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21 degree hybrid golf club


What is a 21 Degree Hybrid?

As the name suggests, a hybrid golf club is a combination of the wood and iron. Clubs like the 21 degree hybrid are designed to serve as a replacement for long irons. They’re also easier to hit when compared to 2-irons and 3-irons.

Hybrids that take the place of long irons are designed to be thicker and have longer shafts. Hybrids that replace words will have shallower faces.  

A 21 degree hybrid golf club has the advantage of being able to replace both irons and drivers. Easier hitting aside, this club is especially versatile. The 21 degree hybrid can be used in the light rough, off the fairway and tee.

Because of their shaft lengths, as well as the construction style and length of their heads, the distance a 21° hybrid covers is closer to that of long irons; rather than fairway woods.

Unlike traditional wood and iron golf clubs, hybrids are not referred to by their numbers. Instead, they are represented by their lofts. Therefore, a 21° hybrid indicates that your hybrid golf club has a loft angle of 21 degrees.


What iron is a 21 degree hybrid equal to?

A 21-degree hybrid golf club is equal to a 3 iron.

A hybrid loft in the range of 19° to 21° corresponds to that of a 3-iron golf club. 

While it’s normal for hybrids to replace long irons, they can also replace your woods.

If you’re looking to swap your wood golf club with a 21 degree hybrid, then you must keep in mind that the 21 degree hybrid is equivalent to a 7 wood.

The standard clubs that a 21 degree club can replace are the same for both male and female players. This is true for both iron and wood golf clubs.


21 Degree Hybrid Distance

One of the key factors that determine the distance rendered by a hybrid golf club is what it’s used for. On an average, a hybrid golf club covers an extra distance of four to twelve yards as against the irons it replaces because of its ease of swing.

The average distance of a 21 degree hybrid is 194 yards (177 meters).

An average a male 18-handicapper will be able to cover a distance of 194 yards with this club while a 90 MPHswinger will most often hit the ball to a distance of 185 yards.

The extra distance the hybrid offers can be significant. I’ve seen players with a swing speed of 92 to 95 MPH cover a distance of 170 yards with their 5-iron clubs, yet cover 195 to 200 yards using their 21-degree hybrids.

Some golfers who cover 102 to 105 yards with their stainless steel drivers can extend the distance to around 200-210 yards with their hybrids.


21 Degree Hybrid Length

There is no standard length for a hybrid golf club, because of the vast range of clubs in this category. However, retail golf stores stock hybrid golf clubs at a slightly longer length than their corresponding iron golf clubs.

The average length of a 21 degree hybrid is between 40-41 inches. This length will be slightly shorter for a graphite shaft which has a length between 40-40.5”.

Just like iron and wood golf clubs, the size of women’s golf clubs will be an inch lesser than that of men’s golf clubs.


How to Hit a 21 Degree Hybrid

The 21 degree hybrid is an easy golf club to swing. In my own experience most users enjoy the extra distance this club offers over its iron counterpart. I feel like it’s a club worth investing the money and time into learning how to hit this club correctly.

How to Hit a 21 Degree Hybrid:

  1. The best way to position your 21° hybrid is to place its toe against the left toe (if you’re a right-handed player).
  2. Make sure that the golf ball is placed opposite the hosel and the clubface points towards your body. Your hybrid doesn’t need a wide base to deliver the best shot.
  3. Position your feet below your armpits to form a narrow stance. This keeps roundness at bay and prevents fat and thin shots.
  4. Remember to swing as much as you can around your body so that the descending hit sets the ball going out of the turf.

Remember that this hybrid will set the ball traveling a pretty large distance; with even half a swing!

Depending on whether you’re planning to use your 21° hybrid hit on the fairway or off the tee, there are different hitting styles that you can adopt.


Hitting on the fairway

Keep the golf ball in the center of the stance like you would when you hit with a long iron. However, remember that the larger clubface makes it easier to hit the ball at the clubface’s center with a hybrid than an iron.

As a result, the ball will also traverse longer and higher and have a softer landing.

Because of the above factors, you might consider adjusting the exact position of the golf ball.

For example, for a fade shot, it’s recommended that the ball is positioned farther up the stance. This is ideal if you’re planning on shots slightly to the right or left depending on whether you’re a right-handed or a left-handed golfer.

