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11 wood golf club


What is a 11 Wood Golf Club?

A 11 fairway wood is a dependable golf club that is bound to make your game both fun and easy while serving as a good alternative for a long iron.

The 11 wood golf club replaces your 5 iron. This club helps in delivering straight and long shots off the tee. The 11 wood is best used on short par 4’s, in the rough, bunkers, and fairways.

The 1 wood is often used to play long approach shots on long par 4 and par 3 tee shots. However, the wood has some lesser-known uses such as for playing around the greens like below the green surface, tightly-mown areas, and from the fringe. Often, a fairway wood helps you have better control over the ball.

Fairway woods are similar to drivers in many ways but have striking differences as well. They have smaller clubheads and shallower clubfaces compared to drivers.

While drivers ideally have huge clubheads of 440CC or more, the sizes of the clubhead of fairway woods range between 140 CC and 180 CC. The shallowness of the clubfaces helps in retaining the center of gravity as low as possible. In turn, this helps in ensuring that the ball is airborne from either the rough or the fairway.

The soles of these clubs make it quite easy for players to use them for hitting from heavy roughs or divots, than drivers. The shafts of fairway woods are usually made of stainless steel or titanium. Some woods have shafts made of composite material that is a combination of two or more metals.

A 11 wood is an ideal accompaniment for any player. This golf club, in particular, is quite forgiving and allows you to hit your shots both to a long distance as well as at a good height. The club is quite helpful in hitting sweet spots consistently with ease.

Because the 11 wood has a larger clubhead than a hybrid, it gives you more confidence when you are at the address position. The size of the club head is usually 150 CC.

The 11 wood is best recommended for players with a sweeping swing or a shanking problem when they use standard irons.

The 11 wood is a good option when you are struggling with your wedges on a golf course that has collection areas surrounding the greens. This fairway wood will help you to get your golf ball up and down without any difficulty.

The 11 wood is much easier to hit with and can help players who are finding it difficult to hit long approach shots with a long iron. Ping and Callaway are two well-known golf club manufacturers who offer 11 woods.

11 Wood Vs 5 Hybrid Club (Comparison Chart)

 11 Wood5 Hybrid
Used ForLong distance fairway shots.Easier and more accurate fairway shots.
Shot DifficultyMediumEasy to Medium
MaterialSteelMixture of graphite, steel and iron.
Loft27 degrees27 degrees
Length39.5" 38.25"
Distance140 to 165 yards160 - 180 yards

When to Use a 11 Wood

There are quite a few instances when you find using a 11 wood golf club more helpful than other clubs in your golf bag.

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The following is a list of situations when the 11 wood should be used:

  • The 11 wood is a good choice if you want to opt for a gapping distance for your golf clubs in terms of yardage, backspin, descend angle, launch angle, and peak height.
  • This club helps in getting the golf ball up in the air and to produce enough spin to hold the green.
  • The 11 wood is worth using if you want your golf club to support a good peak height to allow for a steep descent angle.
  • The golf club is ideal if you are trying to deliver straight and consistent shots and for the soft landing of the ball.
  • The 11 wood may be used if you want versatility and wish to play in rough lies, high-lipped fairway bunkers, as well as over trees.


How Far Can you Hit with a 11 Wood

The distance hit by golfers is measured in yards. The actual distance that players can hit with their 11 wood golf clubs varies based on their ability.

Men’s golf clubs usually offer more carry distance than the corresponding women’s golf clubs. This is the case irrespective of the type of club that you use to play a game of golf.

Some players have hit close to 165 yards with their clubs. A few other golfers have managed to hit lower at about 140 yards using their fairway woods. However, there are players who have hit as high as 170 yards. Some golfers can even reach distances of 180-190 yards with their 11 wood.


11 Wood Distance

The average distance of 11 wood golf club is 155 yards.

The average distance covered by a 11 wood differs for men and women golfers. The distance also changes according to the players’ fitness level, height, swing speed, as well as ball type and hitting capability.

Distance varies between amateurs and professionals, just like how the distance changes for short, mid, and long hitters.

