Callaway X Hot/X2 Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

Is the Callaway X Hot Driver adjustable?

Yes, the Callaway X Hot driver is adjustable. The adjustment is made on the hosel of the driver to support different options for the loft and face angle including the standard settings.


How do I adjust my Callaway X Hot driver?

The loft on the Callaway X Hot driver can be adjusted up to 1° by adjusting setting on the hosel. You can also adjust the preset face angle to have an open face or closed face angle.


The following steps guide you on how to adjust your Callaway X Hot driver:

  1. Insert the Callaway wrench provided with the driver into the screw you find behind the clubhead.
  2. Keep rotating the wrench to the right until it becomes loose to the maximum extent possible.
  3. Dismantle the clubhead of the X Hot driver from the shaft.
  4. Set the N, O or C marking on the cog present on the hosel such that they are aligned with the white dash marked on the hosel.
  5. Reseat the clubhead with its white line aligned with the above said markings.
  6. Tighten the clubhead by rotating the wrench the other way round until you hear an audible click sound.


The N setting represents a square or neutral face angle. This makes no change to the loft or the standard face angle. The ball goes straight to where you point your driver. This setting is ideal for players with a good swing. It is apt for hitting straight shots down a fairway.


The setting also works well when you play on a non-windy day or there are no obstacles between you and the target.


The O setting decreases the default loft by 1°. It opens up the clubface by 2.5° at the same time. Opting for this setting on your driver can help you place a slice or a fade.


The shots also tend to curve too much to the right for right-handed players. This face angle setting makes it a challenge for you to get your ball airborne. You will have to use more effort to swing your driver well.


The C setting augments the stated loft by 1° while causing the clubface to close by 1.5° simultaneously. This setting produces more draws and hooks. The shots get curved towards the left for right-handed golfers.


The setting is ideal if you’re looking for ways to get around an obstacle or a hazard. It also helps in hitting the ball off the ground with lesser effort.


Callaway X Hot driver adjustment chart

The adjustments supported by the Callaway X Hot driver are highlighted in the table below.



(S) Loft

Loft Increase






Lie Angle

Face Angle

Callaway X Hot


















Callaway X Hot driver OptiFit hosel settings

The Callaway X Hot driver, like all other Callaway drivers, comes fitted with an OptiFit hosel. This hosel has two rotatable cogs, one over the other. Each of these cogs has four settings that you can use to set the loft and lie angle of the driver based on your preferences.


You can follow the steps given here to adjust the OptiFit hosel to the loft as well as lie angle that works best for you.

  1. Loosen the clubhead screw with some counterclockwise of the Callaway wrench until you can take the head off.
  2. Raise the loft by 1° or 2° by aligning the +1 mark in the lower cog or +2 mark in the upper cog with the line marked on the driver’s hosel adapter. Alternatively, you can lower it by 1° opting for the -1 mark on the top cog.
  3. Choose the preferred lie angle using Neutral (N) setting or Draw (D) setting by rotating the cog that was not used for the loft adjustment.
  4. Fix the clubhead back so all markings are in a straight line.
  5. Secure the clubhead once again by turning the earlier mentioned wrench in the clockwise direction to tighten the screw.
  6. End the turning action when there is a click sound.


Golfers experience a draw by increasing the loft of their driver. This will also close the clubface while increasing the ball launch and spin.

However, the distance is lower than with the standard setting. When the loft is decreased, players encounter a fade or slice with an open clubface along with low spin and ball launch but more distance.


Callaway X Hot driver adjustment


How to adjust Callaway X2 Hot driver

The Callaway X2 Hot driver is far more forgiving than the predecessor X Hot driver. The driver offers ten yards more than the earlier model. It has an extremely light, large and thin face that helps to increase the ball speeds. This positions the sweet spot where you are likely to hit the ball most of the time. As a result, the driver makes off-center hits function just like center hits.

The X2 Hot driver features a similar adjustment process to that of the X Hot driver mentioned above. This driver has the same OptiFit hosel and cogs with exactly identical markings.

These simple steps guide you on adjusting the OptiFit hosel of your Callaway X2 Hot driver without any hassle using the accompanying wrench.

  1. Remove the clubhead from the driver’s club shaft by loosening the screw as described above.
  2. Increase or decrease the loft of the driver using the appropriate cog as mentioned below.
  • +1 (lower cog) – Helps to change the stated loft upward by
  • +2 (upper cog) – Helps to change the stated loft upward
  • -1 (upper cog) – Helps to change the stated loft downward by
  1. Align the hosel shaft marking and the cog marking with each other.
  2. Use the other cog to set a Draw (D) or a Neutral (N) setting for the lie angle.
  3. Align the chosen lie angle, white line on the driver clubhead and the above markings.
  4. Fix the clubhead like it was initially with reverse turns of the wrench.


The results of the adjustment are also the same as that of an adjusted Callaway X2 Hot driver. The increased loft raises the trajectory with a draw.

The distance gained is lower but the launch, as well as spin of the ball, is more. The draw is higher with a +2 setting in comparison to a +1 setting.

In contrast, the decreased loft lowers the trajectory and stimulates a fade with more distance but lower spin and launch of the golf ball.


How to adjust settings on Callaway X2 Hot Pro driver

The Callaway X2 Hot Pro driver is a long and fast driver with a small head. The clubhead is shaped such that it helps golfers gain more ball speed with both off-center hits and balls that hit right in the center of the clubface.

One major difference between the X Hot and X2 Hot drivers is that this driver comes with only one loft option. However, like the aforementioned two drivers, the loft of this driver can also be changed using the adjustable hosel.

These steps walk you through the process of going about the adjustment of your X2 Hot Pro driver with ease.

  1. Release the clubhead as mentioned for the X Hot driver.
  2. Step down or up the stated loft with the suitable cog on the adapter as specified below.
  • -1 (upper cog) – This setting will decrement the loft by
  • +1 (lower cog) – This setting will increment the loft by
  • +2 (upper cog) – This setting will increment the loft by
  1. Set the lie angle to N or D by means of the other cog. N represents a Neutral lie angle while D indicates a draw.
  2. Ensure that the white lines on the clubhead and hosel, desired lie angle and loft markings are properly aligned.
  3. Replace the clubhead and lock it in place with the wrench.

Lowering the loft triggers a slice along with an open clubface and more distance but reduced ball spin and launch. Raising the loft paves way for a draw with a closed clubface and less distance but extended launch and spin.


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