How to Fix a EZGO Robin 295cc Engine that Won’t Start

EZGO Robin 295cc engine won't start

Why Won’t my EZGO Robin 295 Engine Start?

The problem of the EZGO Robin 295 engine not starting can be due to a faulty spark plug, or because the fuel supply pipe is jammed. It can also be due to a filter fault or loose timing belt.


Jammed Fuel Pipe

It’s best to check the spark plug and the fuel pipe. Many times a jam in the fuel pipe blocks the flow, or the spark plug malfunctions. Preventing them and solving the problems will start the engine if they are faulty. 


Faulty Timing belt:

Many time I faced the problem of a jumped timing belt in my cart. The jumping of the belt from any of the pulleys will not start the engine, and the rocker arms won’t move. Fixing the belt solved my problem.  


Robin 295cc engine specs  

The Robin 295 cc engine is a two-cylinder air-cooled engine that can develop 9 horsepower and displaces 18 cubic inches. The cam and the valves are overhead types.

The engine has a governor that can prevent over-revving, and there is an RPM meter fixed to it. The engine’s ignition system is the solid-state type and the lubricants used is within the grade of 10W 30 to 40.

The oil capacity is 1.5 quarters, and the gap is between 20 to 30 thousandths per inch.

The golf cart fitted with this engine can do other tasks apart from moving on the golf course and are used in many industries for equipment and workforce movements from one place to another.


What oil to use for robin 295 engine oil

The oil to use for a Robin 295 engine should be a grade of 10w 30 or 10w 40. I have also used Mobil 1 in my Robin engine, and it worked fine.

The grade of the oil should meet CC, SG, or SF for a smooth run. I always clean the oil filter after running the engine for 125 hours and even sometimes change them.


Robin 295 robin engine oil capacity

The oil capacity of the Robin 295 engine is 1& ½ quarters. The oil grade should be between 10W 30 and 10W 40, and one should clean the filter or replace it after running the engine for 125 hours. Oil replacement after every 250 hours of running keeps the engine trouble-free, and it runs smoothly.


Common Problems with the Robin 295 Engine

The most common problems with the Robin 295 Engine occurs in the carburetor, the spark plug, the timing belt. Apart from these, thickening of the oil if not changed for an extended period or oil leakages due to faulty oil seal is also common.

Cleaning the carburetor, replacing the spark plug, or tightening the timing belt can solve the issues. Changing the oil at stipulated intervals and replacing the damaged oil seals keeps the engine in good health.


Robin 295 engine timing

The robin 295 engine timing is an integral part of starting the engine. Multiple pulleys are attached with the timing belt. As soon as the engine is cranked, the pulleys rotate as they are fixed with the timing belt. 

Sometimes, the belts jump-off and the engine is unable to start. The cam pulley’s timing belt should be connected properly for a smooth run of the engine and disbursement of power. 

Unless the timing is ok, the engine will not spark or ignite. Therefore, I always check my Robin 295 engine’s timing and do the needful if there are any malfunctions.


EZGO Robin 295 robin engine valve adjustment  

The EZGO Robin 295 robin engine valve adjustment is required at times. I usually do it on my own and try avoiding giving a call to any service professional. I start with a cold engine as it is challenging to work on when the engine is hot.

  • Removing the bolts: There are six bolts on the valve cover. After removing them, I take some lever or a screwdriver and remove the cover by prying off.


  • The O rings: Either I clean the O rings surfaces or replace them if worn out. Precautions should be taken for not dropping any dirt while cleaning or replacing the O rings.


  • Picking a valve: Selecting a valve and picking it out, it is time to keep the cam lobe down by turning the drive clutch. It can be done by hand. With ¼ to ½ turn, the adjuster locknut is loosened.


  • Inserting filler gauge: After taking a 0.004 inches filler gauge, it is time to insert it between the cam and the lifter gently. A little turn of the adjuster perfectly fits the gauge without being tight but has a slight drag.

Now with the help of a screwdriver, the adjuster is held, and the locknut is tightened. It is better to recheck the filler after this process.

The same process is followed to adjust the other valves remembering that the middle two valves are for intake. I then reinstall the cover and tighten the bolts to finish the work.


Robin 295 robin engine compressions

The ideal Robin 295 robin engine compression should be around 120 to 150 PSI or sometimes slightly higher. Many times it happens that the compression drops to 70, 80, or even less psi.

Checking the crank for any damage or the cylinders and the rings for any foul play and replacing them can boost up the compression to the working levels. 

If the crank, cylinders, and rings are in good condition, but the compression is low, it is time to replace it. I always check my battery conditions, the spark plug, and the throttle to make sure that there is a need for changing or rebuilding the engine with a set of new kits.


How to remove robin 295 engine

To remove the Robin 295 engine from my golf cart, I follow specific steps.