There are players who covered a distance of 170 yards with their 11 wood. Some golfers hit a shorter distance ranging between 140 yards to 165 yards with their golf clubs.

However, a few others have been able to stretch this a bit further by a distance of approximately 180 yards to 190 yards.


What is the Length of a 11 Wood

The 11 wood golf clubs come in two lengths depending on whether the shaft is made of steel or graphite. Clubs with stainless steel shafts are shorter than their graphite shaft counterparts.

Like all other golf clubs, women’s 11 wood clubs are shorter than their corresponding men’s clubs by an inch. The club typically has a 27° loft and a 61° lie.

A 11 wood golf club with steel shaft for men has a length of 39.5 inches. The same club with a graphite shaft is 40 inches long.

A 11 wood golf club for women with steel shaft has a length of 38.5 inches. The graphite shaft club has an overall size of 39 inches.

Few manufacturers make their 11 wood stainless steel shaft golf clubs for men with a length of 40 inches. This means that the graphite shaft counterpart will be 40.5 inches long. The corresponding women’s golf clubs are sized at 39 inches and 39.5 inches respectively.


What Hybrid does a 11 Wood Replace?

A 11 wood golf club is designed to serve as a replacement for a 5 hybrid golf club. The fact that it has a bigger head than the hybrid gives players better confidence when they are at the address position.

The 11 wood is ideal for players of all levels. The club typically offers assurance of a better, soft landing and height than the hybrid. It helps in hitting the ball from tight and difficult lies more easily than the hybrid that it substitutes.

The 11 wood is also a good choice for shots from the rough or fairway with sufficient forgiveness and height.


What Iron does a 11 Wood Equal?

As hybrids replace irons of corresponding numbers, a 11 wood can be considered as the equal of a 5 iron golf club.

The 11 wood is more forgiving than the standard iron that it is considered equal to. The club owes its more forgiving ball flight and height to its bigger sole weight.

This golf club also helps its players to achieve a longer distance than the iron without swinging it too much. This is because of the bigger size of its clubhead.


9 Wood Vs 11 Wood

The following are some reasons why you may want to use a 11 wood over a 9 wood when you play a game.

  • The additional loft makes a 11 wood a better choice over a 9 wood for players to hit their balls from tight lies and difficult lies like tall grass.
  • Golfers have found a 11 wood to be more forgiving than a 9 wood golf club.
  • The shorter length of the club allows players to hit sweet spots more consistently with a 11 wood when compared to a 9 wood.
  • A 11 wood has more sole weight than a 9 wood that allows golfers using the club to get the ball out of a fairway bunker or off a fairway faster.
  • A 11 wood golf club is a better option compared to a 9 wood for players with a shanking problem or a sweeping swing.
  • A 11 wood might be an ideal choice for a golfer who wants to replace his/her 5 iron whereas a 9 wood may be better suited for a player who wants a 4 hybrid replacement.
  • A 11 wood has helped some players achieve higher ball launches and a softer landing than a 9 wood club.
  • A 11 wood club is used by some golfers in place of a pitching wedge rather than using a 9 wood in place of the wedge.


11 Wood Vs 5 Hybrid

The points that are given below will help you understand the advantages of one golf club over the other so that you can decide for yourself the club that best suits your requirements.

  • A 11 wood is a better option over a 5 hybrid for players who want to be more confident when they are at the address position.
  • A 5 hybrid is better suited than a 11 wood for golfers who want to play using the same position as a traditional iron for their golf balls.
  • A 5 hybrid golf club is also preferred over a 11 wood club by players who are interested in sweeping the ball instead of hitting their clubs down and making a divot.
  • A 11 wood is worth considering over a 5 hybrid for golfers who are looking for ways to minimize the gapping between the clubs in their golf bag.
  • A 11 wood club makes an ideal choice than a 5 hybrid for players who have large swings and tend to indulge in long-distance shots.
  • A 5 hybrid is worth giving a thought over a 11 wood for golfers who would like to make airborne shots easily and lessen the occurrences of mishits.
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