EZGO Crank Seal Replacement/Crankcase Ventilation (Guide)

EZGO Crank Seal Replacement

How to Replace a EZGO golf cart crank seal  

The crank seal’s main purpose is to maintain the EZGO engine’s oil level and prevent the golf cart from leaking. If there is a faulty crank seal on an EZGO golf cart, it will need replacing.

To replace the crank seal on a EZGO golf cart, you will need the tools listed below:

  • Dead blow hammer
  • Combination wrench set
  • Breaker bar
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands 
  • Gear puller (according to the cart’s model)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Replacement crankshaft seal
  • Strap wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket set
  • Seal installation kit

Once you have all the items mentioned above, make sure they are suitable for the cart’s model. For guidance, you can consult the manual that comes with the cart.

Follow the given steps to replace the EZGO crank seal.

  1. Put in a stepney where the harmonic balancer is generally located at the front of the motor and jack it up high enough to be fully suspended. Use jack stands to secure the position.
  2. Now you will need to remove the accessory drive belt. In some of the newer EZGO models, a spring can be used to remove the belt. However, in older models, you will need to use a wrench or ratchet to remove the drive belt.
  3. Remove the harmonic balancer bolt using the strap wrench. It will hold the balancer when you loosen it with the ratchet. Remember that the harmonic balancer is installed very tight, so you will need to pull very hard.
  4. After the bolt has been removed, the whole harmonic balancer unit also needs to be removed. Use the gear puller to remove the unit. This is not an easy task, so ensure that the hooks are placed at points where they will not break easily.
  5. Some cart models might have specific holes for the bolts attached and can be used to remove the harmonic balancer unit.
  6. There is generally a woodruff key in the harmonic balancer for keeping the whole unit in position. Do not lose that key as it is needed for the reinstallation of the unit.
  7. Now use the seal puller and try to remove the crank seal very gently from its position. Try to jam the hook between the seal and the crankshaft.
  8. Do not use too much force as you might damage the seal. This will take several attempts, and you will need to loosen the seal from different sides before it finally becomes free.
  9. Now take the new crank seal and place it on the shaft. Remember to lubricate it with motor oil before placement. Place the seal into position with your hands, and then use a seal driver tool and the blow hammer to fix it into place.
  10. Now it is time to reinstall all the parts in the order you took them out. First of all, place back the harmonic balancer unit, then the bolt, and finally the accessory drive belt. After the re-assembly, lower the cart.
  11. After you have completed all the above steps, start the vehicle to confirm the crank seal’s proper replacement.


EZGO 2pg crank seal replacement

If you are an owner of the EZGO 2pg, then you don’t need to worry about the seal replacement. Just follow the same steps mentioned in the previous section.

You will need the same tools as mentioned above, and the process is mostly the same.

There is only one slight difference when it comes to the crank seal replacement of a 2pg:

  • The 2pg models are old, so the crank seals do not have a spring inside. However, when you buy a new replacement seal, it comes with a spring.
  • You do not need to do anything about the spring since it is inside the seal and keeps it more secure from collapsing.
  • Install it normally, keeping the spring facing the side of the bearing.
  • For extra measure, you can try and stake the seal in three positions.
  • It is advised that you replace the rear seal so that it is more compatible with the new crank seal.


EZGO 3pg crank seal replacement

There is not much difference in the method of replacing the crank seal on a 3pg cart from that of a 2pg one. You need to follow the same instructions mentioned earlier to replace the crank seal on an EZGO 3pg cart.

There is only a minor difference, and it is not even very prominent regarding the process of taking out the harmonic balancer unit.

The screw holes are placed a little differently than the other models. This is not much of a problem, and consulting the cart’s manual can help you with the replacement.


EZGO marathon crank seal replacement

You can replace the crank seal on an EZGO marathon by following the steps mentioned above, and there should not be any problem. The build of the EZGO marathon is similar to most of the models, so there is no difference in replacing the crank seal.


EZGO crankcase seal replacement cost

This differs according to the person. If you are replacing the EZGO crankcase seal on your own, then the main cost you have to bear is the labor and time because it takes quite a bit of effort to replace it on your own.

The seal to replace the EZGO crankcase costs between $12 and $52.

On the other hand, if you are getting professional help to get your seal replaced, then you might have to shell out $250.00 to $550.00 depending on the cart’s model.


EZGO crankshaft bearing replacement

If you are replacing the crankshaft bearing, you need to follow the exact steps for replacing the seal. Then lube every individual part before reassembling them together. For replacing the bearings, just use the pullers to get them out.


EZGO crankcase ventilation

A normal vent is installed on the crankcase, but they are not enough to withstand the heat. You should get extra ventilation for your crankcase to prevent overheating of the parts and damage to the crankshaft.


Why is my EZGO blowing oil out of the crankcase?

This is a fault with the ventilation system. Sometimes, the oil enters the ventilation system past the compression point, causing the crankcase to blow out the oil. You can try stuffing a rubber pad inside the vent to absorb some of the oil, but an engine check is recommended.


What causes the gas to get into my golf cart crankcase?

The most common cause of gas entering the cart’s crankcase is some dirt collected in the carburetor. Dirt accumulated inside the fuel pump can cause gas to enter the crankcase. In this case, remove the parts and clean them thoroughly.


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