  • Disconnect all the electrical connections and disengage the fuel and air supply pipes.
  • Disconnect the timer belts, the exhaust pipe, and the choke cable,
  • Disconnect the linkage rod connected to th3 governor.
  • Rolling the muffler and the starter makes this disconnection easy.
  • Now, unscrew the 4 big bolts and holds the engine. The skid plate drops after removing the bolts.
  • Use a jack to remove the engine.

Some words of caution. The pulsar pigtail or the harness, the flywheel cover, and the choke cable should be removed before removing the Robin 295 engine.


How to rebuild robin 295cc robin engine

The Robin 295cc rebuilding is a tricky job to do. After removing the engine by removing the long bolts and disconnection of other wires, pipes, and the linkage rod, the engine is inspected.

I generally keep the minor rebuilding kits with me and order the uncommon ones if they are in poor condition and need change.

Sometimes the carburetor needs to rebuild, which is a part of the engine. After opening out the engine, changing the oil seals, gaskets, or using a socket in the valve line solves the problem.

The engine is adequately cleaned, the timing belt is replaced at times, even with the pulley if required, and the rebuilding is complete.


Robin 295cc carburetor adjustment

Robin 295cc carburetor can be easily adjusted without any professional help.

Unscrewing the bolt at the bottom of the carburetor that holds it at the place and the side screw that springs it to the position, I open it. The fuel release valve screw is also unscrewed. After cleaning the carburetor and fixing it to the engine, it is time to adjust.

The fuel release valve at the carburetor side is adjusted so that no extra fuel is injected for combustion.

The jet screw on the middle is also adjusted, moving gradually, and can go up to 1.5 turns.

I turn and adjust these screws to get the required fuel and air for proper mixing so that the engine cranks appropriately without knocking. 


EZGO Robin 295 has no spark

The EZGO Robin 295 has no spark is a common problem. It may be a blocked spark plug or a damaged spark plug that is not sending enough current, or there may be some problem in the solenoid or the pulsar.

I usually replace the spark plug if it is too old and not giving enough sparks on cranking. Otherwise, I clean it and get the desired spark.

If the spark plug is ok and there is still no spark, then there might be some problem in the solenoid or the pulsar.

I always check my battery conditions before looking at sparking issues. The batteries do not give enough change, particularly in extremely cold conditions. 

If the plug and the battery are ok, it is best to replace the solenoid and the pulsar to get an adequate spark. 


EZGO Robin 295 weak spark

If my EZGO Robin 295 has a weak spark, I start with the battery’s load test.

If the battery gives the desired charge, I check the valve lash and determine the gap between the two inner valves approximately to 0.004 thou.

 This part is a little tricky. Even after these routine checkups and adjustments, the plug gives a weak spark; it is time to replace it and fit a new one. 

Sometimes, the solenoid, the pulsar, or the damaged battery terminals and electrical wires in the circuit do not work and can be reasons for weak spark. Checking these items can also solve the problem of a weak spark.


EZGO Robin 295 has no power

The main reason for EZGO Robin 295 having no power is the compression. If the compression is not within the range of 120 to 150 PSI, it isn’t easy to generate enough power.

The rings, cranks, or the cylinders get damaged, and the engine has no power.

However, if they are all ok, it is best to replace the compressor to get enough power and move freely on any plains.


Why Robin 295 is losing power

Sometimes my Robin 295 loses power. It turns out to be loose contact of the battery terminals or draining of the battery fast if it is too old.

When I play the external sound system, the battery drains out quickly, and my Robin 295 loses power. 

Sometimes, the solenoid and the pulsar do not work correctly. These create an electrical short circuit and drain out the power.

My cart runs ok on normal plains but going uphill becomes difficult.

Changing the spark, the solenoid, and tightening the battery terminals solves the problem.


EZGO Robin 295 is smoking

The issue of EZGO Robin 295 smoking is mainly related to compression. Extra fuel in the compressor can smoke the engine. Even if there is dirt in the exhaust manifold, the engine sometimes smokes.

I generally adjust the flow of oil and air by adjusting the feed screws and clean the exhaust filter to stop the engine from smoking; otherwise, I change the compressor or the carburetor.

Sometimes changing the oil also prevents smoking.


EZGO Robin 295 engine backfires

I have observed in my EZGO 295 Robin Engine that the backfiring is due to a faulty coil. I once or twice replaced the coil, and the problem got solved.

For bad coil and running engine on one cylinder can backfire.

Changing the coil is the best solution to stop the backfires and enhance the life of the engine.


EZGO295 pre-MCI engine

The EZGO pre-MCI engines have does not have a cylinder head connected to the exhaust manifold, unlike the MCI engines. Bolts are used in the pre-MCI engines.

Care should be taken similarly as one cares for the MCI engines except for a bit more consideration for the exhaust manifold.

Otherwise, the problems are common, and troubleshooting is the same.


EZGO 295 Vs 350

The EZGO 295 cc engine is a twin-cylinder, air-cooled engine that can develop 9 BHP and has a capacity of 18 cubic inches.

The 350 engine has an 11 horsepower engine and is more potent than the 295 cc engine. The price of a 350 cc engine is also more than the 295 cc engine. 


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