9 Wood; Distance, Loft (9 Wood Vs 3/4 Hybrid)

9 wood golf club


What is a 9 Wood Golf Club

The 9 wood is one of the most used golf clubs and has been used ever since golf was first played centuries ago. A 9 wood is a good replacement for the 4 iron and 4 hybrid golf clubs.

When looking at a 9 wood, you’ll notice that it is designed with a larger head than that of the hybrid. This larger sized head makes hitting the ball much easier for beginners. 

Furthermore, the 9-wood provides more loft than the 7 wood. A wood club has a 26-degree angle, while the 7-wood provides only has 22-degrees of loft.


When to Use a 9 Wood

The 9 wood golf club is best used for covering short distances. The best time to use a 9 Wood is when your ball is 100-150 yards away from the green. 


The 9 wood club also helps when you are stuck in a shorter rough, and when using an iron or hybrid is not suitable.

Sometimes, you may get stuck in a muddy or irregular grass surface due to which requires extra pat to play effectively. In such situations, I recommend using the 9-wood so that extra shots can be avoided.

Any obstacles you may encounter on the golf course can be avoided by using a 9 wood. The higher loft of a 9 wood club is recommended when trying to hit over trees, stones and bunkers.

More experienced and professional golfers are less likely to carry a 9 wood. However, if you’re a senior or a beginner golfer, the 9 wood is a great choice. This is because the chance of errors is minimized by the larger club head and surface area this club offers.

What Degree of Loft is a 9 Wood?

The 9 Wood is not limited to only one angle. Instead, a 9 wood ranges between 23 to 28 degrees of loft. The best loft angle when using a 9 wood is probably 26 degrees.

In most cases, if the distance to the hole is about 100 to 150 yards, a 9 wood should be your go-to-club. 


What Club does a 9 Wood Replace?

There is no specific club that is said to replace the 9-wood but there are varying perceptions of different experts and professional players in terms of which club is closest to the 9-wood.

If you are shorter in height, you must use the 7 wood. If you’re tall, then the 11-wood would be the appropriate option.

 The 4 or 5 iron are the best replacements for a 9 wood. These replacements help in the improvement of the accuracy as well as the angle of the throw.


What is the Average Distance for a 9 Wood?

The average distance the 9-wood club covers while standing in a rough ground is 109 yards (100 meters). If you are in the semi-green area than you can reach almost a bit near to 131 yards (120 meters). This estimate is only for the experts and professional players.

The average golfer can reach distances of 99-120 yards when using a 9 wood golf club.  

It is observed that professionals can throw more than 120 meters occasionally if the wind is good and the temperature is not extreme. On an icy morning, the 9-wood cannot throw more than 50 meters. These are some of the best estimates provided by golfing experts around the globe. 


How Far Should You Hit a 9 Wood

The most accurate distance that is covered by the 9 wood is 131 yards. Even the professionals with the best possible experience in the golf game can throw no more than 120 meters. 

In ideal conditions, you can hit a 9 wood more than 140 meters, but this is not realistic in most scenarios. You must understand that if the temperature, climate, and wind are ideal, then you may reach the 130-meter mark as well.

When considering yardage, you can cover even more than 140 yards in the one-shot which is an achievement with the use of 9-wood.

There is a difference between the distances covered when the ground is changing. In the mud and water, as well as sand, the 9-wood would be inappropriate. Furthermore, if the grass is too tall, 9-wood would remain inefficient. 


What is the Length of a 9 Wood Golf Club

The standard length of a 9 wood golf club is 40.0” – 40.5”.

When it comes to other woods, like the 4 wood, 5 wood, and 7 wood, the lengths are increased.

You might change the length of the wood but in many cases. Professionals prefer the official length because it has been chosen after thorough research. You don’t need to worry about altering lengths on your wood because you will find each club is already perfectly designed for most players.


What Iron is a 9 Wood Equivalent to?

The best replacement for the 9-wood club is the 4-iron and 5-iron. With a 26 degrees angle, the 9 wood is similar to the 4-iron. I have observed that many professional players prefer to play with the 4 iron.


