How to Load/Haul Golf Cart in RV, Travel Trailer, Truck Bed

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How to Load/Haul a Golf Cart in a Truck

Loading a golf cart into a pickup truck can be quite challenging and must be done carefully to avoid damage to your cart.

You must also ensure that you have the right equipment and ramp for safe loading and unloading your golf cart. There are three major activities involved in loading/hauling your golf cart and they are given below.


Analyze the truck’s capability

  1. Take note of the measurements of the truck bed. Do the same for your cart to ensure that it fits inside the truck comfortably.

  2. Check the owner’s manuals of both the cart and the truck for their standalone weight and payload capacity respectively. If you’re using a trailer, remember that the weight of the golf cart will lessen the trailer’s towing capacity.

  3. Make sure that you can close the tailgate of the truck when it is loaded. If this is not possible, you will have to take precautions to drive safely with the tailgate positioned and secured downwards. Try and push the cart to the inside the bed as much as possible so that it does not rest on the bed.


Select the Correct Ramp

  1. Check the axle weights of the ramp. This is essential because golf carts are typically imbalanced. Usually, the capacity of a ramp is based on dual-axles with equal distribution of loads. So, considering the total weight of the cart alone may not help you to decide on the right ramp. You will have to also consider the weight of the person who is going to drive the cart into and out of the truck’s bed.

  2. If your golf cart makes use of offset wheels, you must take this into consideration with respect to your ramp’s placement. The ramp must have enough width to account for the varying distances between the two pairs of front and rear wheels.

  3. Opt for arched ramps in place of straight ones if possible because your cart will usually have a long wheelbase and low ground clearance. The arch will prevent bottoming out at the cart’s crest.

  4. Take a note of the distance from the truck bed to the trailer. This will determine the overall ramp length. The height of the cart is directly proportional to the ramp length for safe loading.


Load the golf cart

  1. Park the truck on a flat surface and activate the parking brake. Keep the tailgate slightly inclined to lessen the loading angle steepness by moving the ramp feet upwards.

  2. Unfold the ramp and keep the edge of the tailgate just below the plate edges. In some cases, you may connect a trailer instead of a ramp.

  3. Fasten the ramp through the bumper to the truck using tie-down straps or safety chain loops. If you are using a trailer, this will be through a ball receiver and hitch latch.

  4. Drive the cart to the trailer rail, to the front as much as possible. Set the parking brake of the golf cart.

  5. Tie the golf cart to the bed of the truck using tie-down straps of good quality. Similarly, close the ramp and use side pins to latch it in position.

  6. Remove the roof of your golf cart if possible, to prevent accidents or damage due to wind speed on the open road.

  7. Drive the truck at a slightly lower speed below the specified limit.

  8. Stop the truck periodically and check if the tie-straps are tight and the cart is in place.


Recommended Size Trailer to Haul a Golf Cart

The size of the trailer to haul your golf cart depends on the cart’s size. The golf cart must be loaded in the same direction as that of the hauling vehicle. Turn the windshield downwards and secure it in place.

If you’re planning to load the cart backward, secure the bottom of the front seat to prevent it from swinging upwards from the bottom. Also, consider dismantling the windshield if possible.

You can use the following measurements of these popular golf carts to help you decide on a suitable trailer.

  • 6-inch lifted Precedent cart with a back seat – length 108”, height 77” and width 48”
  • 6-inch lifted Precedent cart without back seat – length 91”, height 77” and width 48”
  • Precedent cart with a back seat – length 104”, height 69” and width 48”
  • Club Car Precedent cart – length 91”, height 69” and width 48”
  • EZGO Freedom RXV gas/electric/ELiTe – length 935”, width 47”
  • Yamaha Drive 2 – Fleet/PTV – length 93.6”, 47.3” width
  • EZGO Freedom RXV 2+2 gas/electric/ELiTe – length 105.5”, width 47”
  • EZGO Freedom TXT 2+2 gas/electric/ELiTe – length 106”, width 47”
  • EZGO Valor – length 93.5”, width 47”
  • EZGO S4 Gas/Electric/High Output – length 114”, width 48.5”
  • Yamaha Drive 2 – Fleet/PTV – length 93.6”, 47.3” width
  • Club Car Villager 2 Electric/Gas – length 92”, width 47”
  • Yamaha Adventure Sport – length 107.3”, width 51”
  • Yamaha Adventure Sport 2+2 Electric/Gas – length 108.9”, width 50.9”
  • Yamaha Concierge 4 – length 128”, width 47.2”
  • Yamaha Concierge 6 – length 161.4”, width 47.2”
  • Yamaha Umax One – length 111.45”, width 49.33”
  • Yamaha Umax Two – length 119.37”, width 49.33”
  • Club Car Onward lifted 4 passenger Electric/Gas – length 114”, width 49.5”
  • Club Car Onward lifted 2 passenger Electric/Gas – length 92”, width 48.75”
  • Club Car Precedent Stretch PTV – length 144”, width 47.25”

You can also measure the length and width of your golf cart and find the appropriate trailer. This will help you in keeping your cart safe during transit. Often, a 10-foot trailer works best for any type of golf cart.

