27 Degree Hybrid Vs 11 Wood | Distance | Length + (Chart)

What is a 27-degree hybrid?

A 27-degree hybrid is a golf club that has a loft angle of 27-degrees and can be used to replace a 5 iron.


27-degree hybrid specs

Golf club

27 degree hybrid


27 degrees

Iron Equivalent



160 yards

Shaft Length

38 inches to 39.75 inches

Shaft Weight

70-80 grams


What is a 27-degree hybrid equivalent to?

A 27-degree hybrid is equivalent to a 5-iron and an 11-wood club. Furthermore, a 5-iron is equivalent to 24 to 27-degree lofts.

It’s crucial to know the correct replacements for your hybrid clubs. If you wish to attain maximum efficiency with every shot, you must be aware of how the replacements work with hybrids.


What iron does a 27-degree hybrid replace?

Most people choose to replace their 5 iron clubs with a 27 degree hybrid to improve their swing and efficiency.

A hybrid replacement helps enhance trajectory and gives you more control over the club.


What wood does a 27-degree hybrid replace?

A 27-degree hybrid replaces an 11-wood. Golfers prefer hybrids because it’s easy to hit more accurately with hybrid clubs than with wood clubs.

Hybrids also have a shorter shaft length as compared to wood clubs. They are preferred by younger golfers, women, and even men who are not as tall for better grip and accuracy.


What is the distance of a 27-degree hybrid?

A 27-degree hybrid golf club can hit the ball about 160 yards.

However, this value is circumstantial. A swing speed of at least 90-mph and good form are a few requirements needed for you to swing the ball across a distance of 160 yards.

The distance for both men and women will also vary. While 160 yards is a little ambitious for men, too, you can expect women to hit the ball anywhere between 100 to 140 yards.

Continue reading for a few swing tips for when you want to hit the ball farther away with a hybrid club.


27 Degree Hybrid golf club


Tips for hybrid clubs

Here’s how you can significantly improve your swings if you use a hybrid club:

1.      Don’t keep your club too far ahead.

If you want to hit down on the ball, you can’t keep it too far ahead. Make sure that you back up the ball near your stance when you are using a hybrid club. Ideally, you should keep the clubface towards yourself while the club is near your left heel.

After this, you need to keep the ball on the other side of the hosel. This position will give you the much-needed distance in your swings.

2.      Make your base narrower

A wide base will result in fat or thin shots. However, if you want to get rid of this ’roundness,’ you can decrease the distance between your feet and make your stance narrower.

You will get a better shot with a hybrid club if your stance is as wide as the distance between your armpits!

3.      Don’t hit too hard

Distance doesn’t always equate to powerful shots. You don’t need to hit the ball hard as long as you have the right technique. Hybrid clubs are built to give you distance even when you don’t put too much force into your shots.

You can swing less or even swing halfway through, and the hybrid club will still send the ball further away. Make sure you focus on your swing more than the power you put into it!

4.      Shaft-leans are your best friends.

Hybrids work best when you give the club’s shaft just the right angle. Leans are a great way to adjust the distance and make your swings more efficient. An excellent method is to push the shaft ahead until it aligns with the left thigh.


Customer reviews

Golfers who used a 27-degree hybrid felt the difference and claimed that such clubs are great for shooting further away on the course. Apart from this, customers also claimed that the following features were enhanced with a hybrid club:

  • Power efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Control
  • Balance
  • Distance

Women using this hybrid club also feel the difference and prefer it over other clubs.


27-degreeHybrid Shaft length

A 27-degree hybrid shaft can range from anywhere between 38 to 39.75 inches. This is because hybrid shafts are a little longer than their iron equivalents.

A 27-degree hybrid club has an iron 5 equivalent which is approximately 37 to 38 inches in length. Shaft lengths extend by 0.75 inches when it comes to hybrids. So, you’re likely to see hybrids longer than iron clubs.

Additionally, the length of the club also depends on the manufacturer. Before buying a hybrid, make sure you know the length you prefer, and which manufacturer precisely makes clubs that size.


30-DegreeHybrid vs27-DegreeHybrid

Here are a few comprehensive differences between 30-degree hybrid clubs and 27-degree hybrid golf clubs:

  • Length

A 30-degree hybrid will be shorter than a 27-degree hybrid by approximately half an inch. This is a common trend in clubs. So, you will notice the higher up you go with iron equivalent numbers, the shorter the shaft length becomes.

  • Equivalent

A 27-degree hybrid has an iron 5 equivalent. On the other hand, a 30-degree hybrid will have a high equivalent of iron 5. While such lofts are usually an iron, a few can also be wood equivalents.

  • The trajectory of the ball

The ball hit by a 30-degree hybrid will travel higher up in the air. However, it won’t go as far as the ball hit by a 27-degree hybrid. If you wish to gain more distance, a 27-degree hybrid is advised.


What are the best 27-degree hybrids?

TaylorMade has some of the best hybrid clubs, especially the 27-degree hybrid variant. However, there are other competent clubs you can consider buying too. Here’s what they are!


TaylorMade 27

  • Right-hand orientation
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Stiff shaft


iRT5 Hybrid

  • Comfortable for both men and women
  • Right-hand orientation


Pinemeadow Excel EGI

  • Graphite shaft
  • Regular flex
  • Right-hand orientation


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