What Size Trailer Do You Need For a Golf Cart? (4×8/5×8/5×9)

recommended golf cart trailer size


What Size is a Golf Cart Trailer?

The size of the trailer is very important to take into consideration when loading your golf cart.

Most golf clubs own trailers of the standard 5X10 size, but there are some situations when a different sized trailer should be used instead. This happens mostly when you are playing golf in off-ground areas, or when playing in a golf park that is located away from the main tracks.

The average golf cart is best placed inside a 5X10 feel utility trailers.

However issues can arise when the cart has been lifted or has a seat at the back. It is advised to load the golf cart backward when the trailer appears to be a small fit for the golf cart.

The smallest possible sized trailer which can facilitate the loading of a golf cart is a 5X8 trailer. I would not recommend this size as you may find your cart fly off if the seat bottom is not secured correctly.


What Size Trailer do I Need?

If you have standard-sized golf cart than you will need a 5X10 size trailer. This size trailer helps you load the golf cart effortlessly and provides plenty of space to securely and safely tow your golf cart. Smaller golf carts can be placed in a 5X8 trailer.

The fuel consumption is much lesser as compared to the bigger carts. In situations where the tour budget is low and you are looking for a cheaper solution than you should go for the 5X8 sized cart.

If you own a small golf cart, I recommend using the 5X8 sized trailer as they are cheaper than larger trailers.

On the other hand, if you do not have a big club and you are the sole player, then you must go for the 5X10.


Tips on Choosing the Correct Size

You must know that there are no rules for choosing the best cart, but make sure that you choose the cart that has a lower price while being quite easy to operate.

It is a must for you whether you are an alone player or a golf club owner. As the weight of the trailer increases, fuel efficiency decreases.

This is another one of the reasons why it is always advised to choose a lightweight cart. These cheaper cart trailers are light in weight because they are made of steel frames. Find the trailer which can be used with the back hatch as a ramp for your golf cart.

 It will help in loading as well as unloading of the golf cart without having to pack any additional ramps.


What is the Best Size Trailer for Golf Cart?

Most golf trailers include a wide array of sizes, but for golf carts, only a few sizes prove to be a good fit. Experts in the field say that the best golf cart trailer for most golfers is the 5X10 trailer. The 5X10 trailer offers enough space to load the average golf cart comfortable and safely.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 4×6 Trailer?

Yes, a golf cart can technically fit on a 4X6 trailer, but it’s incredibly difficult to maneuver it. If a small trailer is your only option, I would advise you select nothing smaller than the 4X8 trailer.

A highly skilled driver combined with precise loading of the hands would be required to ensure effective transportation. For most golfers, the 4X6 trailer is far too small to be used effectively.

You may find the 4X6 trailer difficult to use during irregular ground. Most golf clubs also do not recommend the 4X6 trailers due to its technical demands. For a smooth ride of the golf cart trailer, you should use a larger size like the 5X10 trailer.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 4×8 Trailer?

If you are looking for a trailer that will pack your cart from both sides but will help you in saving a little space for extra stuff on the trailer, then you should try the 4X8 trailer. It is a perfect choice, but the loader will have to be a perfect driver. This trailer is easy to handle, but the loading is tricky due to the limited capacity.

This size of a golf cart is standardized, which is why any golf cart trailer can be used for lifting the golf cart from anywhere on the golf grounds. Most users report back disappointment because of a lack of space on both its sides.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

Some golfer’s will require a larger sized trailer which can carry the entire cart, without having any part of the cart sticking out of the trailer. Sometimes, your cart has some other modifications that include large side mirrors and extra luggage space, which makes it bigger than the standard size.

5×8 sized trailers have plenty of space to accommodate larger golf carts. It’s well-thought-out size, and is ideal for groups of 2-3 players.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 5×9/5×10 Trailer?

Yes a golf cart will fit on a 5×9 and 5×10 trailer. This is the recommended size of trailer for most golf carts, as they offer plenty of space.

Whether your golf cart is lifted or not, the 5×9 and 5×10 trailer is recommended. It facilitates the slopes required for loading, as well as facilitating the unloading of the cart.

If you have lifted the cart, you are always advised to lift its front side facing the back of the trailer. It will help the rear seat to be tied with ropes as the trailer would also be linked with the pulling vehicle. This is reflected as a luxury sized trailer that could be used for extra big carts as well as special loads.

Camping kits can also be loaded with the golf cart because space is extensively more than that of the small carts.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 6×10 Trailer?

Yes, a golf cart will fit on a 6×10 trailer. These trailers are very large which many seasoned golfers like to use to carry large golf carts or extra equipment.

Safety Recommendation: It’s recommended that you load the cart in such a way that the heavier part would be on the front side of the trailer. It would ensure a safer loading and unloading of the cart.

Several accidents have occurred in which the carts are loaded inappropriately due to which the carts topple over, or the pulling vehicle gets disturbed while moving. It’s always advised to wear your seat belt while loading the cart or pulling a loaded trailer.


What is the Length of a Golf Cart Trailer?

The standard length of a golf cart trailer is 10 feet. It is a crucial length which can be used for almost any sized golf cart.

Always secure your load with tie-downs because even the longest trailer would become a hassle to deal with if the cart is restrained properly.


How Wide is a Golf Cart Trailer?

The average width of a golf cart trailer is 5 feet. It is an economical size which offers enough room and reduces the likelihood of scratching your golf cart.


Can a Golf Cart Pull a Trailer?

Yes, a golf cart can pull a trailer. Golf carts contain hitches which are used to connect the golf cart to the trailer.

You are always advised to read the towing guidelines to make sure your golf cart has the required torque to tow your trailer.

On average, the weight pulled by golf carts ranges from 900 pounds to 1100 pounds. Remember to also take into account any additional weight such as luggage and golfing equipment.


What Size Enclosed Trailer for a Golf Cart?

A standard golf cart can be towed on 5X10 feet enclosed trailer. If the size of the trailer is smaller, the chances of scratches are increased and your cart may end up grazing the edges of the trailer.

If you have extra luggage than you may instead opt for the larger 6X10 enclosed trailer. These size trailers can help you carry a larger load while having plenty of extra space.


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