If you can get access to only a small size trailer, load the cart backward with its body hanging before the trailer. Take care to follow the precautions mentioned above.

You will also want to calculate the gross vehicle weight rating of your trailer to know the weight it can carry.

Another point to be kept in mind is that there is a considerable variation in the weight between a golf cart loaded with batteries and a cart without them.


Golf Cart Hauling Tips

  • A single axle trailer that features 3500 pounds axles and wheels of size 14 inches or 15 inches is a good choice. Alternatively, consider checking out for a trailer with a 6’ x 12’ ramp gate on the rear. Make sure that the bearings are not rusty as this affects the sturdiness of the trailer.

  • A 5’ x 8’ trailer rated for 2200 pounds carrying capacity should be sufficient to haul your golf cart even if it has off-road tires that extend out of the cart body. Avoid stamped steel frame trailers as they are not designed to bear the weight of a cart.

  • A 5’ x 10’ trailer is a great option for a lifted golf cart with a rear seat and large tires if you wish to load the cart forward and have a clearance between the back seat, as well as the rear gate.

  • A trailer with enough room to adjust your golf cart is always a good suggestion. However, ensure that the weight behind the axle is not too much.

  • A trailer with a drop gate and hooks to tie down your golf cart is worth looking into as it stops the cart from moving around.

  • Opting for an open trailer is advisable only if you can lower or remove your windshield and dismantle the roof.

  • A 6’ x 12’ pipe top trailer is ideal if you want to haul your golf cart with a back seat and also have some extra free space around it.

  • A trailer that supports at least 1000 pounds loading capacity and arched ramps is a great option for EZGO golf carts with six 6-volt batteries.


How to Haul a Golf Cart with a Travel Trailer

  1. Use the bed of your travel trailer to put the cart so that it does not hang off behind the camper and tow the trailer with your car or your usual vehicle. Long beds are preferred over short beds and you will have to watch out if you are using short beds.

  2. Most people fix a second trailer to their primary camper and use it to transport the cart.

  3. Remove the tailgate of the golf cart if possible in case you plan to tow the trailer. This will prevent the tailgate from hitting the trailer on the tongue jack. If you cannot remove the tailgate, try extending the hitch back of the travel trailer.

  4. Place a 3/4 outdoor plywood on the bed of the trailer and screw a 2 x 6 on top of the plywood at the point where the cart’s wheels will rest. Behind the tires, you can place a stop block and strap down the cart to prevent it from moving about.


How to Haul a Golf Cart with a Fifth Wheel

  1. Attach a trailer type of platform to the hauling vehicle that has a rear hitch equipped with a couple of swivel wheels. Although this is a slightly expensive method, it is not considered as double towing.

  2. Fix a strong basket on to the fifth wheel of your towing vehicle and haul your golf cart on to it. You will mostly need at least three receiver hitches for this purpose. However, keep in mind that your golf cart basket is likely to experience swaying into other streets when you make a turning.

  3. You can use the mini garage that comes with your fifth wheel vehicle if it comes with one of them. Some of them are fitted with one of them at their back.


How to Haul a Golf Cart in a Short Bed

  1. You can fit treated wooden boards from over the truck’s bumper to the front of its bed by bolting a 4 x 4 lag at the bottom of the board on the bumper side.

  2. The rear of the boards rests above the rear tires to give enough clearance for the tongue jack. When you haul the cart, the tires rest on the wooden boards.

  3. You can also opt for buying extenders at a local trailer or hitch outlet that will extend the trailer backward by a couple of feet. Hitch extenders are a good choice.

  4. Often extenders of 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 sizes serve the purpose. You can use metal tailgate supports to protect them when you opt for this hauling method.


How to Haul Golf cart and Pull the Camper

  1. You can use the second method given above to haul a golf cart in a truck with a short bed and tow your pull camper by hooking it to your truck.

  2. Consider extending the tongue of the trailer so that it will accommodate both the golf cart and the pull camper.

  3. You can tow the pull camper along as usual and get a customized roof rack that you can mount over the bed and put your cart on it. Remember to tie the car down to prevent it from moving about.


