Why your EZGO Golf Cart Stops Suddenly

EZGO golf cart stops suddenly

Why your EZGO golf cart stops suddenly?

The main reason why a EZGO golf cart stops suddenly is because of a bad solenoid or low voltage levels causing a thermal cut.

Diagnostic mode:

Try out the Diagnostic mode in the golf cart. Get the toggle of the rocker switch from neutral to reverse and get back to neutral. Try this exercise at least 5 times.

Voltage readings:

Check out the voltages that are being recorded by the batteries. Get hold of a voltmeter to verify if both batteries are recording the minimum volt readings. The lowest readings should be put to check.

Low voltage:

The low voltage levels may also cause excess amperage which may end up in the controls to return to thermal cut.

Charging time:

Leave the charge on till the power gets disconnected at approximate readings of 45 to 46 volts. Thereafter let the golf cart be put to rest for 12 hours and check the voltage levels.


How to Fix EZGO RXV that stops suddenly?

The RXV from EZGO is one of the most popular golf carts doing the rounds. Unfortunately, many users have complained that they have situations in which the EZGO RXV suddenly stops to a standstill.

Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Check if the key switch or the solenoid is perfectly positioned and working fine. The key switch or the solenoid should be in perfect order to ensure the golf cart is working perfectly.
  • Ensure there are no loose wirings in the solenoid, if the wirings get damaged then it is recommended to change the wirings.
  • The RXV has been known to be very sensitive to battery voltage. If there is any sort of mismatch in voltage levels between the two batteries, the golf cart would malfunction and in the end, come to sudden halts.
  • Some of the wiring harnesses in the EZGO RXV may suffer from corrosion. Soaking the wiring in acid can help reduce the corrosion through the insulation. The plastic wiring can be removed by getting those untapped from the wires and inspecting those.


Why your EZGO TXT has stopped running?

The main reasons why a EZGO TXT keeps stopping can be due to burnt wires, or low battery voltage.

In most cases, the reed switch may be bypassed. The red wire with the connector is the bypass.

Ensure that the solenoid gets started at one go and all wirings connected to it are in perfect order.

 In case of any sort of loose wirings or broken wires, that may cause the golf cart to malfunction and it may come to sudden halts at frequent intervals.

  • Check the readings from the voltmeter and ensure that both batteries are providing the requisite readings to keep the volt percentage in check.
  • Sometimes there may be mismatch in voltage readings between the reed switch bypass and micro switch on F/R.
  • If any wire is burnt, ensure to get the same replaced immediately as any sort of short circuit may end up causing a fire.


Why Electric EZGO stops suddenly?

An electric EZGO golf cart that stops suddenly can be due to leaking batteries or loose wiring from the F/R switch.

  • Check if fluid is leaking from the batteries. In such case the batteries need to be replaced with a new set.
  • Time to check the F/R switch! In case the F/R switch has loose wires, those should be taken care of and new wires should be replaced.
  • Take the voltage reading of the batteries when the throttle pressure is released.


Why EZGO PDS stops suddenly?

The PDS from EZGO from the year 2008 stops suddenly due to one or more of the following reasons:

An intermittent connection in the F/R switch may cause the circuits to falter. In case max regen braking is applied, the beeper shall beep rapidly and the cart may slow down.

  • The wires around the solenoid may have been twisted due to which there is a fault in the connection. In such case, getting hold of a fresh set of wires should solve the issue.
  • If changing the F/R switch does not solve the purpose, try to replace the ignition switch to check if the golf cart is starting to operate smoothly.
  • Get one of the cables removed while testing on the solenoids continue. Keep the pedal pressing at regular intervals to find out if the cart is starting to gain momentum.


Why my EZGO golf cart stops and goes?

EZGO golf carts starting from the year 2006 to latest models have seen the trends of the golf carts getting to sudden halts and not being mobile for long.

The most common reasons for such situation is as follows:

  • Bad solenoid may be the most common reason for such fail. Check if the wires are connected properly and if tangled, need to be replaced.
  • If the cart has larger than the specified tier size, in such case the design limitations would be put to test and hence the issue regarding sudden stops while plying.
  • Check if the controller is getting hold of all such functions in the golf cart. If any one of the parameters that a controller should fulfil is not being completed, then it is better to get hold of a new controller.
  • If changing the F/R switch does not solve the purpose, try to replace the ignition switch to check if the golf cart is starting to operate smoothly.


Why EZGO golf cart stops on hills?

A EZGO golf cart may stop on hills due to a bad solenoid or using a very old battery.


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