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8 iron golf club


What is an 8-iron used for?

The 8–iron club is used for shots that specifically require a higher loft and moderate distance. Typically, 8 and 9 irons are frequently known as short irons. Among the numbered irons, these irons possess the highest amount of mass in clubheads and have the shortest shafts. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of 8-iron clubs.


Pros of a 8 Iron golf club


Swing Verification

The short irons are much easier to hit than the mid-irons and the long irons for most enthusiasts.  In layman’s terms, one major reason behind this is the increase in the size of the loft and the decrease in the length of the shaft. A swing is easily brought under control with a shorter shaft.  A sizeable loft helps in launching the ball in the air and builds more control to the shot.



 The 8-iron is also preferred by many enthusiasts because they manage to hit more accurate shots with the right amount of practice.


Cons of a 8 Iron golf club


Difficulty in Striking

The 8-irons are difficult to hit due to the lower length of the shaft in comparison with any long irons which have longer shafts. The confidence level of any golfer can be hampered due to this as they expect their 8-irons to hit the ball solidly with little effort.


Small Size of Clubface

Some golf enthusiasts find it unnerving to use 8- irons due to the smaller size clubface.


8-Iron Specs

Hybrid Equivalent

Loft Launch Angle

Smash Factor

Swing Speed



8 Hybrid Golf Club


Between 1.35 to 1.5

74 MPH

150 – 170 yards

37″ for Graphite and 36.5” for Steel


What hybrid replaces an 8-iron?


The 8 Hybrid Iron is the ideal replacement for an 8-Iron.

The features taken into consideration for comparison are the loft of the clubhead, length of the shaft, and a standard distance of each club. 

You must pay attention to the particular loft, length and lie of the hybrids determining which irons to replace. For instance the Thomas AT705 8 Hybrid Iron can be a replacement for Thomas 8-Iron.


What degree of loft is an 8-iron?

The 8-iron is usually lofted between 37 to 39 degrees which will help the ball travel a distance of around 130 yards for men and 80 yards for women.

8-iron is a kind of short iron that has high lofted clubs which can be used when a golfer is near the green. Golfers commonly use irons when they are at a distance of 200 yards or lesser from the green.

Each club has a loft, the angle of the clubface as it is stationed on the shaft. The loft angle degree is corresponding to the vertical plane instead of the ground.

All golfers take up to 14 clubs in their bags that vary from drivers to wedges. The degree of the loft directly dominates the aerial flight and distance of shots. The ball moves further with a lesser loft while an elevated loft lifts the ball in the air with additional spin.


What is the average swing speed for an 8 iron?

The clubhead speed with an 8-iron is 74 mph on average. The Clubhead speed typically increases by 2 mph from one club to another. The carry distance variance between every iron is 11 yards. For instance, in an 8-iron, it is generally 130 yards and for 7-iron, it is 140 yards.

One thing to always consider is that no golfer should disregard accuracy for distance.  A balance should always be maintained between both aspects.

However, it is plausible for any golf enthusiast to notably increase their distance with a minor reduction in accuracy. This can be achieved with a well-founded, long-term plan paired with discipline and dedication.


What is the average 8 iron ball speed?

The average ball speed with an 8-iron is 100 mph.

 The ball speed is measured by considering how fast the ball leaves the clubhead after an impact. The ball speed is the main element in creating distance and it is achieved from the incorporation of details, including club speed, the striking club, and the excellence of the impact.

The speed of the clubhead while swinging is closely associated with the ball. If the swing has higher strength and the head is moved faster at the impact, then the ball will move faster.

The quicker the ball is away from the head, the farther it will move on the golf course. As in the value of approximation, each extra mile per hour of ball speed is equal to the measure of two extra yards of carrying.


What is a good smash factor for an 8 iron?

A good smash factor for an 8 iron would be anywhere between 1.35 to 1.5.   It the method in which the power is transmitted to the ball during impact. It is not merely about the power and speed of the club.

The smash factor is calculated as the ratio of clubhead speed to ball speed. Therefore, it can be easily used to measure the efficiency or the smoothness of the impact.

In simple words, if the ball is struck smoothly in the middle of the head, the speed of the head will transmit directly into ball speed. If you hit the ball on the toe or heel of the head, or anywhere else, the power transmission will be ineffective and resulting in lesser ball speed even with the same club speed.


What is the ideal spin rate for an 8 iron?

The ideal spin rate for an 8- iron is 8,000rpm. This number is a thousand times more than that of the club. The magnitude of spin produced on a golf ball instantly after an impact is known as the spin rate. The spin rate has a great impact on the height and distance of a shot.

More spin will make the ball lose its speed faster and make the ball climb during its flight. Several newly designed clubs are hitting the ball farther by decreasing the spin.

In windy weather conditions, the spin rate is one of the least valued figures. A higher spin rate turns out to be a golfer’s nemesis while hitting the ball in the wind.

One method to lower the spin is to strike a lower lofted club. Practicing can make the swinging easier and effortless. This will aid in maintaining the distance and flight of the ball. The spin rate can be typically be increased by more loft.

A golfer needs an amalgamation of ball speed, spin, and launch angle to maintain the position of the ball in the air. This means that golfers with more club speed and a higher launch angle will not have a major impact on the ball distance and help the ball travel farther even with less spin.

The mean figures on the PGA Tour are 2,686rpm for a driver and 7,097rpm for a 7-iron. A range between 2,000-3,000rpm is typically a good start with the driver.


What is the ideal launch angle for an 8-iron?

The ideal launch angle for an 8-iron should be between 18 to 21 degrees.

