Choosing The Best Golf Cart Lift Kits

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Golf Cart Lift Kits

Not everyone is lucky enough to own their own golf cart! If you do own one though, you’ll want to store it correctly and keep it running as long as possible. Golf cart storage is not a topic that is often discussed, but proper storage has its advantages.

We’ll be going in depth and will help you learn more about the best cart batteries and tire packages, to the best types of lift kits available.

Golf Cart Lift Kits For Sale (Price $90-$300)

So you have your own golf cart and it’s now time to go for a ride on the green! However if you’re a regular golfer, you’ll soon realise that the stock wheel setup on your cart is not so great going uphill.

Flat grass is no problem, but of you travel on asphalt or steep hills, you may find yourself wanting some extra power. This is where you’ll want your own lift kit so you can raise your carts suspension and add some larger tires to cope better on rougher terrain. It’s now time to get your cart out of your garage and give it a face lift.

Essential Features

  • Recommended size is 6″ kit using 23 inch tires
  • No lift kit is needed for 18″ to 19″ sized tires

Top Brands Of Manufacturers

  • EZGO
  • Club Car
  • Yamaha
  • Jakes

Choose The Best Types Of Golf Cart Lift Kits

  • A-Arm Lift Kit The most popular type of lift for your cart are the A-Arm kits. This type is easy to install and gives you the best value for your money. Your whole front suspension will be replaced thanks to the a-arm. We recommend these simply because they are the most simple to install and actually improve your carts design as well as functionality. No cutting nor welding is necessary, simply use the bolt-on installation system.
  • Drop Axle Lift Kit The drop axle lift kit also comes highly recommended but requires a little extra know how in the handy man department. You’ll definitely need a green thumb to install this type.These kits will give you the option of replacing your front axle whole keeping the stock standard spindles at bay. Although not offering a smooth ride like the the Spindle or A-Arm kits, the drop axle is a solid choice for your cart.
  • Block Lift Kit An inexpensive option is the block lift kit. This style is not as stable as others, but it does allow for an added boost in height. This is due to the block allowing for a larger distance between the cart frame and suspension. Although not the most practical option, that’s not to say it’s a bad choice. They’re cheaper, and the most simple kit to install. If you want to be king of the green, this is the lift kit for you!

Recommended Lift Kit Sizes

3” (inch) Lift Kits

Any worth while lift kit begins at the 3″ size mark. This size will work for any tire that is up to 20 inches in diameter. They offer just enough room to fit on some larger tires to your cart, without rubbing on the outer frame. If you prefer a stock standard look, then the 3 inch lift kit will be your best choice.

4” (inch) Lift Kits

Much like the 3″ option, 4″ lift kits can be used for any tire up to 20″. The extra inch in space will allow for extra suspension. In addition, they offer good support for extra weight in the rear end, if you would like to add a back seat to your cart.

6” (inch) Lift Kits

The most proffered size of lift kit fit for golf carts is the popular 6″ inch option. All your favorite brands like Yamaha and EZGO will have quality kits available in this size. You’ll want to fit up 21″ – 23″ tyres on these bad boys. I always recommend the average golfer chooses the 6″ carts as they’re the perfect size. The feeling you will get from driving your cart this high cannot be described in words. Throw in a back seat or extra carry on storage, and you’ll be in heaven.

7” (inch) and Above Lift Kits

Typically there will be no reason to go above 6″ in lift kit size. However you can find 7″, 8″ and and larger sizes if need be. You’ll want a big size like these if you require heavy duty strength. The added inches do work better for longer driving duration, and allow for a less bumpy ride on rougher terrain. Keep in mind, as these are expert level lift kits, expect to pay a higher premium for them.

Which Lift Kit Should You Buy?

While choosing the best golf cart lift kit is not as simple as choosing which club to buy next, it’s not as daunting as it may first seem. You can find many quality lift kit and tire packages online.

All you need to do is have a think about the height you wish to ride your cart, and investigate the size of your tires. It’s then simply a manner of matching the correct lift kit to your tire size.

I would however urge you to go for a 6″ lift kit if you can afford one.  If you already have invested in a golf cart, you won’t regret spending a little more money, on a larger sized lift kit.


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