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What is a 24 degree hybrid?

The 24 degree hybrid is a golf club that has 24 degrees of loft and is a replacement for a 9 wood

Many golfers prefer this hybrid club over its equivalents. The hybrid club’s equivalents, wood, and iron use numeric, whereas hybrids use degrees to represent their club models.

The higher the loft degree in a hybrid club, the shorter will be the shaft length.

Since the 24 degree is a higher loft, the club has one of the shortest shafts.

Compared to its fairway wood and iron replacements, the 24 degree hybrid can make precise shots.

One of the reasons why hybrid clubs are preferred is because it has the best iron and fairway wood features. It adds spin to the ball and gives it height. And the landing is also very soft. 

The 24 degree hybrid is ideal for players who have a high handicap. And the ideal situation to use it’s why you want to get the ball out of any sand trap or require a rough hit.


What is a 24 degree hybrid equivalent to?  

On average, a 24 degree hybrid is a 9 wood or 4 iron equivalent. 

Hybrids were launched as a better replacement for long irons. It’s better in terms of more control, versatile hits, higher shots, and more chances of success. Golfers, who found it difficult to use 3 or 4 iron, added the hybrids to their bag.

Do keep in mind that these equivalent measurements may change depending on the different manufacturers. 


What iron does a 24 degree hybrid replace?

The 24 degree hybrid can replace a 4 iron golf club.

Hybrid clubs are more versatile than the longer irons. So, players looking for more consistent and accurate shots can replace their 4 iron with a 24 degree hybrid. Also, this club is recommended if you are playing at a ball speed of 125 mph.

A friendly reminder that the hybrid specifications may differ based on manufacturers and gender. So before replacing the irons, make sure to check the hybrid club’s loft and length separately.   


What wood does a 24 degree hybrid replace?

The 24 degree hybrid is a replacement for a 9 wood golf club.

The 24-26 degree hybrid can be used as a replacement for a 9 wood for both men and women. The wood shafts are longer. Thus, many golfers may struggle with having consistent swings. This is where its 24 degree replacement comes in handy. 

The hybrid clubs have a lower center of gravity compared to their wood replacement. This feature allows you to give the ball a higher flight easily. It’s also a good choice when you are playing in rough.

A 7 wood is also a close equivalent to a 24 degree hybrid club.


24 degree hybrid golf club


What is the distance of a 24 degree hybrid?

The average distance of a 24 degree hybrid is 175-180 yards. 

Typically a professional or an experienced golfer will hit at least 10 yards further from the distance coved by an iron replacement.

 You can reach as high as 180 yards and as low as 170 yards using the 24 degree hybrid, thus it can be used as a replacement for both 3 and 4 iron. 

You will usually be able to hit further with a hybrid club compared to its iron replacement because a golfer can make better contact with a hybrid than the long iron. And proper contact with the ball ensures higher chances of success. 


24 degree hybrid shaft length

Most manufacturers make the shaft of a 24 degree hybrid 39 inches long. 

A hybrid club is longer than its iron replacement and shorter than its wood equivalent in terms of shaft length. Both right-handed and left-handed 24 degree hybrid club has a 39 inches graphite shaft and 38.5 inches steel shaft.

The general rule used among the golf club manufacturers is that a hybrid should be 0.75 inches longer than its iron replacement and around 1 inch longer than its next iron replacement. Since it’s longer than the iron clubs, it’s mostly preferred by high handicappers and recreational golfers.


22 degree 4-hybrid Vs 22 degree 4-iron

Currently, many pros and even amateur golfers are replacing their 4 iron for a 4 hybrid. What factors lead to this decision? Below the difference between the two is mentioned.



A 22 degree 4 hybrid, mostly, launches a straight and high ball, whereas a 4 iron can launch a mid-low degree flight. With the hybrid club, the golfer can easily make the ball airborne and cover a considerate distance.


From the rough

Hybrids are known to be better hitters from the rough. Thus, the same logic applies with the 22-degree hybrid, making it better at hitting from the rough and making sharp contact with the ball than the 22-degree 4 iron. 



When it comes to versatility, the 4 hybrid is a far better option than the 4 iron. It can be used for chipping the ball from green, from the fairway, from the rough, and off the tee.



Mostly, the accuracy of the hit depends more on the player’s ability than the club. But still, it’s noteworthy that most handicaps find it easy to hit accurate shots with the 22-degree 4 hybrid than the 22-degree 4 iron.


52-degree gap wedge Vs 24 degree hybrid

  • A 52-degree gap wedge is also known as a 52-degree wedge. It’s used to make up the 8 degrees cut between your 48-degree and 56-degree. Whereas a 24 degree hybrid is used for better accuracy and clearer shots.
  • A 52-degree gap wedge is best for chipping at a lower loft. And a 24 degree hybrid has a higher loft and is used as a replacement for longer irons.
  • The 52-degree gap wedge is a better option for making a birdie. Many golfers will use this wedge instead of a long iron or a 24 degree hybrid to cover the yardage gap.


24 degree hybrid Vs 27-degree hybrid

  • A 24 degree hybrid has a 4 iron replacement, and a 27-degree hybrid can replace both 4 and 5 iron.
  • A 24 degree hybrid can cover an average distance of 175 yards, and a 27-degree hybrid; on the other hand, can cover around 160 yards.
  • A 24 degree hybrid mostly focuses on clearer shots and giving the ball enough flight, but the 27-degree hybrid will be a better choice when a steeper trajectory is needed.
  • Since both the hybrid golf clubs have different iron replacements, the 24 degree hybrid will have a longer shaft than the 27-degree hybrid.


What are the best 24 degree hybrids?

The Corba 2019 F9 and TaylorMade M Gloire are considered some of the best 24 degree hybrid golf clubs.

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback One Length Hybrid

  • This golf club is a good replacement for iron. It allows easy launch and more forgiveness.
  • It has a thinner forged face, which will improve the ball speed and the distance covered even at off-center hits.
  • The steeper descent angle allows even a high-speed ball to stop easily into the greens.



  • This is a right-handed 24 degree hybrid club for women. It has the right shaft length, which is 38.5 inches, to be a replacement for a 4 iron/ 9 wood.
  • This 5 hybrid club is a good choice for anyone who has a slower swing speed.
  • The lightweight of this club makes it easy to swing and gives speed to the ball.


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Hybrid

  • This men’s golf club is right-handed and is a very good hybrid club. It has the perfect composition of features of both iron and fairway wood.
  • The squared-off toe is what makes it easy to launch higher and even allow forgiveness for mis-hits.
  • And just like other hybrid clubs, it lets the ball land softly into the green.


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