ICON Vs EZGO Golf Carts (Are ICON Golf Carts Any Good?)

ICON Vs EZGO golf carts


Which is better ICON or EZGO golf carts?

An ICON golf cart is a better option than an EZGO golf cart because it renders better performance on flat roads. The ICON also appears to be better built, which makes it sturdier than the EZGO.

The ICON electric golf cart is faster, smoother and quieter than the EZGO electric golf cart. When compared to the EZGO gas cart, the ICON requires less maintenance because the number of moving parts is lesser. This helps you save a good amount on maintenance costs.


Comparing ICON Vs EZGO models

The following table compares some key features of different ICON and EZGO model golf carts.








Model Type






Speed (Level Ground)

25 mph

25 mph

25 mph

Electric: 8 mph to 15 mph


Gas: 12mph

Electric: 10.2 mph to 14.8 mph


Gas: 12mph

Dry Weight

595 pounds

639 pounds

639 pounds

Electric: 565 pounds


Gas: 676 pounds

Electric: 577 pounds


Gas: 723 pounds

Seating Capacity

2 passengers

4 passengers

2 passengers

2 passengers

2 passengers

Ground Clearance

4.5 inches

4.5 inches

4.5 inches

4 inches

4.5 inches


48 VAC, 4 kW Toyota motor

48 VAC, 4 kW Toyota motor

48 VAC, 4 kW Toyota motor

Electric: 48 VAC


Gas: Single cylinder, 4-cycle, 150 cc

Electric: 48 VDC, shunt wound


Gas: Single cylinder, 4-cycle, 150 cc


Pros of Icon golf carts

ICON golf carts come with a few striking features. One aspect that makes them stand out is that they are fully loaded irrespective of the model you have in mind.

Some key advantages of these golf carts that make them a good choice are given below.

  • Easy maintenance because of their electric nature and fewer moving parts
  • Fast on flat roads compared to golf carts from some other manufacturers
  • Smooth and quiet performance on the road
  • Better resale value
  • Street legal approved for traveling at a low speed
  • Good aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with a fairly affordable price tag


Cons of Icon golf carts

ICON golf carts are new players in the golf cart market. Although they have several advantages as mentioned above, there are some drawbacks as well that are worth noting.

  • No gas cart option for gas golf cart lovers
  • Weighs more than those offered by other manufacturers such as EZGO.
  • Big in size that may cause a parking constraint in small or confined spaces


Pros of EZGO golf carts

EZGO golf carts have been around for quite a long time and have gone through a horde of transformations over the years to give the best advantages such as an excellent design and a smooth ride.

Some advantages of owning an EZGO golf cart are:

  • Durable because of the steel frame
  • Easy to upgrade old carts
  • Easily and readily available replacement parts
  • Helps to save on money when compared to carts from some other manufacturers
  • Easy to use and access features inside the cart
  • Uses a series motor for the electric cart
  • Can last for a long time with proper maintenance
  • Long lifespan for the batteries
  • Available in multiple styles and frames


Cons of EZGO golf carts

Irrespective of the multiple advantages offered by EZGO golf carts, they also have some drawbacks such as the possibility of a rusty frame.

A few drawbacks with EZGO carts are:

  • Not a good choice for hilly terrains and can result in bumpy rides especially with older models
  • Not strong enough to function as a work cart
  • Short forward/reverse shifter
  • Fails to render the desired performance under load at times


Icon Vs EZGO electric golf carts

The following are a few differences between ICON and EZGO electric golf carts that are worth noting.


The ICON golf cart appears to have a better look and feel than its EZGO counterpart for golfers who have owned both the golf carts.

Fully loaded

All ICON carts come fully loaded with all the essential features while some EZGO carts may need an upgrade.


Wheel size

The ICON golf cart is equipped with 12-inch aluminum wheels while the EZGO cart is available with 10-inch and 12-inch wheels supporting low profile tires depending on the model.



The ICON cart has a marginally higher speed than the EZGO golf cart when driven on flat roads.


Size and weight

The ICON cart models are bigger and heavier than those offered by EZGO models because they come with all the features loaded.



The ICON golf cart has proved to render a smoother and quieter performance when compared to the EZGO cart. This is especially true when comparing the ICON i40 and EZGO L6 golf carts.



Is Icon cheaper than EZGO golf carts?

Yes, ICON golf carts are cheaper than EZGO golf carts. Icon golf carts are up to $500 cheaper than EZGO golf carts. 

The prices of some popular golf carts from both these manufacturers are given in the table below in USD.



