How to Fix Golf Cart that Turns Over but Won’t Start (STEPS)

Golf cart turns over but won’t start

Why does my golf cart turn over but won’t start?

The main reason why a golf cart turns over but refuses to start is because of battery issues, a faulty solenoid or faulty keyswitch.


Key switch problems:

Keyswitch issues is a common cause of golf cart starting problems as the key switch will wear out over time

You have to check the keyswitch area for any loose or broken piece of wiring. Be very careful while doing this since you might get a nasty shock.

You will be looking at the connection area between the starter and the battery. Also inspect the front and reverse switches on your golf cart.


Solenoid problems:

A solenoid can wear out after using your golf cart regularly. A faulty solenoid can cause your golf cart to turnover but not start.

Your golf cart solenoid is a coil of wire cylindrical in shape, but in reality it functions as magnet carrying electricity. It is the solenoid which you hear click every time you press the foot down on the accelerator.


Faulty brakes:

 Very often, faulty brakes are the reason why a golf cart won’t start. You should be able to adjust the breaks at home.

However for more complicated repairs, it is better to pay a visit to your nearest professional mechanic.


How to troubleshoot a golf cart that turns over but won’t start

  1. Turn on the key switch, press your foot down firmly on the accelerator and listen carefully for a clicking noise. If you are unable to hear it, battery problem it is.
  2. Check whether the battery is fully charged and the terminals are properly cleaned and well-secured.
  3. Next check if the water level is up to the plates or not. You must add distilled water in case their levels drop.
  4. Next check if there is a leakage in which case, you have to change the battery.
  5. Also check for melted or corroded wires, or off-kilter wiring.


Why is my Club Car Gas golf cart turning over but not starting?

There are quite a few reasons why your club car golf cart refuses to start. One of the problems may be a clogged fuel line. To fix this, you have to:

  • Check the fuel line suction tubes for any dirt particles that might be jamming your tubes down.
  • If you find any, clean them properly.
  • If needed, you might have to repair them.
  • Even if the fuel line suction tubes are only a few months old, consult your mechanic and consider replacing them.

Clogged carburetor: check out if the carburetor has gone dirty. A dirty fuel bowl causes an obstruction to the main jet, so you must clean it as well.

A jammed pilot jet will hinder the golf cart from starting too.  While you are at it, after cleaning the carburetor, you must run a lot of dry and compressed air through the centre of the carburetor and all over its body.

Don’t forget to reassemble the parts very carefully, especially being extra careful about readjusting the throttle plate. 


Club Car DS turns over but won’t start

You need to open up the Club Car DS engine and check the cleanliness of the fuel line and carburetor. If these parts are dirty, clean them.

If your carburetor and fuel line are not dirty, follow the steps below:

  1. Begin with sucking out some of the residual fuel with a pump in the fuel lines. While doing this, you have to check there is no water or moisture build up left in the fuel lines (this can happen due to the contact with ethanol and gasoline). It happens all the time.
  2. Next take off the airbox clamp to make it easier to reach inside the engine space.
  3. Try and loosen the fuel bowl if you can.
  4. Clean the carburetor really well. Check whether you have a moisture build up or debris in it or the overflow tube too.
  5. Carefully put the float back in. blow in to it to make sure it’s clean.
  6. Also look out if your engine is hitting the revolution limiter, as it might be a case for not turning the cart.


Club Car Precedent golf cart turns over but won’t start

A faulty spark plug, bad battery or low compression levels are the main reasons why a Club Car Precedent golf cart will turn over but not start.

  • Lack of spark in the coil: in this case, you have to replace the coil if it doesn’t spark.
  • Spark plug: Also look whether the spark plug is able to run freely over the starter.
  • Not enough compression: do a compression test with the throttle opened up. Check on the solenoids.
  • Battery issues: check if the wires are properly connected to the battery and you see no worn out wires hanging loose here.
  • With handy jumper cables, you can try Jumping up the two large terminals.


Yamaha G1 golf cart turns over but won’t start

  • Spark plug taken out turns really fast and spews out gas: If your Yamaha G1 golf cart is spewing out gas, you can be sure that it is getting an adequate gas supply, so no need to worry about that. You can check the oil for a possible contamination of gas.
  • It may be a problem of hydro lock, that is, you are getting way too much gas than required. In such a situation, it is wise to disconnect the fuel pump or plug the line to the carburetor. Then try cranking it for 15 seconds.
  • Faulty starter: it is a problem of weak starters. Without load or compression, it will do fine, but once there is load, it will not start. The brushes will be too worn out. The only way to fix this is replacement.
  • Finally, check for battery and loose or worn out cables.


