How to Remove/Clean a Golf Cart Gas Tank

Clean golf cart gas tank

How to clean a golf cart gas tank

  • Remove the gas tank from your golf cart
  • Empty any remaining fuel
  • Clean the tank using carb cleaner
  • Rinse the tank with a lot of water
  • Drain the water until the tank completely dries
  • Reinstall the gas tank to the golf cart
  • Fill the tank with fresh fuel


Cleaning an EZGO golf cart gas tank

You will need the following tools to clean the gas tank of your 1997 EZGO golf cart.

  • Heater hose
  • Catch pan
  • Air blow gun
  • A rag or any piece of lint-free cloth


The steps given below would help you to clean your 1997 EZGO gas tank.

  1. Stick a five-foot-long 5/8-inch heater hose into the gas tank. Make sure it goes down as much as possible.
  2. Place a catch pan on the floor.
  3. Cover the opening of the gas tank using a rag.
  4. Insert an air blow gun into the tank through the rag.
  5. Push the air inwards until the gas begins to flow out of the hose. This action will siphon the fuel from the tank into the catch pan on the floor.
  6. Put some water and cleaning agents into the tank.
  7. Use the air flow gun once again to circulate the cleaning agents to all parts of the gas tank. You may need to run the air for about 20 minutes.
  8. Pump out the water to get the tank dry.
  9. Use simple green or shop vac to get rid of the water that doesn’t get pumped out.
  10. Allow it to dry for some time before filling fresh fuel.


Cleaning a Club Car golf cart gas tank

You will need the following tools to clean the gas tank of your Club Car golf cart.

  • A long pry bar
  • An old towel
  • Air blow gun


The steps given below would help you to clean your Club Car gas tank.

  1. Add some mineral spirits or ethanol to the fuel to allow the fuel to break down. Let the ethanol stay for some time.
  2. Siphon the fuel in the gas tank as much as possible using an air blow gun.
  3. Add a little fresh fuel into the tank and splash it around.
  4. Siphon this fuel as well, with the air blow gun.
  5. Shove an old towel down into the tank using a pry bar.
  6. Scrub the bottom of the tank with the towel.
  7. Refill the tank with fresh fuel.


Cleaning a Yamaha golf cart gas tank

You will need the following tools to clean the gas tank of your Yamaha golf cart.

  • Degreaser
  • Coat hanger
  • Lint-free towel


The steps given below would help you to clean your Yamaha G1 gas tank.

  1. Clean the outside of the gas tank with a degreaser that is used to clean grills.
  2. Siphon out the old gas fuel from the tank as mentioned above.
  3. Spray some of the siphoned fuel along with a little carb cleaner into the tank.
  4. Put a lint-free towel over a coat hanger and use it to wipe the inside of the tank.
  5. Flush the tank a couple of times using a little fresh gas.

It’s a good idea to also clean the carburetor and replace the fuel lines whenever you clean the gas tank of your golf cart.


How to drain golf cart gas tank

You can drain the gas tank of your golf cart using a simple siphoning action. This becomes essential if you plan to clean the tank. The siphoning can be done using a hose and air blow gun in an EZGO cart.

  1. Insert a hose down into the fuel tank as far as it will go.
  2. Place a rag over the opening of the tank and a catch pan on the floor to collect the drained fuel.
  3. Blow air into the tank using the air blow gun until the gas flows downwards through the hose.
  4. Collect the drained fuel in the catch pan or any other vessel that has been approved for this purpose.


How to remove the gas tank from the EZGO golf cart

You will have to remove the body of your EZGO golf cart to take out the gas tank. The rear body is riveted to the frame of the cart below the floormat.

You will need the following tools to remove the rear body of your 2003 EZGO TXT golf cart to gain access to the gas tank.

  • 3/16-inch drill bit
  • 1/4-inch punch
  • Chisel and hammer


The steps given below would help you to take off the rear body of your golf cart so that you can access the gas tank. As a prerequisite, you will have to remove the seat from the cart

  1. Remove the two rivets on the hinge plates that hold the seat in place using the 3/16-inch drill bit.
  2. Drill out the rivets between each bit right on top of the shift handle.
  3. Pull the floor mat up from the rear to the front.
  4. Drill out the five to six rivets that fix the lower ledge on to the frame of the cart using the same drill bit. If they spin, drill the heads off and remove their bodies later using the 1/4-inch punch after taking off the body.
  5. Remove the two 1/4-inch stainless steel rivets on either side. They are usually present under the rocker panels present before the rear wheels. You will need a chisel and hammer to take them off from their place.
  6. Remove the pin on the rear of the bag well with the 1/4-inch punch. Remove the two drive rivets on either side by pulling them upwards using your hand.