9 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid

The 9 wood has an average distance of 198 yards for professional players. The distance of a 3 hybrid will be further, reaching 219 yards.

It’s important to know that the 9 wood is used in rough surfaces. The 3 hybrid can be used in relatively smooth areas where the golf ball has fewer obstacles to overcome. 


Tee Height Distance 

The tee height distance can greatly affect the overall distance reached. Below are the differences between the 9 wood and 3 hybrid distance:


9 Wood Tee Height Distance:

  • Low Tee Height = 210 yards
  • Medium Tee Height = 200 yards
  • Low Tee Height – 190 yards


3 Hybrid Tee Height Distance:

  • Low Tee Height = 223 yards
  • Medium Tee Height = 218 yards
  • Low Tee Height – 213 yards


9 Wood Vs 4 Hybrid

The 9-wood has an average distance of 198 yards. On the other hand, the 4-hybrid has a distance of 160 to 210 yards.

Hybrid golf clubs contain elements of both woods and irons to help give golfers all the abilities they need to score better and to enhance their performance.

Hybrid clubs represent one of the major enhancement steps in the golf club design. Hybrid clubs have a lower center of gravity because the club heads are larger than the usual iron club heads. This makes it easier to hit the ball midair with a hybrid.

Furthermore, it is convenient to replace a certain iron club with the next number on the sequence of hybrids, for instance, to replace a 4-iron with a 5-hybrid. The 4-hybrid wood has a loft of 25 – 28 degrees.

This hybrid is an ideal replacement for 9-wood or 4-iron. It has a length of approximately 39 inches and a lie of 60 degrees. It is safe to say that the Fairways woods are better from the fairway and the tee. The bigger heads of the fairways 9-wood create more backspin and push the ball higher and also reduce error.

Generally, when deciding between a wood and hybrid, it is important to remember that a 19° fairway will go farther compared to a 19° hybrid because the difference in the head will generate high speed due to the longer shaft.

With that being said, it is completely upon the player’s comfort zone to choose either.


9 Wood Vs 5 Wood

The 5-wood has a tee height of 185 and it has an accuracy of fairway 29.5%. The average distance of 5-wood can be approximately 225 yards.

Most 5 woods have about 18 degrees of loft, so loft-wise; a 5 wood is closer to a 2 iron. The head weight of 5-wood is 220g while the build length is 42″ long. The length is longer than that of the 9-wood which is 40 inches long.

The lighter, longer 5-wood lets itself to be swung faster, which means more distance potential, but it can cause accuracy issues.

The 5-wood is usually known as a fairway wood, because it is mostly used during the second shot of play when you are likely to be in the fairway of the golf hole.


9 Wood Vs 7 Wood

The 7-wood will cover a distance of around 195 yards on the ground with moderate swing speed. With high and straight shots, the distance will vary between 150 and 190.

If you like fairways, then the 7-wood golf club is commonly used. The 7-wood is a good choice if you prefer a higher ball flight and want to cover additional distance on the fairway.

The 7 wood will cover a well-struck ball between 215 to 230 yards. It is used for several functions like tight tee shots.

Although, 7-wood is used as an alternative, there are still many variations that stay between the 7-wood and also the iron and hybrid clubs.

The 7-wood is longer, which is forty-one inches with a head weight of 230 grams. The 7-wood is equal to the 2-iron that encompasses a loft of 21 degrees.

The 7-wood golf club has a lighter head weight which could be a challenge for the golfers who prefer heavy swing weights.


9 Wood Vs 11 Wood

The 11 wood can reach a distance of 130 to 210 yards. It has a larger head in comparison to a hybrid.

Due to 30 degrees of loft, it gives more loft than a 9 wood, which usually has only 26 degrees of loft. This makes it easier to hit the ball high even off a tight lie. It’s also very efficient in tall grass.

An 11 wood club is the most suitable replacement for a 5-iron golf club. In fact, the 11 wood offers a 30-degree loft which is 2 to 3 degrees higher than the 5 iron golf club.

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