How to Tow a EZGO RXV/TXT Golf Cart (Complete Guide)

Towing a EZGO Golf Cart


How to Tow a EZGO TXT/RXV Golf Cart

To tow an EZGO golf cart, use the Run-Tow switch to set your golf cart into Tow mode. This will allow you to tow your golf cart.

Almost all golf carts have a Run-Tow switch that helps to switch the cart from Run mode to Tow mode and vice versa. The cart must be set to Tow mode when it cannot move with its power. Your EZGO golf cart is operated in this mode when it has to be pushed or pulled to get moving.


Towing an EZGO Safely without Damage

An EZGO golf cart doesn’t have a run-tow switch unlike PDS and most other golf carts.

The following steps can help you to tow an EZGO golf cart safely without any damage.

  1. Keep the Forward/Reverse switch in a neutral position.
  2. Remove the battery connections from the motor. This is done to ensure that the batteries do not get damaged during the towing process.
  3. Move the golf cart at a slower speed or the same speed that you would generally move it if it has power. Exceeding the speed limit can over-spin the motor and ruin it.

When you position the Forward/Reverse switch neutrally and disconnect the battery cables, the reverse current flow stops and prevents damage to the electronics as well as batteries of the golf cart.


Towing a EZGO Golf Cart on a Trailer

The ideal size for the trailer used to a tow a EZGO golf cart has a size of 5 to 10 feet. The trailer and golf cart must face the same direction. It’s advisable to drive the trailer at less than the permitted speed limit.

  1. Connect a trailer and a ball receiver to the towing vehicle and above the hitch ball respectively.
  2. Fix the hitch ball to the tow hitch present in the trailer. The hitch latch in the ball receiver must be lifted when you do this.
  3. Fit the ball receiver in position by pulling the latch down in place and secure it using a lock or a pin through the hole in front of the latch.
  4. Remove the side latch pins and connect a wired harness to the harness of the trailer. You may have to drop the ramp gate of the trailer.
  5. Activate the trailer’s parking brake and secure the golf cart on the trailer using tie-down straps or a ratchet.
  6. Close the ramp and ensure that it’s secured with the help of latch pins.


Towing a golf cart with a roof and a windshield

You can tow a golf cart with a roof safely at a speed of 60 to 70 mph. Strapping the top of the roof to keep it in place can help you to tow the cart without having to worry about the roof.

The windshield of the cart may tend to snap off during the towing process. However, you can prevent this by just folding down the windshield when you transport the cart.

Modern golf carts support this option. Alternatively, you can remove the windshield and put it back in place once you reach your destination.


EZGO Towing Capacity  

Golf carts can be used for towing when you have to haul small items between two places. Often, the towing capacity of a golf cart is close to 1,000 pounds. It’s worth noting that some golf carts can tow between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds without any problem.

Some carts like the EZGO FREEDOM RXV gas are capable of towing up to three similar golf carts at a time with a permanent tow bar system. On the other hand, the EZGO TXT golf cart is capable of towing 3,000 pounds of free weight. Some golf cart owners claim to have towed 1,700 pounds with their electric TXT carts and 1,200 pounds with an EZGO gas cart.

The actual weight that a golf cart can tow depends on both the brand and construction.

Your golf cart manual will give you an idea of how much your golf cart is capable of towing.

If this doesn’t help, you can get the information from the local golf cart dealer by giving him the specifications of the cart.

Although gas golf carts have more power than their electric counterparts, these carts often cannot pull more weight than electric carts. However, there are a few exceptions and such gas golf carts are designed to tow heavy items. These carts can tow up to 10,000 pounds easily without encountering any problem.


EZGO Run/Tow Switch Location    

The Run/Tow switch in an EZGO TXT golf cart is located below the seat on the passenger side of the cart. The toggle switch is usually protected with a black cover above it.

However, if the cart is a series drive model, the cart will not have a Run/Tow switch. In some cases, the switch may be in the J3 plug present on the controller and is plugged inside the wiring harness.

The Run/Tow switch must be flipped to the Tow mode in the following instances:

  • Towing the golf cart
  • Servicing the vehicle
  • Extended storage without use
  • Connecting or disconnecting battery cables


EZGO Run/Tow Switch Wiring Diagram 

The wiring diagram of the Run/Tow switch of an EZGO golf cart can be found in the manual of the golf cart. You can seek the assistance of a professional mechanic to interpret this diagram rather than make a mistake due to incorrect wiring.

In a 2007 Fairplay that uses a Kinetek controller, the tow side of the switch has a wire on the top with a 31 tagging and a wire at the bottom with a 32 tagging. On the Run side, there is a wire with a 0 tagging at the top and the bottom wire has no tagging. All the wires are black.

The wiring diagram on the website of the Kinetic controller indicates that both the wires on the run side are spliced together and connected to the 10A diode.

One wire in the Tow side is connected to the controller through the J3-2 terminal while the other wire is split into two and connected to the controller through the J3-1 and J3-4 terminals.

In an EZGO Electric TXT golf cart, the Run/Tow switch is on the box that houses the solenoid.


Troubleshooting EZGO Tow Switch Problems       

The following are some common problems encountered with EZGO Tow switches and what you can do to troubleshoot them.

  • Switch always in run position

Remove the wire connections from the switch and try running the golf cart. If it doesn’t run, the switch could have become faulty and needs a replacement. However, if the cart continues to run, you have a problem with the wiring harness.

As a safety measure, you can remove the negative cable from the battery pack. Allow the controller to get discharged by waiting for five minutes. Remove one of the wires from the switch and ensure that you tape it for insulation. Reconnect the negative cable and test the cart.

Once the test is complete, you can once again connect the disconnected wire from the Run/Tow switch using the above steps.


  • Golf Cart doesn’t move when in the Run position, but responds in Tow mode

The Run/Tow switch has been placed in the wrong orientation. In other words, it has turned around inside its cover. You can do one of the following steps to solve the problem.


  • Switch position when charging the cart

The switch can be in Run position when charging the golf cart. However, it’s always safer to have it in Tow mode. This prevents damage to the controller in case of unexpected power surges when the cart is getting charged.

Remove the switch cover and turn the switch at an angle of 180 degrees. Put the cover back in place. Alternatively, you can just place two strips of duct tape over the cover and use them to label the new positions of the switch.

The Run/Tow switch must be set to Run mode when troubleshooting the golf cart for battery related issues.

It must be in Tow mode for troubleshooting all other problems.


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