TaylorMade Sim Fairway Vs Sim Max (Fairway Woods)

TaylorMade Sim Fairway Vs Sim Max Fairway Wood

What is the difference between Taylormade Sim Fairway and Sim Max Fairway? 

The main difference between the Taylormade Sim and Sim Max Fairway woods is that the Sim Max has a higher loft range up to 24°, whereas the Sim only reaches 19°. The Sim Max fairway is also 12 grams lighter than the Sim fairway.

SIM Fairway and SIM Max Fairway both are unique creations of Taylormade. You will feel powerful while holding any of these as their overall design and look just top-notch.

But there are a few differences between them. Here I have discussed the differences briefly so that you can easily choose one. 



SIM Fairway

SIM Max Fairway








206 yards

202 yards


43.25 inches

43.25 inches





SIM as a Titanium construction, it makes a sound more like a thump rather than a ting

SIM Max sounds louder than the SIM with its C300 steel construction


SIM gets noticeably hot at the sunlight

SIM Max’s temperature seems to be more in control than the SIM Fairway


The reason between it’s the higher price is the high quality three wood finish

The 3 wood used in SIM Max is a little cheaper than the SIM, but that does not affect its price


You may have to struggle a bit with dispersion at times with the SIM Fairway

There is no struggle at all with SIM Max’s amazing finish


Is the Sim Fairway Wood better than the Sim Max Fairway? 

Most golfers prefer the Sim Max fairway over the TaylorMade Sim. The Sim MAX is lighter than the Sim and offers a greater amount of loft.

The Sim Max Fairway has a distance of 202 yards, while you can hit the SIM 4 yards further at 206 yards.


SIM Fairway

Taylormade now locked up the weight, unlike its M5 creation. With the 180cc Titanium face, SIM Fairway is heavier than M5. If we talk about the woods, it’s just what a player would want. The high quality 3 kinds of wood not only make it good looking but also performance friendly. 


SIM Max Fairway

There is not much difference between SIM and SIM Max, but SIM Max is all about forgiving. With this one, hitting becomes way more manageable. The 185cc and the bonded hostel already caught golf lovers’ eyes. 

Taylormade provided both of them with excellent looks and materials. But the main difference between them is a high launcher would love the SIM Fairway where SIM Max is for easy players who love to feel the ball.

One advantage is the SIM Max is much cheaper than SIM Fairway.


What does SIM stand for TaylorMade?

Shape in Motion is what TaylorMade SIM stands for.

Taylormade had launched its SIM woods for skilled and experienced players. TaylorMade created the SIM woods not only with excellent materials but also with an amazing shape that controls the motion mesmerizingly. This happens because the SIM woods’ unique profile flows the air perfectly while swinging it.

Taylormade SIM wood’s structure allows it to impressively increase the club speed and ball speed together, therefore making high launches smoother than ever.

On the other hand, SIM Max wood is the perfect combination of maximized speed and forgiveness. You will be able to experience all the signature technologies of Taylormade’s SIM family with the SIM Max wood.

Fantastic shape, structure, twist face, inertia generator, club head with great speed, and some other features too, which I am leaving up to you. 


TaylorMade sim fairway wood tuning guide

Taylormade SIM Fairway wood tuning is not that tough. With a little help, you can easily tune the SIM wood in order to suit your game. 

  • Use the Taylormade torque wrench and use it to lose the screws located at the center of each weight and then put the screws back again at your desired location. Then keep tightening them until the wrench clicks.
  • If you want to adjust the loft sleeve, locate the screw in the heel and lose it until the clubhead comes out smoothly from the shaft. Just like you have put the screws back in place whole adjusting the weight, do the same. 

You can fine-tune your ball fight with adjusting the loft, face, and lie angle at 12 possible positions. 


Distance (Sim Fairway Wood Vs Sim Max Fairway Wood)

The TaylorMade Sim Fairway can be hit 4 yards further than the Sim Max. The maximum distance of the SIM is approximately 202 yards, where the distance of the SIM Max is 206 yards.

Both SIM Fairway and SIM Max Fairway have the Inertia Generator design, making them amazingly capable of controlling the motion. According to users’ reviews, most of the fairways can take your ball miles in the air with a significantly lower spin. 


SIM Fairway Wood

  • SIM Fairway is heavier with 80g of steel stole weight
  • It feels a little too heavy
  • It has a peak of 38 yards.


SIM Max Wood

  • SIM Max has given the appearance, making it versatile and easy to hit.
  • Experienced players had it easier to use as they were hitting the ball at quite a distance without even spinning much.
  • SIM Max can peak height of 40 yards.
  • SIM Max is 12g lighter than the Sim fairway.

The higher trajectory of SIM Max is beneficial while creating more carry distance, and it also provides an amazing stopping power during higher launches.

On the other hand, the technologies of the SIM wood increase the club speed, therefore providing an impressive ball speed. 


Degree of Loft (Sim Fairway Wood Vs Sim Max Fairway Wood) 

The angle of the clubface of the wood is what we call the loft. It is responsible for the trajectory, and therefore it impacts the distance.

If the wood has more loft, then the trajectory is also higher, and thus the ball will travel a shorter distance. 

Generally, 3 woods have a loft, which remains between 15 to 18 degrees.


But TaylorMade made some adjustments with its 3 woods – SIM Fairway and SIM Max Fairway. 