Loading Golf Cart in a 6.5” Truck Bed

You can use ramps and tie-downs to load the golf cart on to the bed of your golf cart. Aluminum arched ramps and ratcheting tie-downs can be of help for the loading.

Remember to anchor the ramps in position. If you cannot remove the tailgate, lift it as much as possible.

It is a good idea to opt for foldable ramps as they can be transported easily in the truck.


How to Load a Golf Cart into a Pickup Truck

You can use the same steps given above under‘How to load/haul a golf cart in a truck’. As always, you must consider removing the tailgate to prevent damage or wrap its cable around the ears for protection. Tailgate protectors are also available.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 4×6 Trailer?

A 4×6 trailer may not work well for hauling your golf cart, especially if the trailer features a tailgate and has rails. You may want to keep the measurements of your cart in mind to confirm this.

If your cart has a length of 94.3 inches and a width of 47.2 inches, then your cart will be a tight fit inside a 4×6 trailer. Expect at least 20 inches of the cart to hang outside the end of the trailer. The wheelbase can also be a hindering factor.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 4×8 Trailer?

Your cart is likely to fit a 4×8 trailer. However, if the trailer has 12-inch wheels and your cart weighs close to 700 pounds, you might consider replacing the wheels to a larger size. This helps in retaining the lifespan of the wheel bearings.


If you are not planning on a wheel replacement, remember to limit the driving speed to an average of 55mph.


Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

There are instances when people have managed to fit a golf cart with a step for the rear seat on a trailer of this size. However, because the folding gate didn’t close completely, they had to ratchet-strap it upwards.

On the other hand, golfers with carts like the Club Car DS with a foldable rear seat have not been able to fit them on a trailer of this size. They have found 5×10 trailers a better option.

While a standard cart can be fitted on a trailer of the specified dimensions, you may have to load it backward. To crosscheck this for yourself, stretch a string from the front corner of your trailer rail to its ball hitch. Take this measurement from both the front corners.

If the cart length is within the length covered by the string, you are not likely to have any problem. In case it doesn’t fit in the string size, you can consider removing the gate and using a few 2×10 ramps.


Will a Golf Cart Fit in a 6×12 Enclosed Trailer?

hauling golf cart in an enclosed trailer

If you have a golf cart that is approximately 58 inches tall, you will more often than not be able to comfortably fit your cart in a 6×12 enclosed trailer with a single axle. You can haul the cart easily without any problem.

Most trailer dealers support a range of customizations. They can place the door of the trailer either on the side or the rear based on your preference. However, you can always be assured of a fit for your golf cart with open top utility trailers.


Will a Golf Cart Fit in a Uhaul Trailer?

uhaul for golf cart

The U-Haul 5×9 utility trailer is an open-top model. The most popular version makes use of an EZ-loading ramp with a spring-assisted folding mechanism. It can withstand a maximum load of 1600lbs.

A 2013 Precedent golf cart with a foldable back seat will fit into a 5×9 U-Haul trailer. However, you might have to lower the windshield and put the cart backward so that the front rail will get clearance from the step.

Remember to strap down the seat. You may also want to check out a trailer that comes without a fold-down ramp gate.

EZGO RXV and Club Car DS models also offer a tight fit in a U-Haul trailer. However, you must load them in such a way that the front of the trailer and the front tires touch each other.


Will a Golf Cart Fit in a F150?


You can load a golf cart that weighs close to 1300lbs. on the rear of your F150 truck with a 6-foot bed. However, remember that when you do this, the back wheels of the cart will rest on the tailgate of the truck. This may not be a safe option and can buckle up your tailgate.

If you want to use your F150, consider fitting two 1×6 ramps from the tailgate end to the cab. Loading the cart on these ramps will ensure equal distribution of the weight across the bed.

You can also strap the tailgate lengthwise from below. Also, mount your golf cart so that its front wheels face the tailgate. You must strap the cart around the middle of the tires, down the back, onto the hooks of the bed.

In case you have a lifted cart, the roof will often be very high and you will have to watch out for low tree limbs when transporting the vehicle on anF150.


Will a Golf Cart Fit in a Toy Hauler?

An EZGO TXT that is 75 inches tall and has 23 inches tires with a 5 inches lift fits into a toy hauler with slightly over 2 inches spacing.

A 6850lbs. golf cart can be fitted into a 6850lbs. 26-foot Impact Vapor Lite 6100lbs. dry toy trailer with a wide-open floor plan.

A 19-foot Autumn Ridge Mini Extreme with a 5×7 front cargo deck and a 14-foot to 15-foot camper on a lengthy frame and a Coleman 25-foot toy trailer are two other good options.


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