Best PING G30 Driver Shaft Options (GUIDE)

What Is The Best Shaft For The PING G30 Driver?

The shaft options for the PING G30 Driver are the TFC 419D High Balance, the Tour 65, or the Tour 80. By far, we found the TFC 419D the best because of its counterbalanced shaft and lightweight features.


PING G30 Driver Shaft Specs Chart

Here is the specs chart for the various shafts available for the PING G30 Driver:

Shaft Name


Flex Available



Launch Available

TFC 419D Graphite

45.75 inches

Soft Regular

0.11 pounds


High launch




0.12 pounds






0.13 pounds


Mid launch



Extra Stiff

0.15 pounds



Tour 65 Graphite



0.12 pounds


Mid Launch




0.13 pounds





Extra Stiff

0.15 pounds


Low launch

Tour 80 Graphite



0.16 pounds


Mid Launch




0.18 pounds





Extra Stiff

0.17 pounds


Low launch


PING G30 Driver Shaft Options

The PING G30 Driver is exceptional and offers faster swing, faster speed, more yardage, and consistency. You get the driver in left-hand and right-hand options with the following shaft:

  • TFC 419D
  • Tour 65
  • Tour 80


TFC 419 D

This is the most recommended shaft for the PING G30 driver. It comes with the driver as a stock.

  • You can get flex ranging from soft regular, regular, stiff, and extra-stiff with this shaft
  • The shaft provides a mid to high launch
  • It is a lightweight shaft perfect for non-aggressive swingers
  • The soft regular is 0.11 pounds, and the extra-stiff flex shaft is 0.15 pounds
  • It is a high balance point and perfectly counterbalanced


Golfers’ Reviews

Golfers found this shaft helpful to avoid overturning. They got a clubhead speed of 97-102 mph. Plus, their distance increased from 240 to 265 yards.

Many golfers felt the TFC 419 D shaft improved their speed, swing, and accuracy with its lightweight feature.


Tour 65

The Tour 65 is a popular shaft too. It is a stable shaft and is helpful for strong swingers.

  • You can get a stiff, regular, and extra-stiff flex for the Tour 65 shaft
  • It has a lesser torque ranging from 4.3°,3.4°, and 3.3°compared to the TFC 419D
  • Its weight varies from 0.12 pounds to 0.15 pounds depending on the flex
  • It is perfect for aggressive swingers
  • Tour 65 offers a low spin
  • You get mid to low launch with this shaft


Golfers’ Reviews

Golfers found that the Tour 65 shaft offered lesser torque and was perfect for those who had a strong swing. They found the shaft shiny and perfect for them. They enjoyed the stiff flex of the shaft.

Golfers said that their speed increased to 107 mph and distance to 265-286 yards.

They loved the off-center contact and the increase in distance. Plus, golfers like the low trajectory perfect for windy conditions.


Tour 80

The Tour 80 shaft has a low trajectory, and golfers enjoy it during windy days. Plus, this doesn’t have the counterbalanced feel of the TFC 419D.

  • The Tour 80 is available with regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flex options
  • Its stiff weighs 0.18 pounds, and the extra-stiff weighs 0.17 pounds
  • The torque is less and varies from 3.3° in regular flex to 3.2° in extra-stiff with the stiff flex being 2.9°
  • It is a comfortable shaft if you are a mid to low launcher
  • You get a low spin, more distance, and better speed with this shaft


Golfers’ Reviews

Golfer’s felt that the Tour 80 shaft with the PING G30 driver was perfect for greater distance and speed. They found their distance increasing to about 264-288 yards and speed to over 100 mph.

Aggressive swingers found the weight of this shaft perfect. They also felt that the Tour 80 shaft with the PING G30 was very forgiving.


PING G30 driver shaft options


PING G30 Driver Shaft Length

The PING G30 Driver’s shaft length varies depending on the shaft option you choose.

  • The TFC 419D is 45.75 inches
  • The Tour 65 and Tour 80’s standard length is 45.25 inches

The standard shaft is the TFC 419D which is 45.75 inches, and it offers an adjustable hosel that goes 0.6° upwards and downwards. Plus, the loft also increases and decreases by 1° from the printed loft.

The weight of the standard shaft of length 45.75 inches is D3 unless you customize it.

Ensure your shaft length is not too long or too short. It will affect your swing motion. Adjust your shaft’s length according to your height and how much you want to bend.


PING G30 Driver Shaft Tip Size

The shaft tip size of the TFC 419D is 0.335 inches, and it comes without an adaptor.  Even the shaft tip size of Tour 65 and Tour 80 is 0.335 inches.

The shaft tip adapter gives you an extra degree of adjustability.

However, according to Golfwrx, the previous tips of PING are not compatible with this driver.

You need to know your PING G30’s shaft tip size when installing a new shaft. This tip diameter influences your driver’s flexibility and torque.


PING G30 Driver Custom Shaft Options

While the above three shafts are the best recommended for the PING G30 Driver, you can consider some of these custom options from other brands too:

  • Alta 55
  • TFC 80D
  • Project X PXV


Alta 55

Alta 55 is available for PING G30. You get soft regular, regular, stiff, and extra-stiff options. Plus, the torque is 5.9, 5.0, 4.9, and 4.2, respectively.

 You get mid, high, and low launch options in the Alta 55.



TFC 80D is a low to high launch shaft for the PING G30. The flex options with torque are extra-stiff with 2.8°, Lite with 6.4°, and Soft regular with 5.5°. This has more torque and is suitable for slow swingers.


Project X PXV

Project X PXV comes with a PING adaptor tip. You get regular and stiff flex in this shaft. It offers your PING G30 a mid to high launch with a torque of 4.7° for a regular flex and 4.5° for a stiff flex.



When purchasing a PING G30 custom shaft, ensure you get one that works for you.

If you are a slow swinger, get a shaft with more flex options and loft options. In contrast, if you are a fast swinger, you need first and low loft shafts.


Golfers’ Reviews

Most golfers favored the Alta 55 or the Tour 80 and Tour 65 custom shafts over the PING G30. They found the shafts stable as they offered them great distance and speed.

Some golfers said they like the k15 for its short length or the Penley ET2 for its consistency and stability.


What Is The Best Shaft For The PING G30 LS Tec Driver?

The PING G30 has another version called PING G30 LS Tec, meaning a low spin driver. This driver is perfect for high swingers. The best shaft for this driver is the Tour 65 due to its firmness and lower torque.

The PING G30 LS Tec comes in 9.5° and 10.5° loft and works well with the Tour 80 and TFC 419D shafts.


What Is The Best Shaft For The PING G30 SF Tec Driver?

PING G30 SF Tec is a Straight Flight Driver. It is perfect for amateurs trying to throw a straight ball. The shiny Tour 80 shaft is perfect for the PING G30 SF Tec with its firmness and low torque.

The PING G30 SF Tec comes with a loft of 10° and 12°. While the Tour 80 shaft is perfect, you can use the TFC 419D or the Tour 65 shafts too.


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