SIM Fairway

  • Left-handed lofts- 14°, 15°, 19°
  • Right Handed lofts- 14°, 15°, 19°


SIM Max Fairway

  • Left-handed lofts- 15°, 18°, 21°, 
  • Right Handed lofts- 14°, 15°, 18°, 21°, 24°


Sim Max Fairway Wood Vs Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

The SIM Max Fairway Wood provides up to 10 yards of draw bias along with lighter and higher launching shafts, and on the other hand, the Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood gains up to 15 yards. It also has impressive loft variance and graphite shafts. Other features are discussed below;


SIM Max Fairway Wood

  • The C300 face construction of SIM Max Fairway Wood provides a compact but satisfying sound as it hits the ball.
  • For many users, SIM Max Fairway Wood is now just another name of forgiveness. The V steel sole and twist face design take proper care of forgiveness. 
  • The 2 tone Carbon Crown technology not only enhances the playability but also give the fairway a stunning look.


Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

  • Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood is designed with Flash Face SS20. And the technology is filled with exotic materials. The materials were put together to provide each unique model design, as well as aloft, which maximize, is ball speed and performance.
  • The combination of Jailbreak and T2C Carbon Crown gives the fairway fastest ball speed along with impressive forgiveness. 
  • The model is designed with the unique leading geometry, which enhances the performance.
  • With two different weighting options, the fairway can quickly provide you with varying angles of launch and spin rates, which are fantastic options for most golf players. 


If it depends on users’ reviews, some say for lighter and straight shots, Taylormade was great. On the other hand, due to Callaway’s impressive yards, some chose it. So the winner depends on your playability and methodology. 


Sim Max Fairway Vs Sim ti 

 Being the members of the same family, most of their features are similar. But SIM Max has a more extensive profile than any other SIM model. And also, it is made with a C300 steel face, which impacts on its overall performance. 



  • The SIM TI is constructed with multi-material, and it allows users to position weight easily.
  • Its 80g V-shaped soleplate enhances turf interaction.
  • The combination of multi-material construction and the 80g V steel sole takes the CG lower, therefore, improves performance and launch.
  • The twisted face allows players to hit straight shots.
  • The Titanium is itself a robust and flexible material. It unlocks rocket-like ball speed, specifically when combined with the speed pocket.
  • The speed pocket technology of SIM TI Fairway provides you with impressive wall speed.


SIM Max Fairway

  • Just like the SIM TI Fairway, this one is also multi-material construction and designed with V steel sole, which allows even smoother launches.
  • C300 steel provides you with robust performance along with fixed, straight shots
  • The speed pocket not only increases ball speed but also offers terrific flexibility two face lower hits.

SIM TI and SIM Max Fairway is a difficult choice as they are both members of Taylormade’s SIM family. They both are designed with almost the same technologies along with shape and structure.

Materials like C300 steel makes SIM Max’s forgiveness much more significant. Swing them by yourself, and you will know the differences. 


Sim fairway wood Vs M5

Although there many similarities between the TaylorMade SIM and M5 golf clubs, the Sim fairway wood offers longer distances than the M5.

Below are several more differences between the Sim Fairway and M5:


  • The M5 is the best when it comes to adjustability. It has a movable weight, which is larger than the others in the TaylorMade M family. The movable weight shaping provides you with a seamless sole contour for much easier turf interaction.
  • The movable steel weight is 65g, which amazingly fits with its adjustability.
  • The loft is more streamlined, and also 12 positioned
  • The M5 fairway wood is made with a strong finish of Titanium, which provides you with more confident swings.
  • Speed pocket technology along with a larger COR area and also an improved off-center performance
  • Its multi-material construction and titanium face combination improve the overall performance.
  • It can hit 295 yards at once.


SIM Fairway Wood

  • It is constructed with 80g steel sole weight, which helps to create a seamless sole for much smoother turf interaction.
  • The two-degree loft sleeve allows optimizing the face angle with ease.
  • The SIM Fairway is designed with multi-material construction along with ZATECH extra-strong face and body, which is perfect for optimizing the performance.
  • The next-generation speed pockets provide you with fantastic flexibility and ball speed.
  • One can perform with great forgiveness with SIM Fairway and can hit up to 236 yards.

The materials and technologies are more or less the same in the SIM Fairway and M5 Fairway wood, but with an 80g adjustable sole plate, SIM wins the race of weight adjustability. 


Sim fairway wood Vs M6

The M series and the SIM series both are creations of Taylormade, but overall, there are some differences between these two, somehow making the SIM Fairway Wood worthy of buying. 



  • Twist face technology increases loft, backspin, and therefore allows giving a perfect shot.
  • Carbon Crown technology helps to increase forgiveness.
  • In every shot, the speed pocket produces Hi COR, which provides you with incredible ball speed, especially on low hits.
  • The M6 Fairway wood’s technology can quickly lower the spin rate, which makes the distance jumps easier.
  • The fantastic design with silver and carbon crown technology lifted the user’s confidence easily and framed the ball very well.


SIM Fairway

  • Twist face technology is reinforced to target straighter shots. 
  • Multi-material technology produces ultra-low CG for improved shots.
  • The thru-slot speed pocket technology increases the sole flexibility amazingly and additionally provides you with low-face ball speed.

If we compare the M6 Fairway Wood and SIM Fairway, side by side, there will be many similarities, but I prefer the compact and organized technology that Taylormade’s SIM family of clubs provide.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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