My EZGO RXV has no power to the brakes

I’m struggling here with my EZGO RXV. It’s just sitting there, not moving, and I’ve realized there’s absolutely no power going to the brakes. I’m scratching my head on this one. Has anyone else run into this kind of problem? It’s really messing with my weekend golf plans!


I had something similar happen with my 2008 EZGO RXV. It turned out to be a bad solenoid. Replacing it got my cart moving again. Maybe check that out?

Solutions that Worked for Users

SolutionUsers Who Found SuccessApprox. Cost (USD)Approx. Time Needed (Minutes)
Bad Solenoid Replacement1$45 – $10030 – 60
Adjusting Controller Brake Minimum Voltage1$0 (if DIY)20 – 40
Loose or Broken Wire Around Controller Plug1$0 – $50 (if DIY)30 – 60


  • Golf cart remains immobile despite being charged.
  • Absence of voltage at the brake plug.
  • Brake fails to disengage in tow mode.

Possible Causes

  • Electrical issues, such as a malfunctioning solenoid or incorrect controller settings.
  • Mechanical problems, like loose or broken wires around the controller plug.

Detailed Solutions that Worked

1. Bad Solenoid Replacement

  • What I Did: Identified and replaced the faulty solenoid.
  • Outcome: The cart regained its mobility, resolving the brake power issue.
  • Personal Experience: After noticing no voltage at the brake plug, I suspected and confirmed a solenoid issue.
  • Detailed Steps:
    1. Locate the Solenoid: Find the solenoid in your EZGO RXV, usually near the battery compartment.
    2. Safety First: Disconnect the main power source to avoid any electrical hazards.
    3. Remove and Replace: Carefully remove the old solenoid and replace it with a new one. Ensure the connections are tight and secure.
    4. Test the Cart: Reconnect the power and test the cart in both tow and drive modes to ensure the new solenoid functions correctly.
  • Expert Tip: Listen for the solenoid click when turning the key; no click often indicates a solenoid issue. Regular maintenance checks can prevent sudden failures.

2. Adjusting Controller Brake Minimum Voltage

  • What I Did: Tweaked the brake minimum voltage setting on the controller.
  • Outcome: This adjustment corrected the brake engagement and disengagement.
  • Personal Experience: Realized the controller settings were misconfigured, affecting brake operation.
  • Detailed Steps:
    1. Access Controller Settings: Locate the controller on your EZGO RXV and access its settings panel.
    2. Adjust Voltage Settings: Increase the brake minimum voltage setting slightly above the brake pedal’s at-rest voltage.
    3. Test for Functionality: After adjusting, test the brake’s response in both tow and drive modes.
  • Expert Tip: Familiarize yourself with the controller’s manual; understanding these settings can be crucial for troubleshooting. Use a multimeter for accurate voltage readings.

3. Loose or Broken Wire Around Controller Plug

  • What I Did: Inspected and repaired a loose or broken wire near the controller plug.
  • Outcome: Securing the wire restored normal brake and cart function.
  • Personal Experience: Discovered a loose wire causing intermittent brake issues.
  • Detailed Steps:
    1. Locate the Controller Plug: Find the controller plug, typically near the battery area in your EZGO RXV.
    2. Inspect for Damage: Check for any loose, broken, or corroded wires.
    3. Repair or Replace: Securely reconnect or replace the damaged wire.
    4. Test the Cart: Ensure the cart operates smoothly in both forward and reverse after the repair.
  • Expert Tip: Regularly check the wiring, especially if your cart experiences rough usage. Vibration can loosen connections over time.

Golf Cart Models Where This Worked

  • 2008 EZGO RXV
  • 2013 EZGO RXV


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