EZGO Forward/Reverse Switch (Troubleshooting)

Troubleshooting a EZGO forward reverse switch

How to Test a EZGO Forward Reverse Switch

The easiest way to test your EZGO FR switch is to check and confirm if the solenoid starts working when you start the golf cart. If this works, this means your cart is in working order.

Here are a few other things that you can do to test your EZGO forward reverse switch:

  • Check all the connections and make sure each part is getting power by using the multimeter.
  • Have your foot firmly on the brake, put in the key, and the F/R switch in the forward position. When you push the go pedal if the solenoid charges up then your EZGO F/R switch is good to go.
  • Look for full voltage on your multimeter in the forward mode (with the pedal down). A full voltage usually means your F/R switch is working correctly.
  • Look at the continuity test found in the EZGO instruction manual.


Symptoms of a Faulty F/R Golf Cart Switch

If you are a golf enthusiast and own a cart, then you are likely going to experience wear and tear issues that can affect your F/R switch.

These are some symptoms of a bad F/R switch:

  1. When the switch is in the reverse mode you get only a buzzer sound.
  2. The cart moves forward even when the switch is in the neutral position.
  3. Not getting the best speed while in the forward position.
  4. Sometimes you may even notice a burning smell that can be due to overheating.

When you notice the above symptoms the first thing to try is to clean the joints thoroughly to make sure the connections are intact. If that doesn’t help, then it is probably replacement time for your switches.


How to Install EZGO Forward Reverse Switch?

Installing the EZGO F/R switch is an easy process that I have explained below. But please be very careful while handling the battery and other electronic equipment.

Ensure that you follow all safety precautions while performing these actions. Seek professional help if you are unsure of doing it on your own.

How to Install an EZGO F/R Switch

  1. The first step would be to remove the battery Before you do anything around the battery ensure you remove all your jewelry or any metallic object on your body. This is will ensure there are no unnecessary sparks that can be detrimental to our controller.
  2. While removing the battery contacts, mark the cables, so it will be easier to reassemble later. You will find it easier to work out which contact goes where.
  3. Remove the cover of your old or damaged F/R switch.
  4. Next, you need to remove the long lever/bar on your right. Use a suitable wrench to loosen the screw and take the bar out.
  5. You will then the socket and wrench to loosen the 2 screws on your F/R switch so you can take it out and replace it.
  6. You will see a small black box with 2 cables. This is for your reverse buzzer. Carefully remove it.
  7. Next, you will see 4 thick cables and screws. We need to attach these to your new F/R switch. While removing them mark them with colors or positions (like 12 o clock, 3 o clock) so you don’t make a mistake while installing the new switch.
  8. After the markings are done, you can go ahead and remove the cables using the appropriate tools. Keep the washers, nuts, and screws safely as you will be needing them for installation soon.
  9. On the front side, there will be a few other blue and red wires. Remove them from the F/R switchboard and set aside.
  10. Now take the new F/R switch and follow all the above steps backward carefully making sure the wires and cables are connected to the right points.
  11. In case your top cover does not fit correctly, bend the wires to fit them in.

Pro Tip: Ensure your nuts and screws are as tight as possible. If not, they are likely to vibrate when moving and this could lead to overheating and damage to your F/R switch and/or the cart as well.


Troubleshooting EZGO F&R Switch Problems

When you own a golf cart, it is always good to know the basic troubleshooting methods for it as well. This is true not only for your cart but also for all other machinery you own.

Let’s go through walk you through some troubleshooting steps you can perform on your cart:

  • The first thing you can do is to lift the seat and ensure the cables are correctly wired with no loose contacts. You may also use a multimeter to ensure there are no broken contacts.
  • You may also want to just clean up the parts along with the nuts to make sure the contacts are clean and working well. While you are at it, you may also want to adjust the switch to ensure it is exactly at the neutral before screwing in the nuts.
  • Check for heated parts and/or burning smell. If there are any, then you can conclude there is some issue in your connecting parts. This may need professional help to identify and fix.


Why EZGO Forward Reverse Switch is Getting Hot?

A F/R switch on a EZGO golf cart is likely to get hot due to of loose or broken contacts. These broken contacts increase the resistance and heat build-up causing the FNR switch to heat up.

The best solution is this case would be to have the cables replaced.

 Unless the switch is repaired a professional, the problem is likely to reoccur sooner or later.

Also, check if the board is damaged due to the heat. If yes, then the FNR switch would also need to be replaced.


EZGO F&R Switch Keeps Melting

The melting could be due to excessive heat. Sometimes this can cause the contacts to sink in as well. Delaying a fix could prove harmful to your cart, so act fast.

  • Sometimes the heat can be due to internal resistance in the cables. They may have corroded inside. Try and get the cables replaced to check if the issue is resolved.
  • Ensure all the cables are the same size. Smaller cables could be heating up faster.
  • If nothing else works replace the manual FNR switch with a set of solenoids.


EZGO TXT Forward Reverse Switch Troubleshooting

The EZGO TXT F/R switch is easy to use and quite affordable.

Here are a few points to take note of:

  • Studs on the motor get hot and may even melt. This could be related to the copper studs. Try to replace them with heavy-duty copper studs instead to solve the issue.
  • Always double check your power connections. The power is connected to the center pin in most cases. And is drawn to the outer pin from the center. The pins in the center would need separate inputs as they are not connected.
  • Ensure the wires and connections are correct to get the best output.


EZGO PDS F&R Switch Troubleshooting

The F/R switch on a EZGP PDS is located under the seat of the golf cart.

Here are some pointers:

  • If you want to convert it to a rocker type switch on your dash, ensure to use diodes that are at least 3 amps.
  • Check the low voltage setting, it should be less than your cart voltage. So, if your cart is 36V you may want to change the low voltage to 26V by plugging it to the computer and changing the settings.
  • If you are looking to convert a DCS device to a PDS switch, then yes it can be done with the right wiring and parts. You may want to seek expert help rather than doing it yourself.


EZGO DCS F/R Switch Conversion

DCS carts are the most reliable and trouble-free types except for the inconvenience of the switches being right next to your knee. For those using the DCS F/R switch here some things you may want to know:

  • If you are using an SPDT switch with your DCS controller, you will also need a diode.
  • A pre-charged resistor is needed between the solenoid contacts to keep the controller charged.
  • Always remember that your DCS controller is by default set to forward and to move it in reverse the pack voltage needs to be applied on pin 4.
  • For those who like a toggle switch, you should be able to easily upgrade with minimal changes. It is an easy DIY.



Regular cleaning and proper maintenance is the key to a long life for your EZGO F/R switch irrespective of the type of switch you have.



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