While hitting, position yourself just like how you would stand when you hit with a long iron.

Once again, keep in mind that the distance covered by a hybrid shot is more than that by an iron shot. The ideal position for the best shot is to keep the weight of your body centered.

Also keep your feet square and your hips and shoulders to where you wish the ball to land. Ensure your hand position is in line with the center of your chest and the ball.

With the descending swing, hit the ball. With the correct hit, there should be a marking in the grass or a divot that is produced by the 21-degree hybrid. This should be just ahead of where the ball was after it made the contact.

The swing must be complete with your weight fully on the left leg if you’re a right-handed golfer.

Hitting Off a Tee

  1. Place the ball so that it’s teed on to the ground at a lower position than with a driver. Only one-quarter of the ball must be visible above the club head of the hybrid golf club.

  2. Swing the 21 degree hybrid club in the same style as that of a fairway wood. This is ideally a sweeping and flat downswing towards the ball and leveling out just before the contact is established.

  3. Stand a little nearer to the ball than you would when you use a fairway wood to hit the shot. This is because the shaft and clubhead are shorter and smaller than those of fairway woods.


What Iron does a 21 Degree Hybrid Replace?

Hybrid golf clubs are manufactured so that they replace long irons, which make hitting quite a bit of a challenge. The replacement is done based on the loft angle of both the golf clubs.

A 21 degree hybrid replaces a 3-iron golf club because a 3 iron club has the same 21 degree loft angle. However, the distance offered by a 21 degree hybrid is considerably more than its iron counterpart.


21 Degree Hybrid Vs 5 Wood

  • The 21 degree hybrid is better than a 5-wood for shots on the fairway because it is easier to launch because of its bigger loft.
  • The 21 hybrid is also a preferred choice over the 5-wood if you want the ball to travel a longer distance.
  • The 21° hybrid golf club renders lower trajectory than a 5-wood golf club when it is used for off-the-tee shots making the hybrid ideal for rough or wet conditions and uneven lies.
  • The hybrid has a larger head than a 5-wood and helps to address the position more accurately and make the shots more convenient.
  • The 21° hybrid golf club is worth giving a thought over the 5-wood if you’re planning to play downwind or want a soft landing for your ball.


21 Degree Hybrid Vs 4 Iron

  • A 21° hybrid golf club has a slightly lower loft angle than a 4-iron golf club. Typically, the hybrid has 21 degrees whereas the 4-iron has either a 23 or 24 degrees loft.
  • A hybrid renders a higher trajectory than a 5-iron, with a softer landing as well.
  • A hybrid at times tends to be weaker than an iron club, calling for a more frequent replacement.
  • The 21° hybrid is a better option over a 4-iron if more consistent and forgiving shots are what you’re looking for.
  • A hybrid can be more challenging than a 4-iron if you want to hit low shots out of roughs from under trees.


21 Degree Hybrid Vs 21 Degree Iron

  • The shots rendered by a 21-degree hybrid golf club travel more distance than when the same shots are hit with a 21° iron golf club. The extra distance is about 10 yards more.
  • A 21° hybrid is easier to hit off fairways during windless conditions when compared to a 21 degree iron.
  • A hybrid has a lighter shaft than the iron that makes it more comfortable to do the swinging.
  • A 21-degree hybrid is ideal for golfers with more than 5-level handicap whereas golfers with 0 to 5 level of handicap are more comfortable with a 21-degree iron.


19 Vs 21 Degree Hybrid

  • A 19 degree hybrid covers a longer distance than a 21-degree hybrid by close to 10 yards.
  • The 19° hybrid renders a lower trajectory when compared to its 21° hybrid counterpart.
  • A 19 degree hybrid tends to be less consistent than a 21-degree club with practice in the long run although they may perform equally in the beginning. This is because the latter is easier to hit and proves to be quite versatile.
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19 Vs 22 Degree Hybrid

  • The 19° hybrid is a less preferred option than a 22-degree hybrid when you want to hit shots out of the rough.
  • A 19-degree hybrid will help in replacing only a 2-iron while you can replace both a 3-iron and a 4-iron with a 22° hybrid. As a result, you can add an extra wedge to your golf bag with a 22-degree hybrid.
  • A 19° hybrid offers a higher ball flight and a longer distance against a 22° hybrid.


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