25 Degree Hybrid Vs 9 Wood | Distance | Length + (Chart)

What is a 25-degree hybrid?

A 25 degree hybrid is a type of golf club with a loft of 25 degrees which can replace a 5-iron.


25-degree Hybrid Specs

Golf club

25 degree hybrid



Iron Equivalent



160 yards

Shaft Length

37.25 inches to 38 inches

Shaft Weight

0.17637 pounds


What is a 25degree hybrid equivalent to?

A 25-degree hybrid golf club is the equivalent to a 5-iron.

Although the loft of a 5-iron varies manufacturer to manufacturer, it is between 24 and 27 degrees, making it the correct equivalent.

While hybrids were designed to replace long irons, many of them also have fairway wood club counterparts.


What iron does a 25degree hybrid replace?

The 25-degree hybrid is used to replace a 5 iron. To increase their swing and efficiency, most people replace their 5 iron clubs with hybrids.

A 27-degree hybrid probably the best substitute for a 5 iron. It gives you more control over the club.


What wood does a 25degree hybrid replace?

A 9 or 11 wood is replaced by a 25-degree hybrid. Golfers choose hybrid clubs because they are easier to hit correctly than wood clubs.

Hybrid clubs also have shorter shaft lengths than wood clubs. For greater grip younger golfers, women, and even shorter, sturdy men favor them.


What is the distance of a 25 degree hybrid

The average distance of a 25 degree hybrid is 163 yards (149 meters)


A professional golfer on the PGA tour will typically swing a 25 degree hybrid at 94 miles per hour. On the other hand, a professional golfer on the LPGA will typically swing at 79 miles per hour.

Hybrids may cover an additional distance of as little as four yards or as much as twelve yards. This is due to the fact that hybrid clubs are lightweight.


Tips for swinging with a 25-degree hybrid

For starters, many golfers position the ball far forward.

They notice the big club head and conclude that they must whisk the ball. Frequently, to swing upwards hey set up with more weight on the trail leg.

  • Set with a balance weight distribution, hit the hybrid with descending strike, and it’s a 5-iron stroke
  • It’s also a great way to take a divot after contact to show you’re hitting low
  • You need a low point of the golf swing right after the ball strikes to hit hybrid golf clubs with the finest strike
  • When striking from the fairway, swing your hybrid like an iron
  • If your ball is in tall grass that is too dense, a hybrid is your best choice
  • You can cut through the rough while keeping enough balance to play an accurate shot
  • Make sure your hands are forced forward till they are aligned with your thigh


25-degree hybrid shaft length

A 25-degree hybrid may be one of those longer golf clubs in your bag. Its length is usually rounded to 39.75 inches.

Hybrid golf shafts are at least 0.75 inches longer than iron golf club ones of the same type of loft. Do you know what this means? A 25-degree hybrid will definitely be longer than a 5-iron one.

Irrespective of shaft size, the masculine 5-iron club would be one hour taller than the female 5-iron club.


25 Degree Hybrid golf club


23-degree 5 iron Vs 25-degree hybrid

A 23- degree 5-iron club will offer the same carry distance. A 25-degree hybrid gives players a better shot that has a gentle landing. A hybrid with a loft of 25 degrees also enables the player to hit shorter strokes.

A 25-degree hybrid golf club comes with a higher loft than a 23-degree 5-iron. This means you can have a longer distance than the 5-iron. The hybrid offers a comparable swinging technique to the 5-iron, but it will perform much better generally.



  • Without a question, hybrid clubs are simpler to strike than irons
  • Hybrids are less difficult to launch than traditional golf irons
  • A hybrid’s head design is typically highly enticing to individuals struggling with irons
  • When striking from rough, a hybrid golf club can be far superior


  • The hybrids are not the same as striking an iron
  • You must adjust to the new appearance, feel, and weight


What are the best 25-degree hybrids?

The best 25 degree hybrid golf club is the TaylorMade Sim 2 Max Rescue.


TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Rescue Mens

  • This revised V Steel design allocates weight to improve forgiveness while keeping the CG low
  • The turf interaction and flexibility are enhanced with a sunk heel and toe
  • It has a powerful fast-face built for explosive ball speeds, along with Twist Face Technology
  • It aids innate golfer inclinations on miss-hits for straighter shots


Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

  • This is possible with the EGI hybrids for each iron in your backpack
  • It features a great weight balance across the club head. This enhances and spreads the sweet spot
  • They are equipped with a Pinemeadow Graphite shaft and stainless steel. This gives you the best combination for a hybrid


Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Hybrid

  • It is made of re-engineered baffler rails and a low with speed rear baffler technology
  • Increases ball speeds and distance over the whole face by maximizing face flex
  • Encourages high-flying ball flights and maximum forgiveness


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