Every golf player is partially different when the launch angle is being considered. It is not possible to guide a golfer ahead of a fitting, on the exact loft to select for his or her respective irons.

Two golf players with 10.5˚ drivers will drive the club to the ball in two different manners. A simple piece of advice for faster swingers would be to try and attain a higher launch angle of approximately 12˚ and for slower swingers would be a little more, approximately 14˚. If these numbers are joined with the fair spin rates, the distance can be maximized.

An important point to remember is that a large amount of spin is produced so that the ball does not bounce away at the precise angle of the loft. This should be done to avoid the ball getting squeezed downwards or lower than required. On the other hand, if a driver is at an 8˚ launch angle, it most probably would launch higher as per the purpose of their design.


What is the standard length of an 8 iron?

The standard club length of an 8- iron is between 35.5” to 37”.


Men Graphite

Men Steel

Women Graphite

Women Steel

 Iron 8






Standard lengths are determined as per the requirement of length for swing weights so that they are in admissible scales at standard head weights. With the wide range of shaft weights in irons, the difference in lengths may be vital to attain necessary swing weight rate readings.

One of the important points to comprehend is when the golfer’s WTF measurement is not consistent with their height. Wrist-to-floor measurement (WTF) is a basic method in which the players stand with their feet joined in shoes with their arms dangling in a straight and relaxed position.

The measurement of the floor to the line just on top of the wrist is taken and that’s taken as a reading which is used to suggest the club length as per his or her height.

The length of the clubs needs to be changed in case of inconsistent WTF. Golfing length for any player in all brackets of clubs should be tailor-made for the player by a proficient fitting professional.


How far can you hit an 8 iron?

On average, an 8-iron can be hit at a distance between 110 – 150 yards.


Men’s Average Distance

Women’s Average Distance

 8- Iron

130 – 150 yards

110 – 130 yards


To find out about the kind of golf club to use for a specific shot, a golfer needs to be aware of the average distance he hits a ball with every golf club in his set. Then, the golfer can easily select the golf club that rightly fits the approximate distance that is required to hit the shot.

The ideal method to figure out is to hit approximately 40 to 50 balls with every club. Then with the process of elimination, the longest five and the shortest five should be excluded, and then the player can find the middle of the remaining group which would also be the average yardage.


Average 8 iron distance PGA

The average PGA Tour player hits their 8-iron between160–200 yards for men and between 60-110 yards for women. The below table depicts the same in detail











8 Iron

110 yards

130 yards

140 yards

60 yards

80 yards

110 yards


The distances attained by short, mid and long hitters can be differing by 50% determined by the club and the gender (see the actual average distance in the table above).

Men are probable to have swifter swing speeds which cause them to hit the ball farther. However, several women are also long hitters, with some LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) professionals striking the ball at a distance that is equal to, or even further than men on the golf course.


How to hit an 8 iron?

Follow the below steps to hit your 8 iron accurately.

  1. Alignment with Target

As a golfer, you need to choose a target first. Thereafter, your shoulders and feet must be aligned in line with the target.


  1. Find your Ideal Grip

You need to try and find the perfect grip for yourself. Every player has a different grip which is ideal for the shot. It is recommended to start with a stronger grip. You need to move both hands to the right side until only three knuckles are visible on your left hand.

Verify the placement ahead of starting with your swing. At first, the new grip should feel less comfortable and you need to make sure your hands are not twisted to ease the discomfort. In the beginning, a little discomfort is necessary.


  1. Accurate Stance

You need to ensure that you have a correct posture, which means that you need to bend from the hips at the time of grounding the club to the ball.


  1. Golf Ball Swing

Your main aim needs to be to strike the ball in the center of the club. The total power required from your end should be close to 60%. You need to also keep in mind that swing speed does not directly correlate with hard contact with the ball.


How to hit an 8 iron off the tee?

Developing and learning the skill of hitting an 8-iron is valued expertise. Below are the basics which will significantly help in increasing your golf scores.

  1. Low Tee

While hitting a ball with an iron, you need to use a shorter tee. You need to tee the ball approximately ¼ inches away from the ground. The iron face has a unique design that provides your ball loft so the ball should not be any higher than ¼ inches.

Tees that are used with drivers and woods are commonly longer than irons to get the ball teed up higher. Choosing a short tee will render it effortless to tee the ball at an accurate height, customarily raising the ball at the right distance away from the ground.

  1. Even Set up

It is important to look for a uniform lie for the arrangement on the tee box. Many a time tee boxes aren’t accurately leveled, so you need to ensure that you look for a spot where the ball and your feet are as near to leveled heights as feasible.


  1. Station the Clubface

The clubface is directly placed with the ball on its sweet spot when the ball’s placement is slightly teed up above the grass. This spot is situated directly in the midpoint, so you need to ensure that you elevate the ball at the address on this point.


  1. Beginner Swing

Both experienced and amateur golfers will often try to help lift the ball with their golf swing. As mentioned in the above point, an iron is uniquely designed to lift the ball by itself. An ideal swing is the one where you’ll hit the ball first and then leave a divot. A divot is a part of turf which is sliced off the ground while playing a stroke.


  1. Even Pace

It is important to swing along with a smooth tempo by ensuring that you have the perfect club and have full faith in the number. This is necessary to maintain a balanced finish. If all of it is put together perfectly, the ball can be placed close on the par-3s.


  1. Consistent Practice

You need regular practice to enhance your ability to tee off with an 8 iron. It’s not a usual sight to watch golfers practice tee shots at the range. This is the main reason many golfers grapple with this specific skill.


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