EZGO Vs Club Car (Which Golf Cart Should I Choose?)

Which is better EZGO or Club Car Golf Carts?

EZGO golf carts are better if you want a cheaper golf cart that is easier to modify. Club Car golf carts are preferred for those who want more comfort and advanced features.


EZGO Vs Club Car golf cart Specifications


Onward 6 Passenger Club Car

Villager 2 PTV Club Car

Villager 2+2 Club Car

EZGO Freedom RXV

EZGO Freedom TXT

EZGO Valor









18 mph

Gas Cart: 19 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph


Gas Cart: 19.5 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph

Gas Cart: 19.5 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph

Gas Cart: 19.5 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph


Electric Cart: 375 Amp AC

Gas Cart: 429 cc Kohler

429 cc Kohler

48-volt DC

150 cc

150 cc

150 cc

Weight (Electric)

1429 lbs

909 lbs

1129 lbs

565 lbs

577 lbs

555 lbs

Weight (Gas)

1101 lbs

651 lbs


676 lbs


723 lbs


683 lbs



EZGO Vs Club Car golf cart

Pros of EZGO Golf Carts  

  • Ease of modification
  • Hassle-free drive
  • Moderate pricing
  • Long-running battery


Ease of Modification

It’s very convenient to find components of EZGO carts and upgrade the old models. These carts are very durable, long-lasting and mostly remain in great shape. You can easily modify and add new parts to older versions of EZGO golf carts due to the nature of their design. In this way, you can save a lot of money.


Hassle-free Drive

The new models of EZGO golf carts are very secure and restful to drive. Bumps and turns can be managed effortlessly. Overall, you can experience a pleasant drive.


Moderate Pricing

EZGO carts are very moderately priced. Amidst the top three companies of golf carts, namely EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car, the EZGO stands out as the most reasonably priced. 


EZGO carts are created for better utility and not for luxury. 


Long-running Battery 

If you are interested in buying an electric golf cart, then you need to be mindful that a major part of your investment will be towards batteries. The biggest expense of an electric golf cart is its batteries. The two things that people mainly consider are the battery life (before needing a charge) and the longevity of the battery before replacement.

A part of a battery’s life depends on its type and quality. EZGO carts generally come with batteries that have a long lifespan.


Cons of EZGO Golf Carts

The EZGO golf carts have a couple of cons that need to be taken into consideration before you decide to purchase the EZGO golf cart:

  • Rusty Frame
  • Low Performance in Hilly Areas


Rusty Frame

EZGO carts have durable frames but the one issue faced by some people is rusting. Rusting in these carts is more frequent in humid weather. 


Low Performance in Hilly Areas

One of the drawbacks of EZGO carts is that they do not function well in hilly areas. Even if these carts can move up and down the hills, they are simply not the strongest golf carts in the market. This attribute is worth knowing before selecting EZGO as your choice.


Pros of Club Car Golf Carts 

  • Impressive hold in hilly terrains
  • Rustproof design
  • Supreme motor quality
  • Comfortable to drive


Impressive Hold in Hilly Terrain

The comprehensive configuration of a Club Car supports traveling on the hilly range with less effort. If you live in a place surrounded by hills or if the route to your home entails a lot of uneven surfaces, then the Club Car is an ideal choice.

As an owner of a golf cart, you need to be mindful that you must consider both uphill and downhill movement in the cart when you consider a hilly terrain. Moving down a steep hill, essentially wet grass, can be a very risky encounter. 


Rustproof Design

Rusting will often not be a problem while tackling maintenance and upkeep of the Club Car Golf cart due to its sturdy design.

The Club Car is designed to be subject to a host of different climatic conditions. They may have to face harsh weathers such as rainstorms, humidity and extremely cold temperature to help you reach home safely.


Supreme Motor Quality

The motors lodged in the Club Car carts are of very high quality that will last a long time. They are also very efficient and sturdy. A few golf carts manufactured by Club Car have choices for force and speed enhancement. However, the basic carts are also distinctly functional and powerful.


Comfortable to Drive

The Club Car is renowned for supreme quality steering as well as providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience. This is due to its great suspension. If you are considering a golf cart for drifting around, a Club Car cart will be the right choice.


 Cons of Club Car Golf Carts 

  • Expensive components
  • Low battery life


Expensive Components

The components of a Club Car are slightly more expensive than other golf carts. It’s essential to invest in high-quality components as the cheap non-branded versions may affect the warranty and overall performance. The best thing to do is to ensure that the pricing is affordable before making a purchase.


Low Battery Life

Low battery life is another disadvantage of the Club Car. The two aspects that need to be considered are the longevity of the battery life and the distance that the cart can travel without needing a charge.

