducing the speed of your cart.


How to Make EZGO Txt 48v Faster

You can make an EZGO TXT 48V go faster by changing the RPM or the speed settings of the cart.  Replacing old batteries, unlocking the speed settings or changing the controller will make your EZGO golf cart much faster.


Changing Old Batteries

Batteries are one of the main components of the cart. Old or corroded batteries can lower the performance of a golf cart. Hence it’s important to maintain them in the right condition.

  • Look out for signs of aging or some sort of sedimentation. If you notice one or both of these instances, then it is better to get them changed. Batteries in excellent condition can increase the speed of your cart.
  • Make sure the voltages are right in your batteries.
  • Check the water levels and if they are low, top up with distilled water. Never drive with low levels of water.


Unlocking the Speed Settings

There are certain settings in every golf cart that can be unlocked by a dealer. These speed settings can help you enhance the speed of your cart.

  • You can take the cart to an EZGO dealer and get the speed settings unlocked. This can buildup the torque and help you boost the speed.
  • Do not expect to be able to drive at unnatural speeds. You may be able to drive at a speed greater than 20 mph.


Changing the Controller

When your batteries are operating at 48v, you can gain a little more speed by changing the controller. Switching to a 500-amp controller can go a long way in increasing your speed.

Apart from the above-mentioned technique, you can increase the size of your rear tires to 23 inches, which will allow you to cover more distance with the same power. You can also opt for a more advanced set of brakes to help you with downhill movement.


How to Increase the Speed of an EZGO Marathon

You can increase the speed of an EZGO Marathon by adding extra batteries and upgrading the controller of your cart.


Increasing the Battery Voltage

The speed of the cart is directly linked to the voltages of the batteries. Increasing the voltages will directly help you boost the speed of your EZGO cart.

  • Try adding 6v batteries. You can add up to two such batteries. These will help increase your speed.
  • You will need to change the battery cables to get the maximum benefit out of upgrading the batteries. It’s recommended that you use battery cables with 4ga thickness when doing the replacement to make sure that the cart has the optimum speed.


Upgrading the Amp Controller

In order to get the maximum speed from your EZGO Marathon cart, you will need to upgrade the amp controller. Most carts come with a default 275 amp controller.

  • Try replacing the amp controller with a 500-amp or a 400-amp controller. This will help the cart to go faster during uphill and downhill movements.
  • You can get this replacement done at any of the EZGO dealership stores.


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