How to Lower a EZGO TXT/RXV Golf Cart (STEPS)

Lowered EZGO TXT

How can I Lower a EZGO TXT Golf Cart?

You can invest in a TXT lowering kit which will usually comprise of the following parts/components:

  • Leaf Spring Plates
  • Lowering Block ASM
  • Drop Axle Weldment
  • Hardware

You can follow the method demonstrated in the YouTube video here:

Briefly, you have to perk up the cart on a hydraulic lift, remove the tires, remove the front axles, install the new tie rods, and use the new locknuts to secure it in place.

Install the lowering block by removing the support plate below the leaf springs and fix the new spring plate with a new set of fasteners. This should be done, one side at a time.

The tires can now be put back on the wheels. Your EZGO TXT golf cart will now be lower by a couple of inches.

One challenge you may face when you lower the golf cart is that some parts may touch the ground particularly when you go over speed bumps.

You can choose to customize the operation of lowering your EZGO TXT golf cart by leaving out a few steps and adding others to suit your level of comfort while riding the cart.

One such area is the leaf springs. You can alter the level to 1-inch instead of 2-inches. You may have to search for shorter shock absorbers as you will not want a rough ride on uneven surfaces after lowering the cart. 

If you have issues you can try out slightly larger tires, like the 14-inch ones and the problem of accommodating the stock shocks will be solved.

Some cart owners may have to go for special fabrication activity to get this done. It can include getting the steering rod shortened to match the new setting in the front.

There is an alternative such as air shocks which can be fitted on your EZGO TXT cart. You will then need to have an appropriate air compressor on board. Some choose to have two of them, one in the front and the other in the rear.

You have options for giving your golf cart a new coat of paint, particularly if you have tinkered with the body while lowering the cart.


How to Lower an EZGO RXV?

There are retail cart lowering kits available which you can buy for your EZGO RXV golf cart. These can lower the cart by about2 to 2 ½ -inches. The tires may be pushed out a little after the lowering.

The lowering of the golf cart involves inserting a 2-inch or 2.5-inch tubular block along with the right-sized ‘U’ rings and nuts. The lowering is done in both the rear and front of the cart. You can also choose to lower the front alone.

Many golf cart users are not so convinced with the idea of lowering the cart but some still want to go ahead. It is, therefore, not surprising that there are very few instances of the EZGO RXV golf carts being successfully lowered by users.

The readymade kits available for the EZGO RXV models of golf carts claim that it can help with lowering of the carts by 2.5-inches without resorting to any cutting or welding. That must be welcomed by many users who may not have the skill or the equipment to handle these jobs.

The lowering kits can be used easily on the EZGO RXV golf cart manufactured after 2013. You can continue using the stock tires after the lowering as well. These kits are manufactured within the United States.

You may face difficulties with the shock absorbers. In some carts, there may be cutting and welding involved so that the part fits in the shrunk space below. Installing the lowering kit will result in widening the cart by a couple of inches on both sides.

Some users recommend ordering parts of the EZGO 2Fivemodel since it is already lower by 1.5-inches.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Lowering a Golf Cart

At is goes with every decision, there are pros and cons to the debate on lowering golf carts. Those who see benefits in it have their reasons for choosing to lower their carts. Those not in favor, have their take on it too.

Based on rational analysis, the following points emerge as advantages of lowering a golf cart.

  • Able to demonstrate superior aerodynamics: This is similar to the racing cars having a very low suspension. They try and minimize the air entering beneath the vehicle. This facilitates a lowerwind drag for the cart.
  • The center of gravity improves: If you have feared that your golf cart may topple over due to its design and height, the lowering of the cart eliminates this threat. The cart’s center of gravity goes further down and you will feel more stable now.
  • The comfort factor: Some people, particularly the elderly drivers of golf carts would want the height to be lowered so that they can just slide into the seat. Making the effort to climb on to the cart may be an issue with them.
  • Is tire grip better? There is the notion that the tires have a better grip on the surface with the cart lowered. This is a debatable advantage.


The factors lined up against lowering the height of the golf cart

There are some disadvantages pointed out by those not favoring the lowering exercise.

  • It can be scary on rough surfaces and over speed bumps. When you lower the golf cart many parts are also lowered and some of them can hit the surface when you move along uneven surfaces. The speed bumps can be more dangerous as the cart may go up and down and some damage can be caused to other parts.
  • Tire wear can be uneven: The best way to run any automobile is to ensure that the four tires wear out evenly. The tires are periodically rotated to make sure of this. The observation from the lowering of golf carts is that by lowering the suspension, it could result in the tires not wearing out uniformly.
  • Issues with lifting on a jack: With the lowered suspension, you may find it difficult to slide the jack underneath the cart to lift it for some repair. The gap between the cart and the ground will be minimal. You will have to find other ways to fit the jack.
  • Parts can get tangled: Some of the stock parts like the shocks and leaf springs may have to be altered to fit into the shrunk space below. Some of these can come in contact with other parts of the golf cart.

These points have not considered two other factors. One is aesthetics or appearance. Here again, there are two schools of thought, one that loves the looks of the lowered cart and the other that feels that the vehicle that is designed and delivered by EZGO is smart enough.

The other aspect is the cost involved. There are costs attached to lowering the golf cart, however much that may be. Those who are keen on lowering don’t mind the expense. Others point out the issues that may arise with the warranty if you tinker with the vehicle.

The debate will continue.


RXV Lowering Kit Installation

There are lowering kits available for EZGO RXV golf carts. There are 2-inch and 3-inch kits available with various other options. In the case of the 2-inch lowering kits for the RXV, they are suitable for carts manufactured from 2008 to the present.

The track width of the cart will increase by 25-inches. The maximum tire size that you can fit will be 205/30 – 14 inches. You need to specify while ordering if your golf cart is gas or electric driven. The kit weighs 15lbs.    

You can order a 3-inch axle lowering kit for the EZGO 2001.5-2013.5 TXT Electric.

It must be noted that if you are not an expert in handling these types of work, you will require the support of the supplier of the lowering kit to fit it properly. Even the best among experts encounter problems such as the fittings not being perfect after lowering.

There is the risk of the differential in the rearmost part coming into contact with the cart’s body when the cart moves over bumps. The solution to this is to relocate the centering hole ¾-inch forward. A wheel alignment will ensure that this problem is solved. The same goes for the brake lines also.


97 EZGO Lowering

You may not be able to find Ready-to-Fit lowering kits for older models like the 97 EZGO golf carts. You will have to use blocks to do the lowering. You can add air shocks to make them flexible and adjust to the new arrangement.

There are instances of lowering of a 97 EZGO TXT Lithium 36V golf cart and then up the battery pack to a 48V one. If you don’t mind the expenses, you can build an all-new golf cart adding a whole lot of things. The entire look and feel of the cart will be altered.


2003-2004 EZGO PDS Lowering

The simplest way to lower the 2003-2004 EZGO PDS golf cart is to flip the front leaf springs. This means that the leaf springs will be rotated to have the part that was facing the rear now towards the front.

Apart from this, you can put blocks of the size you want the cart lowered, one on each side of the rear of the cart. This will lower the golf cart by 2-inches. You should not try to do more.


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