How to Speed up a Club Car Precedent that Runs Too Slow

Club Car Precedent Running Slow

Why is my Club Car Precedent Slow?

The main reasons for a Club Car Precedent running slow is because of a weak battery, or faults with the MCOR, solenoid and throttle cable.

Some of the other reasons the cart may slow down are:

  • Solenoid contacts can get jammed as they wear out; experts call this ‘welded solenoid’.
  • The MCOR could be an issue.
  • Resetting the default speed through buying the alternate code can solve this problem. This has to be done through a CC dealer.
  • The speed sensor could be an issue.


Club Car Battery Charging Tips

If there is a battery issue in your Club Car golf cart, it may not directly show up. Some basic procedures have to be observed while handling the batteries in an electric golf cart. If you have new batteries you must charge them fully.

  • After the charging is complete, unplug the charger and plug it on again; it will not charge.
  • The golf cart with the new batteries must be run frequently and recharged fully to ensure that they reach the optimum performance and have a longer life.
  • The general observation by long-time users of electric golf carts is that the 12V batteries last only around 3-4 years. The 8V batteries may last longer, say 5-7 years.
  • When you are checking the batteries for power, you must do the check at the pack level and again, the individual batteries.
  • A 48V battery pack must show 50.9V when fully charged.


How to Fix a Club Car Precedent Slow Start

Replacing the spark plug on a Club Car Precedent can fix the issue of the golf cart starting slow.

There are other areas also that you can check. These include the brass fuel filter which may need a cleanup. The fuel hose also has to be checked.

The usual checks can be run starting with the solenoid, the battery pack, and the cables. One test to know the reason for the slow start in a Club Car Precedent is given below:

  • You will need a set of jumper cables.
  • First, try jumping with the negative cable from the battery side. The other end should be on a grounding spot on the starter.
  • Check if the cart starts and moves normally.
  • Next, do the same with the positive side of the battery and connect to the white post on the starter.
  • If the slow-start problem is not still resolved, you should conclude that the brushes or the armature are shorted.


Other Parts you Need to Check

  • Check the solenoid.
  • Check all the wires and cables and see if any of them feels warm or hot.
  • Some cables can corrode from inside and won’t be visible from the outside.
  • A few recommendations are based on the serial number of the Club Car since the engine type may vary
  • Check if the generator belt is tightened properly.
  • The throttle cable may have to be adjusted.


Club Car Precedent Only Goes at Half Speed

A Club Car Precedent golf cart can be running at half speed due to a a broken magnet in the motor.

You must check to see if it’s faulty and replace it if required so that your cart will run at the normal speeds.

You must look at are the speed sensor and the controller. Some of the Chinese made speed sensors don’t perform to the same level as the original ones.

To know if the speed sensor is Chinese, check the color of the wires.

The original one will have red, black, and green, whereas the Chinese have a blue instead of the green. To check if the motor magnet is broken or not, you will need to connect a laptop to the Curtis controller.

 The speed sensor can be checked in the following manner:

  • Keep the Run/Tow switch to the ‘Run’ position.
  • Now push the car manually.
  • In a Club Car golf cart in which the speed sensor is working fine, it will slow the cart down.
  • If the cart keeps moving, then the sensor is bad.

One important advice concerning batteries is that only golf cart batteries should be used in golf carts. Do not use deep-cycle batteries.


Club Car Precedent Slow up the Hills

Faulty batteries could once again be the reason why your Club Car Precedent golf cart slows down while climbing up the hills. Many users may not be familiar with the steps to fix this problem.

Given below is a summary of the steps recommended by experts.


Method #1

  • Always buy and install only good golf cart batteries; other batteries may appear to be good for some time but won’t last long.
  • The new batteries should be put to charge for at least 16 hours before the first use.
  • After running the golf cart, the batteries must be recharged.
  • This has to be repeated at least 20-30 times before you can expect to get the optimum performance from these new batteries.
  • If cared for well, the new set of batteries can last 5 years without any trouble.
  • You must have a DVM to check the voltage of the batteries.
  • The voltage must be checked first at the pack level terminals and then the individual batteries.
  • You should not allow the charge to go below 70% SOC for the first 20 charge cycles.


Method #2

  • The Run/Tow switch must be in the ‘Tow’ mode.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Remove all the cables from the motor.
  • Use penetrating oil to spray on the studs.
  • Take care you don’t break the studs.
  • Now, take the DVM and turn it to the Continuity setting.
  • Test the following combinations:
    • It should beep between A1 and A2.
    • It should beep between F1 and F2.
    • Between A1 and F1 there should be no beep.
    • Between A1 and the motor case, there should not be any beep.
    • Between F1 and the motor case also, there must be no beep.