Icon i20

Icon i40

Icon i40 L

EZGO Freedom RXV

EZGO Freedom TXT








Are Icon golf carts any good?

The ICON golf carts have some distinct that make them really good and worth giving a thought. Some aspects of this golf cart that make it stand out are a strong frame and suspension and an automatic parking brake.

Four-wheel disc brakes, separate indicators for signals and lights, a DOT windshield and a cluster with an odometer, speedometer and battery percentage indicator are a few other highlights of the ICON golf cart.

With some models like the ICON i60 L, the ride tends to be a bit rough while the tires make a reasonably loud noise. However, with models such as the ICON i40 L, the ride is very smooth and quiet.

Since Icon is a new entry in the golf cart market, getting support for parts or replacement parts when the warranty period is over may be a problem. There is also no assurance of long-term reliability.


Are Icon golf carts made in China?

Yes, the original ICON golf carts were made in China. In the recent past, Icon Electric Vehicles was established in Tampa, Florida. The key advantage of making the carts in China is that they are cheaper to manufacture. 

However, the shipping charges can make the overall cost very high. The shipping charges can be avoided or minimized if the golf cart is bought from Florida. It can take anywhere between 20 days to 40 days to get the golf cart shipped from China to the USA.


Icon i20 Vs i40

The ICON i20 and i40 golf carts are practically the same in almost all aspects. The primary differences between the two carts are their size, seating capacity, weight and color options as given below.

  • Size

The i20 golf cart is slightly smaller than the i40 golf cart. While the former cart has a size of 96 x 48 x 72 inches, the latter cart has a size of 108 x 48 x 72 inches.

  • Seating capacity

The i20 cart is designed to carry two people. In contrast, the i40 is capable of accommodating four people.

  • Weight

The i20 golf cart is lighter than the i40 golf cart and has a net weight of 595 pounds. The i40 golf cart weighs 639 pounds.

  • Colors

Both i20 and i40 carts are available in alpine white, raven black, torch red, Tuscan yellow, indigo blue, sangria red and lime green colors. The i20 cart is additionally available in gray while the i40 cart supports forest green color option.

  • Price

There is a reasonable difference between the prices of the i20 and i40 golf carts with the i20 being a more economical golf cart.


Icon i20 Vs i40 L

The ICON i40L golf cart is the lifted version of the i40 cart. The following list highlights some differences between the two carts.

  • Size

The i40 cart has a very slightly smaller build than the i40 cart. The i40 comes with a size of 108 x 48 x 72 inches whereas the i40 L is available in a size of 108 x 48 x 78 inches.

  • Price

The i40 golf cart is priced lesser than the i40 L golf cart. The latter cart is costlier by around USD 200.

  • Tires

The i40 cart has smaller tires when compared to the i40 L cart. The i40 is fitted with 10-inch aluminum tires whilst the i40 L comes with 12-inch aluminum tires.


Icon i20 golf cart Vs EZGO RXV

There are a few striking differences between the Icon i20 and EZGO RXV golf carts that are worth keeping in mind.

  • Gas and electric options

The ICON i20 golf cart is available only as an electric model. The EZGO RXV golf cart comes in both gas and electric variants.

  • Availability of parts

There is not much assurance about the ease of availability of parts for an i20 cart whereas the parts of an EZGO RXV cart are often available easily without any hassle.

  • Size and weight

The ICON golf cart is a tad bigger than the EZGO golf cart. The former cart comes in a size of 96 x 48 x 72 inches in contrast to the latter cart sized at 94.5 x 47 x 70 inches.

The dry weight of the Icon cart is 595 pounds while that of the EZGO cart is 565 pounds.

  • Ground clearance

The tires of the i20 golf cart have a ground clearance of 4.5 inches in contrast to that of the RXV golf cart tires with a ground clearance of 4 inches. This makes the ICON a better choice than the EZGO for use in hilly terrains.


Icon i40 golf cart Vs EZGO RXV

The key points of difference between the Icon i40 and EZGO RXV golf carts are given below.

  • Seating capacity

The ICON i40 golf cart can seat four people at a time while the EZGO RXV golf cart is capable of seating only two people.

  • Size and weight

The ICON cart is sized at 108 x 48 x 72 inches whilst the size of the EZGO cart is smaller at 94.5 x 47 x 70 inches. The dry weights of the i40 and RXV carts are 639 pounds and 565 pounds respectively.

  • Speed

The i40 golf cart offers a speed of 25 mph or a little more on flat surfaces. In contrast, the maximum speed of the RXV golf cart is 15 mph.


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