How to Install/Swap Golf Cart Engine with Predator 420 Engine (STEPS)

Golf Cart with Predator 420 Engine installed
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This article will give a step-by-step guide on swapping and converting your existing golf cart engine for a predator engine. 

If you are not a trained mechanic, please don’t attempt any of these steps.

The conversion is relatively easy and should take about 1-2 hours of work time. This conversion will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased power when accelerating from low speeds
  • Increased top speed with an average gain of 5-10 mph depending on terrain conditions and weight load
  • More torque in lower gears so that hills are easier to climb
  • Improved fuel economy by 10% or more (depending on driving habits).


Benefits of installing a Predator 420 engine on your golf cart

  1. The predator 420 engine is more powerful than the standard golf cart engine.
  2. It has a higher RPM range, which means it can go faster and climb hills easier.
  3. A Predator 420 engine is a great way to get the most out of your golf cart. 
  4. You can expect up to 40% more power with this engine 
  5. It’s easy to install and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you.
  6. Predator 420 engines are more fuel-efficient than gas-powered golf carts. 
  7. Produces fewer emissions and is less noisy than most engines. 


What is the best predator golf cart conversion kit

The best predator golf cart conversion kit available is Predator 420cc Conversion Kit.

The best option for you will depend on your budget and how much power is needed to get up hills or over rough terrain – if more torque in lower gears would be helpful, then purchase one of these kits! 


How fast does a predator 420cc engine go?

The Predator 420cc engine can go up to 45 mph, and has a maximum RPMs of 3600 and 13 HP (horsepower). The Predator engine is an excellent option for those who are looking for more power and torque. 

The predator offers plenty enough acceleration when starting from low speeds (0-20mph). However, to tweak the performance even more, I recommend upgrading your golf cart to have larger tires. 

I recommend converting your current engine with a Predator as you can reduce the extra cost of buying an entirely new golf cart with similar performance.


Predator 420 engine Specs:

The specs of the predator 420 engine are as follows:

  • 420cc engine with a 13 HP maximum horsepower.
  • The predator can go up to 45 mph with the max RPMs of 3600.
  • The engine has an air-cooled, single-cylinder design.


Tools needed to install a predator engine on golf cart

converting ezgo golf cart to predator engine

The tools required to install your predator engine on a golf cart are a wrench, screwdriver, and pliers.

  1. Wrench 
  2. Screwdriver 
  3. Pliers 
  4. Ratchet set with socket and extension bars
  5. Predator 420 engine


EZGO golf cart 420 predator engine swap

To swap the engine on your EZGO golf cart with a 420 predator engine, you need to remove the old engine and install a new predator.

The first step is to disconnect all of your wires and connections from their respective plugs on both engines. 


how to install a predator engine in a golf cart

Before installing your predator engine on your golf cart, you need to remove the old engine. The engine swap is a relatively simple process. You will need an extra set of hands, but it’s not too difficult if done right! 

  1.  Disconnect all of your wires from their respective plugs on both engines and detach any hoses or other connections that are attached between them.”
  2. Remove anything blocking access like seats for someone else (or yourself).
  3. Loosen each bolt around where they hold down brackets holding onto motor mounts so these bolts can pull away when removed. Ensure that the nuts aren’t loose enough yet, though, because we don’t want things falling apart before time!
  4. Disconnect any wiring harnesses and hoses that connect from your old golf cart battery or gas tank.”
  5. Remove all four mounting screws on both sides, which attach bracket/bracket mount to your golf cart frame.
  6. Next, pull up on bracket/bracket mount to remove it from motor mounts and set aside. Repeat this step for the other side as well.
  7. You can now disconnect any wiring harnesses or hoses connected between the old battery (or gas tank), mounted to the bracket, and the engine.
  8. Remove all four mounting screws on both sides, which attach your old golf cart battery (or gas tank) to the vehicle’s frame. Repeat this step for the other side too.
  9. Now, you can disconnect any wiring harnesses or hoses that are still connected to your old engine.
  10. Mount one bracket at the front left-hand corner near the steering column. Then repeat the process by attaching the second set next door but now move over about an inch towards rear axle shafts.


Now we need to connect the predator engine to the golf cart brackets

  1. Disconnect any wiring harnesses or hoses connected between the new Predator motor brackets to get power from our golf cart’s charging system. Send it through wires into our newly installed 420cc Predators so they will start up when keyed on in ignition switch*.
  2. Take off the old starter solenoid by removing two bolts holding down the bracket. Then, remove the bolt with the nut at the bottom center, near the rear axle shafts, which holds the backplate onto the transmission case. Replace all three parts mentioned above now using same.”
  3. The next step is attaching your battery (or gas tank)to the frame of the vehicle; repeat this for the other side as well. Now we need a battery box to hold the battery in place.
  4. The next step is attaching your new starter solenoid and bracket to the transmission case. Now we need a hole drilled into the vehicle’s frame so that our bolts can go through.*
  5. You will want some washers on both sides at the top center near rear axle shafts, which holds the backplate. This helps keep it from moving around while driving or shifting gears*.
  6. Repeat these steps with opposite engine mount/bracket, then tighten all four nuts down securely using a wrench (or ratchet).
  7. Next attach wires coming out Predator motor mounts over spark plug wire connectors by removing two screws holding them together.
  8. Once these steps are complete, turn the ignition switch key until the golf cart engine starts.



To conclude this guide, we have learned how to replace your golf cart engine with the Predator motor. If you have a EZGO RVX/TXT, Club Car or Yamaha golf cart, you can definitely enjoy the performance upgrade by converting your engine to the Predator engine. The process is not too difficult but should only be performed by a trained mechanic.



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