After this, set the DVM to Ohms/Resistance and Test between F1 and F2; the reading should be ~0.8 to ~1.2 Ohms

If your readings conform to these, then the motor on your golf cart has no issues.


How to Make a Club Car Precedent Go Faster

You can speed up your Club Car Precedent golf cart from 14MPH to 20MPH by upgrading components such as the motor and battery.

Here are some suggestions to make your Club Car Precedent go faster.

  • Increase the torque or the pulling power; this can be done by installing a higher-rated motor.
  • Change your golf cart’s motor type to series wound DC speed type. This will give the motor a greater spin and therefore higher speeds.
  • Simultaneously, replace the related electrical components to match the new motor; these include the solenoid and the controller.
  • You can change the tires of your golf cart to a larger size.
  • A golf cart battery pack with a higher voltage can be installed to enable higher power and higher speeds.
  • Don’t overload the golf cart; keep the weight to the minimum.


With these changes, if your Club Car golf cart was running at around 14MPH, you can increase the speed to around 20MPH.

There are other ways a Club Car golf cart’s speed can be enhanced. One of them is to make use of the latest software in new carts to change the speed settings in the stock controller. The other setting change is to adjust the braking setting to ‘None’. These changes can yield speeds of up to 30MPH.

Some users have been able to scale up the speed of their golf carts by fixing a new Alltrax 400 controller and a matching solenoid. They have used the stock tires and are running at around 27MPH.

Yet another suggestion to increase the speed of your golf cart is to reprogram the 4-speed setting to 4. This can only be done through a Club Car dealer using a code that the company sends directly to the CC dealer. You may be able to get speeds of up to 25MPH with this change. This may cost around $75.


2007 Club Car Precedent Running Slow

With all components in excellent condition, if the 2007 Club Car Precedent golf cart is still running slow, there could be other problems. A cheap volt reducer, for example, could cause the cart to run at half speed. Remove and replace such parts. 

The MCOR can also be an issue at times. Check it out. If you are not able to locate it, it is attached to the pedal. You will have to look underneath for this component.

A mandatory check on the batteries, including the pack voltage and the individual batteries power output has to be done. A hydrometer test should also be done to be doubly sure.


2008 Club Car Precedent Running Slow

You must check the speed sensor and the MCOR to see if either one of these is creating the problem.

To test the MCOR in your 2008 Club Car Precedent golf cart, follow these steps:

  • You will need a DVM.
  • Set the units to Ohms.
  • Remove the floor mat and unscrew the 4 screws you see holding the pedal assembly.
  • Now, separate the harness having 3 wires.
  • Connect the DVM leads to where the yellow and white wires were on the MCOR.
  • Ask someone to help you to press the pedal slowly.
  • The reading on the meter will start at 6,000 and will drop to zero when the pedal is pressed fully.
  • The signal will also follow the pedal’s movement.

If these are perfect then the MCOR is not an issue.

To find the fault with your cart’s computer you will have to take your cart to the CC dealer point and it will cost you dollars. The CC dealer’s testing equipment will indicate the fault but you will need a professional mechanic to diagnose the result properly.


2009 Club Car Precedent Runs Slow

The MCOR is often the reason for the 2009 Club Car Precedent golf cart slowing down after running fine for some distance. You must carefully remove it from the pedal assembly and replace it with a new one after ascertaining that the problem is actually with it.

Try to avoid cheap products generally manufactured in China. If you can spend a few dollars more, you can order from an authorized source.

While testing the batteries individually, you must check the voltage you are getting when the batteries are fully charged. An 8V battery must indicate 8.49 V. If you get figures like 8.22V then that is not sufficient. Assuming that it is negligible is a mistake that many users make.


2010 Club Car Precedent Runs Slow

In the 2010 Club Car Precedent golf cart, the MCOR3 could be causing the problem of the cart running slow. Check it and change it to MCOR2 and the problem might get resolved.

If the issue is not resolved, check the speed sensor and the F & R switch as well.


2011 Club Car Precedent Runs Slow

You must check if the speed sensor circuit is functioning properly.

For this, you should follow the steps given here:

  • Set the Run/Tow switch to ‘Run’.
  • The golf cart’s ignition should be ‘OFF’.
  • You can keep the F & R switch to Forward or Reverse.
  • Now manually push the cart.
  • You will hear the buzzer sound after one or two seconds and the motor will offer resistance.

If these results are positive, the speed sensor is working fine. Another reason could be the solenoid contacts. Check that as well.


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