Best Golf Ball Storage Ideas

 “Keeping your balls in place will give you the edge, on and off the green”

Want to be the best golfer possible? Well one thing that you may not have considered is how important your golf ball storage is. Research has proven that a winning golfer is great off the field, as he is on the field!


Why Golf Ball Storage Is Important?

We at Golf Storage Guide believe it’s very important to store your golf balls correctly. In fact, we know it can make all the difference in your golfing performance. So our goal right now is to explain to you why you need to keep your balls in the right place!

The biggest advantage is quite obvious. Placing your golf balls in the correctly designed boxes, cases and containers will keep you more organized and have you losing less balls.

The cost of balls does add up. By storing them properly, you’ll save your lots of money. In fact I was extremely surprised when I actually calculated the money I had spent on my balls over the last 5 years.

Aside from the savings, you’ll also save time. Saving time as a golfer is often overlooked, but it does mark a solid improvement in your game.

As golf is a mental game just as much as it is physical, you really want to be organized and feel like you got all your birdies lined up.

Don’t waste time searching for balls around home, or finding carry bags at the last minute. By purchasing specifically made storage items once, you’ll save money and perform better on the green.

In order to be the most successful golfer you’re capable of, your mind must be sharp and free from as many distractions as possible. This is why having your golf balls stored correctly inside boxes makes all the difference!

Keeping your balls in the best condition possible is extremely important for gaining an edge over competitors.

Gold ball storage solutions are critical, however there’re many different options for sale. Golf ball boxes made from cardboard, plastic or wood can be purchased cheaply.

However, you also have plastic containers, designer pouches and of course the ever handy large golf ball buckets at your fingertips too.

How To Choose The Best Storage Type For Your Golf Balls?

There really is no one best option that suits all players. You’ll need to think of the way you play golf in terms of hours spent and quantity of balls needed. The location and display of your golf ball boxes will also need to be considered as everyone’s tastes are different.

You could very well be a simple person who just needs something simple to get the job done! If so, grab a cardboard box, a bucket or plastic container, and you’re ready to start playing.

On the other hand, you may want a custom engraved wooden box that matches your garage or memorabilia room.

There are a number of different golf storage options on the market, each having their pros and cons.

  • Golf Ball Storage Boxes – These boxes are ideal for storing your balls at home or in your garage. Available in either cardboard or plastic styles, they allow you fit a large number of balls at once.
  • Golf Ball Storage Pouches – Pouches are compact in size and are perfect to bring with you onto the green while you play. They fit nicely in your pockets and hold up to 3 golf balls inside each pouch.
  • Golf Ball Storage Racks – This option is used at home and allows easier access to your balls, as they’re laid out in the open. I also enjoy showcasing my balls, so a rack is perfect for my needs. You can find many elegant display racks online which look stunning.
  • Golf Ball Storage Buckets – Ideal for both home and field use. Golf ball buckets are used to carry a large volume of balls at once. I recommend you choose a metal tin casing, and one with a very strong handle.


Tips For Maintaining Your Golf Ball Storage Solution

  • Ensure you clean your balls before placing them inside your box, container or other storage item. A quick wash with soapy water is all that’s required.
  • Handy tip. Never overload your box or container with too many balls. The weight will certainly damage the casing. I have unfortunately witnessed hundreds of balls crashing down inside my home due to my overloading.
  • When out on the field, always opt for fewer balls than you think you need.
  • We recommend that you store your golf balls at room temperature. The heat and cold will negatively affect your shots and the condition of the ball.

What If I Need A Cheap Solution?

The nice thing about golfing accessories in general, is that there is something available to suit all budgets.

There is a myth out there that golf is a rich man’s game. Although there is very pricey equipment out there, there actually is a lot more to choose from in the cheaper sectors.

Take a quick look online and you’ll quickly find a box or rack that suits your needs and your budget.

However I must say, for items that you’ll be using regularly, it does pay to fork out the extra few dollars for higher quality. We do recommend that you don’t cheap out if buying golfing buckets and pouches, as they do endure a lot of wear and tear.

Boxes (Price $40-$70)

Golf ball boxes range from corrugated cardboard boxes to metal types made from aluminum and stainless steel. Cardboard will definitely be the cheapest option and is perfect for inside your garage. Unfortunately cardboard won’t be weather resistant, and is not much to look at.

Metal boxes might be a better option but you will have to make sure metal does not rust nor scratch your golf balls. Some attractive colors are for sale, and you’ll surely stand out from the crowd if you buy some gold colored boxes!

If you’re looking for something more stylish, you can’t go wrong with some sleeve boxes. Nothing beats having you favorite logo or message custom printed on your very own box!

Out of all the boxes mentioned, I recommend the plastic golf ball container, and preferably one that contains a handle to carry around.  

Plastic won’t scratch your balls, is waterproof and you can always see exactly what’s inside a clear container. This style of container is affordable and one of the best storage choices for golfers.

Pouches (Price $5-$17)

The simple golf ball pouch is another choice that is perfect to use for a quick swing. Being light, affordable and perfect for children, pouches can store up to 3 golf balls inside your pockets. You’ll be able to choose from many different colors and designs, or simply opt for a blank one.

When when selecting your pouch, nothing is more important than is buying a high quality product.

What Is The Best Material To Choose For A Golf Ball Pouch?

From leather and polyester, to cotton and linen, you’ll find a variety of pouches made in different materials.

I have found that most players are using leather pouches. I personally believe this comes down more to aesthetics, and not due to any practicality.  Instead, I enjoy using a polyester made pouch as they are much lighter than leather, keep cooler in the heat, and are much comfortable to place in my pocket.

Golf ball pouches are light, comfortable and great for a quick trip to the par 3 course. As soon as you try using a pouch, you’ll never visit the green without one again.

Racks (Price $18-$100)

If you wish to layouts your golf balls inside your home or in your garage, golf ball display racks are a perfect solution. Racks are usually made from plastic or acrylic, and are available in many small and large sizes.

If you would like to showcase your balls alongside your other equipment, then you’ll want to pick up a golfing display case online.

Deigns do vary of course, but if you’re in need of a beautiful centerpiece for the home, then go for a rack. They’re usually made with wooden frames and have green felt backing, which really gives a classy touch to your room.

Buckets (Price $15-$30)

Finally we have the handy golf ball bucket! Buckets are perfect when having a long day on the green and you need an efficient storage method. We love buckets here as they’re fantastic and come with carry handles.

I recommend that you always opt for a strong metal handle. The last thing you want happening is to have your bucket collapse and balls rolling all over the place.

Bring one along with you and store more than 30 golf balls in 1 bucket. At the end of your game, simply collect all your golf balls on the green, in the rough or if you’re unlucky, in the lake!








Overall, I have discussed with you the most common golf ball storage choices available for purchase. Any of these options can be found online and delivered to your door step.

Above all, you must have your balls in place. Please have a quick think about your playing regiment. Take note of the amount of golf balls you use, and the location you wish to store them.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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