Yamaha G2 golf cart turning over but not starting

  1. A good spark, air and gas is usually sufficient to get a Yamaha G2 golf cart started. But if it’s not, then check out for a crack in the spacer of the carburetor.
  2. Next check if the ignition coils are connected to the two wires that are there.
  3. Then check for spark.
  4. Check for a faulty starter. Check if the starter brushes are worn out due to excess load over time. On the Yamaha G2, you can activate the relay system manually by putting pressure on the rubber boot at the back.
  5. You may want to adjust the voltage of the battery depending on the terrain you are dragging it on.


Yamaha G9 golf cart motor turns over but won’t start

  • Problem with the power not reaching the solenoid every time:

While most members from golf forums will hold the opinion that the working-proof of a solenoid is in its clicking every time, only an experienced mechanic will tell you that it is not always the case.

To test this, you have to put the key in the starting position and crank up the Yamaha G9 golf cart engine; the solenoid should provide power to both the terminals. This will now supply power to the starter.

To check whether the starter turns, you have to jump the starter by using a screwdriver. While doing this, you have to be extra careful since this will emit sparks.

If the solenoid is fine, next shift to the generator. Under non-ignited, rest conditions, the voltage of the battery will show 12.5V.

After it is cranked up, the engine will display an increase of at least 1.5 volts. If not, then you need to fix your generator.


Yamaha G16 golf cart turns over but won’t start

If you have a Yamaha G16 golf cart that was working fine till very recently, consider

  1. Checking if the crank case vacuum tube is lying disconnected at the back. If it’s not, then move on to the next step.
  2. Next verify if you have sufficient air and fuel lines in working condition.
  3. Next remove the grounding plug and check if you have sparks.
  4. If all of these are fine, consider removing the carburetor and giving it a thorough clean.
  5. Finally check if the throttle blade can be opened properly or not. If all of these fail, better take it to the nearest mechanic.


Yamaha G22 golf cart engine turns over but won’t start

There are many reasons why your Yamaha G22 golf cart doesn’t start but turns over. In order to diagnose the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you start with a good inspection of the fuel filter, the solenoids, fuel plug and key switches very well.
  2. After you are done with these, check the carburetor for any dirt, debris or moisture issues. While checking out the carburetor for issues, also make it a point to check for any loose cables or torn ones. Make sure the carburetor butterfly is operated by the cables in a proper manner.
  3. You also would want to check the exhaust pipe for any bends or twists or even choke points due to dirt particles.
  4. Next check the compression. Make sure you also check the compression with the throttle opened up to have a better view.
  5. If on pressing the gas pedal, you hear a squeaky sound, it can be a faulty starter belt issue. You have to ensure this with a voltmeter.
  6. If you still don’t find any problem, you can further check for a broken throttle cable.
  7. You are most likely to find a fault in these areas only. If it doesn’t start still, go see the golf cart expert mechanic.


EZGO gas golf cart turns over but won’t start

 Here are listed some reasons and solutions why your golf cart won’t start but turn only:

  • Battery level is down. Solution- charge it up
  • Loose or worn out battery terminals. Solution- you need to clean and fix them.
  • A choked up gas line also creates trouble, which can be fixed by a good wash with cleaning fluid and sprayer. Or else you can replace it too.
  • In case you have a blocked gas filter, consider removing and replacing it with a new one.
  • For a poor engine compression, check thoroughly with an inline tester (be careful of the sparks though) and fix or replace it.


EZGO TXT cart turns over but won’t start

  • Begin with inspecting the spark plugs on your EZGO TXT golf cart. If they are faulty or perished, consider replacing them.
  • Low gas level might be a cause your cart is not starting. Please refill the gas to ensure a smooth ride.
  • Sometimes, gas lines get contaminated with dirt and moisture. Make sure you do a thorough inspection and clean them.
  • After you have checked all the above areas, try to bring up the engine to TDC. Now check if it is in line with the place where a spark can be generated with the first cylinder. You can check the car’s manual to determine if the timing belt has slipped.


EZGO RXV cart turns over but won’t start

  • Check for damaged spark plugs, solenoids or dirty gas lines on your EZGO RXV golf cart. If you find some faults here, fix them and check if it’s running smoothly or not.
  • Sometimes, the master jet also gets clogged up with dirt. Inspect and clean the master jet if needed.
  • Carburetor float settings maybe wrong. In such a case, adjust the settings and inspect the seats.


How to fix golf cart that has a spark but won’t start

If the golf cart has a spark, most likely it is not a case of faulty solenoids. You need to check on the plug to detect any lingering moisture content or dirt in there. In such a case, they refuse to fire under compression but seem to work fine off the block. If you find any moisture, you have to replace the plug.

If the golf cart doesn’t start,  you will want to clean the carburetor with some cleaning fluid.

You can also take a look at the fuel bowl to check if it’s empty. If not, open and drain it. You should be good enough to move now.


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