Sometimes, with additional components, the cart is overburdened and the battery performance gets lowered. Another reason for low battery life is the high functioning motor of the Club Car.


EZGO Vs Club Car gas golf cart

Here is a detailed comparison of EZGO and Club Car gas golf carts based on three main aspects:

  • Speed
  • Purchase Cost
  • Power



When it comes to the maximum speed of golf carts that run on gasoline, there is not much difference in the speed. Club Car’s gasoline version has a maximum speed of 19mph. On the other hand, the highest speed of EZ GO’s gasoline golf cart reaches 19.5mph, which is marginally better.


Purchase cost

The EZGO gas cart is available in a price range of 5000 USD to 12000 USD depending on the make and seating capacity. Similarly, the cost of a Club Car roughly ranges from 7000 USD to 12000 USD.



The Club Car is more powerful when compared to the EZGO golf cart. The EZGO cart may face difficulty while driving through hilly areas whereas the Club Car can perform effortlessly due to a more powerful engine and overall framework.


EZGO Vs Club Car electric golf cart 

A few comparisons are made between the electric models of EZGO and Club Car golf carts based on the parameters given below.

  • Framework
  • Cost of Parts
  • Quality of Ride
  • Battery Life



EZGO golf carts have a steel body that is durable but susceptible to rusting in humid weather. The Club Car is designed with an aluminum framework that is tough and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


Cost of Parts

The components of EZGO and Club Car golf carts are easily available in the market. However, the parts of Club Car are more expensive than that of EZGO. EZGO is one of the most budget-friendly brands of golf carts.


Quality of Ride

The ride quality of the Club Car is slightly better than that of EZGO due to its high-quality framework and motor. The EZGO’s performance goes down in hilly areas while the Club Car speeds through them.


Battery Life

The Club Car has a low battery life in comparison with EZGO due to its powerful engine. The EZGO’s battery lasts longer and the cart can travel longer distances without a recharge. 


Is EZGO cheaper than Club Car golf carts?

When it comes to pricing, many EZ GO golf carts are comparatively more pocket-friendly than Club Cars. The below table compares the pricing of EZ Go golf carts with Club Cars.


Onward 6 Passenger Club Car

Villager 2 PTV Club Car

 Villager 2+2 Club Car

 EZGO Freedom RXV

 EZGO Freedom TXT

EZGO Valor


$14,001 USD

$6,729 USD

$9,856 USD

$7,799 USD

$7,399 USD

$6,399 USD


EZGO RXV Vs Club Car Precedent 

The EZGO RXV has a higher horse power than the Club Car Precedent golf cart. The EZGO RXV has 4.4HP compared to only 3.3 HP of the Club Car precedent.


  • Power

The EZGO RXV has a total power of 4.4HP whereas the Precedent has a power of 3.3HP. This means that the EZGO will travel more smoothly on slopes without much pressure on the engine.


  • Speed

The EZGO RXV can reach a maximum speed of 24 MPH by increasing the size of the tires. However, the maximum speed limit of the Club Car Precedent is 19 MPH.


  • Frame

The Club Car Precedent possesses a unique aluminum frame that guarantees a longer life. The EZGO RXV comprises a steel frame that is comparatively more prone to rusting and wearing out.


  • Battery chargers

Both models have a 48V battery. However, the charger of EZGO RXV is not of good quality than a Precedent and may not last long.


EZGO TXT Vs Club Car Precedent 

According to golf enthusiasts, the major differences between the EZGO TXT and Club Car Precedent carts are:

  • Power
  • Structure
  • Seating Capacity



The EZGO TXT features an overall power of 3HP, whereas the Precedent comes with 3.3HP power, which is slightly more. This makes the performance and control of the Precedent better for a drive in hilly areas.



The Precedent has an aluminum framework that extends its life cycle. The EZGO TXT comprises a steel body that is more prone to rusting and getting damaged.


Seating Capacity

Both models have a seating capacity of 2 persons and are equally comfortable. However, the EZGO TXT has a provision of extending the seating capacity to 4 persons by adding two seats at the back.


EZGO TXT Vs Club Car DS 

Here is a comparison of the major differences between the EZ GO TXT and Club Car DS golf carts.

  • Power
  • Frame
  • Seating Comfort



The EZGO TXT comes with overall power of 3HP whereas the power of the Club Car DS is slightly more at 3.3 HP.



The Club Car DS has a sturdier body due to a combination of aluminum and fiberglass as the choice of materials. The steel body of the EZGO TXT is more susceptible to rusting and damage.


Seating Comfort

Both carts are equipped with a seating capacity of 2 persons. However, the comfort of the EZGO TXT seats is much better than the bucket-style seats of the Club Car DS.


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