Remember to keep the accessories that you remove separately so that it becomes easy for you to use them when you reassemble the cart.

Once you have removed the body, you can take off the gas tank by unfastening a few bolts.


How to remove the gas tank from Club Car golf cart

You will have to remove the rear body and seat of the Club Car golf cart to remove the gas tank from the cart.

The steps given below tell you how to remove the fuel tank from the Club Car DS golf cart after taking off the seat and rear body.

  1. Keep the Forward/Reverse switch and the neutral lockout in Neutral and Service positions respectively.
  2. Adjust the fuel shut-off valve to the OFF or closed position.
  3. Start the engine and keep it running so that the fuel in the fuel lines, fuel pump and carburetor gets consumed. This will result in the engine getting stalled.
  4. Reset the neutral lockout to its Operate position.
  5. Disconnect the negative cable of the battery.
  6. Loosen the carburetor drain screw without removing it so that you can drain the fuel remaining in the carburetor bowl into a container.
  7. Tighten the carburetor drain screw to how it was originally before the draining process.
  8. Siphon the fuel from the fuel tank into the above container using a siphoning device that has a suction mechanism. If the container is full, you can use another one instead.
  9. Ensure that the key switch is in the OFF position.
  10. Remove the black and orange wires connected to the fuel gauge present on the fuel level sending unit. Make sure that you don’t take off the lower nut present on the center stud of the unit.
  11. Take off the fuel line and vent tube from the fuel tank.
  12. Loosen the straps holding the fuel tank in place by taking off the screws on the speed nuts.
  13. Lift the fuel tank from its position out of the vehicle.


How to remove the gas tank from Yamaha golf cart

Removing the gas tank from the Yamaha golf cart is a relatively simple process. However, you must remember to drain off the fuel completely before venturing on to the removal.

The steps given below will guide you on how to remove the gas tank from the 1987 Yamaha G2 golf cart.

  1. Remove the engine and seat from the golf cart.
  2. Remove the three bolts holding the fuel tank in place.
  3. Unscrew the knob present at the bottom of the tank. This helps to detach the fuel line from the fuel tank.
  4. Take out the deteriorated fuel filter present inside the tank and discard it.
  5. Insert a regular inline filter between the carburetor and the fuel pump. This can be replaced easily when needed.


List of EZGO fuel tank parts

  • Siphon tube
  • Fuel tank rollover valve (EZGO RXV)
  • Hose to air filter fitting (2010 and up EZGO TXT)
  • Fuel tank rollover grommet (EZGO RXV)
  • Carbon canister (2010 and up EZGO TXT)
  • Fuel gauge shuttle 4/6 (2008 and up EZGO TXT)
  • Fuel hose clamp
  • Gas cap (EZGO RXV)
  • Fuel sender (2010 and up EZGO TXT)
  • 1/4x50ft. Fuel hose
  • Fuel shutoff valve (2008 and up EZGO TXT, EZGO RXV)
  • Fuel gauge/gas cap (1998-2004 EZGO TXT gas and Medalist)
  • Gas tank assembly without fuel level sender (2008+ EZGO RXV)
  • Fuel tank cap (2010 and up EZGO RXV)


EZGO TXT gas tank size

The EZGO TXT Freedom gas tank is equipped with an analog fuel gauge and has a capacity of 5.8 gallons.


EZGO Marathon gas tank size

The 1985 and 1987 EZGO Marathon gas tanks have a capacity of 5.0 gallons.


Club Car gas tank size

The 1992 Club Car gas tank has a capacity of seven gallons. However, you should get started with six gallons if your cart has a sled engine to avoid fuel leakage through the vented cap.


Club Car DS gas tank size

The 2000 Club Car DS gasoline model gas tank has a capacity of seven gallons.


Yamaha fleet golf cart gas tank capacity

The Yamaha fleet gas golf cart gas tank has a capacity of 5.8 gallons.


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