How to Jack Up a Golf Cart to Change a Tire (STEPS)

Jacking up a golf cart


Why does a golf cart need to be jacked up at times?

A golf cart needs to be jacked up at times when the tires need replacing or if there is a flat tire.


Important safety steps when jacking up a golf cart

Remember: Always use caution when working around a golf car or any other vehicle as these are heavy objects which could cause injury if not lifted correctly. 

Always have another person nearby who knows how things operate, so he/she may help out too. Also make sure nothing is obstructing your space underneath the golf cart before lifting it.

First make a note of the tire pressure and keep it somewhere handy if you need to check on them later! It is also important that they are at their recommended PSI, which can be found by looking for an information sticker located near your gas tank or under one side panel where all four tires will show up when jacked over!

If any numbers don’t match, then this could cause problems with handling as well!! Lastly, always use jack stands if possible instead because these provide more stability than just using blocks alone. This way, accidents won’t happen.


Is it bad to Jack Up a Golf Cart?

No, it is not bad for a cart to be jacked up. It can help with the handling of your golf car if you are having problems! Just make sure that nothing is obstructing underneath before lifting.

You should always use jack stands  because these provide more stability than just using blocks alone!


What is the Difference between Jacking Up and Lifting a golf cart? 

The difference between jacking up a vehicle and lifting a golf cart is that when you jack up a vehicle, the tires are off the ground. When lifting, it is usually lifting just one tire.


Where are jack points on a Club Car golf cart?

The jack points on the club car golf cart are located on the frame of your cart.

The jack points are usually in a triangle shape, and they will have an arrow pointing to them.


Where are the jack points on a EZGO golf cart?

Whether you’re driving an EZ GO RXV or another golf cart, the jack points are located in the front and rear of your vehicle. They will be a metal bar that may have an arrow pointing to it with “JACK” written next to them. There will also be a bracket attached for you to place the jack under when lifting.


What Tools do I need to jack up a golf cart?

In order to safely  jack up your EZGO or Club Car golf cart, you’ll need a jack, jack stand and a floor mat.

  • Jack
  • Jack stand to raise the vehicle off of the ground.
  • a floor mat (optional)


If you don’t have a jack, a cinderblock will work, but this is not recommended due to safety concerns.

A jack stand should be used to support and stabilize vehicles while they’re jacked up with blocks under them so that it doesn’t fall over when lifted by its wheels.

A floor mat can also provide some stability if needed, but this isn’t recommended since mats may slip around too easily, causing instability during use.


What type of jack is best to lift my golf cart?

A scissor-type floor jack is best to use when lifting a golf cart. The front and back wheels must be lifted evenly, so it stays balanced while being raised, which can be difficult with just one type of jacking device for each tyre at once.

The weight distribution due to the lack of space needed for both types may cause your vehicle or equipment to tip over during this process if not done correctly! So make sure you have enough room before starting.

It’s also worth noting some models come equipped from the factory already prepped by having two holes drilled into their frame.


How to jack up a golf cart to change a tire?

To jack up a golf cart you’ll need to locate the jack points, engage the parking brake and then use a jack to carefully lift the golf cart in the air.


Steps to Jack Up a Golf Cart

The steps to jack up a golf cart safely are:

  • Locate the jack points
  • Engage the parking brake
  • Turn the power off on your golf car
  • Choke the rear wheels
  • Locate the frame rail underneath the golf cart
  • Place the jack in the jackpoints
  • Carefully lift up the golf cart
  • Slowly lower the jack
  • Adjust your tire
  • Repeat for remaining tires


STEP 1: Locate the Jack Points on the Golf cart

Locate the jack point on both sides of the back wheel. The jack point is usually located by the side frame, just behind the front wheel or inboard of where they meet.

If there’s no sign of a jack point, then consult your owner’s manual for more information as some golf cart models have different locations.

If you’re using a scissor-type floor jack, it is best to use this type at each location, rather than moving around between them while jacking up your cart so that it stays balanced and stable during lifting.


STEP 2: Engage the parking brake

Now that you have engaged the parking brake, it’s time to start jacking up your golf cart on both sides.

When jacking up a golf cart, the parking brake will need to be engaged.

The parking brake is located under the driver’s seat. It should be engaged before jacking up a golf cart because it will help prevent the rolling of the vehicle during the lifting process and keep wheels from spinning while being lifted off the ground.

Ensure that your surroundings are clear, as having objects too close together can result in an unstable balance due to lack of sufficient space.


STEP 3. Turn Off the Power to the Golf Cart

When jacking up a golf cart, the power to the golf cart must be turned off. This is to avoid any electrical shocks or accidents.

Turn off the power by turning the key ignition to the off position on your golf cart. If you are unsure about where this button should be found, consult your owner’s manual for more information.


STEP 4: Chock the rear wheels

Please make sure the rear wheels are chocked and securely blocked so that they don’t move.

By placing a chock in front of the rear wheels of your EZGO or Club Car golf, you will prevent your golf cart from rolling while you are working on it. A chock will help to keep everything stable when lifting your golf cart.

STEP 5: Find the frame rail underneath the golf cart

The fifth step is to locate the frame rail under your golf cart.

Locate the frame rail under the golf cart. This will be the part of your frame under where you are going to jack up and support it with a floor jacking device.

The location can vary depending upon which model and year of your EZGO golf cart. Fortunately, there should not be much searching around required as most frame rails run alongside each other from the front wheel all way back past rear wheels.


STEP 6: Put the Jack in and jack up the cart

Slide the jack in and slowly jack up the golf cart.

The frame rail should be visible and accessible now that the car is on its side, so slide in a floor jack under it to support your weight as you lift up with one hand while holding onto any of those parts mentioned earlier for stability (like the steering wheel or seat).

Once lifted high enough off ground level where wheels no longer touch the ground, slowly start raising the golf cart.

Then stop lifting but keep the jacking device securely positioned underneath rails at all times during this process!

The next step is to put the jack stand in place.


STEP 7: Slowly lower the lift

You need to lower the lift slowly. Once lowered, you can remove the jack stand from under it and then place your golf cart back on its wheels.

STEP 8: Adjust the tire

The final step is to adjust and move the jack to the remaining tires if you are replacing the other tires.

Now repeat this process with all four tires on both sides of the cart until they are at desired height!



To conclude this article, we hope that you have learned the basics of how to jack up a golf cart.

I recommend using blocks and stands for safety reasons, but if not, make sure nothing is obstructing underneath before lifting your vehicle!

The difference between raising one tire off the ground versus all four tires being lifted are two very different things.”


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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