How to Repair a Club Car Frame (Cracked, Bent, Corroded)

Club Car golf cart frame repair

What causes a club car golf cart frame to crack? 

A Club Car golf cart frame will be crack due to a bent spring, uneven shapes of shocks and low pressure on the springs.


Bent spring: 

If your golf cart club car’s spring is damage due to regular use and lousy maintenance, then it may crack the golf cart frame.


Uneven shapes: 

To avoid damages, check the shapes and sizes of different springs. 


Pressures on the springs: 

Sometimes, the golf cart club car’s frame is crack because of the low pressure on the springs. When more than two people ride simultaneously, then the springs of your golf cart may be unbalanced and cause wear & tear.


Additional reasons: 

Other reasons that may cause a golf cart frame to crack are uneven tire pressure and bad riding habits. 

To recover from this situation, visit a golf cart’s servicing center and repair the frame to enjoy a smooth and lean driving experience.


How to repair the club car golf cart frame

As you read earlier, the golf cart frame issue arises due to uneven tire pressure, uneven shapes of springs, and all. It needs a repair or replacement, which you can perform by following the below points.

Steps to repair club car golf cart frame

  1. To repair your golf cart frame, first, you have to check the springs. Now push the seats up and down to check each spring. Check their shapes and test the flexibility.
  2. If the springs are not flexible and damaged, then remove those springs with a screwdriver’s help. Also, look for the leak springs and then replace the shock absorbers if it needs. 
  3. After this, inspect the underside of your cart and remove all the rusted parts to maintain this. 
  4. Now you need to confirm the pressure of the tires and add air if needed. You can even ask an expert for this. 


Tools needed to repair a club car frame

When your golf cart club car frame is damaged, then you need to troubleshoot the issue behind this. You need a few tools that include screwdrivers, floor jack, chocks, and other equipment to troubleshoot the issues.



You need a screwdriver to remove the springs from the golf cart. It’s used to remove and install springs. 


Floor jack:

You need a floor jack to remove the tires. It’s readily available in the golf cart component stores.


Socket wrench:

You also need a socket wrench that is used for removing the lugs. You also require chocks to stop a vehicle from rolling.


How to straighten a club car golf cart frame

Your club car golf cart frame damaged or bent due to low pressures on the spring, uneven shapes of springs.

Steps to fix the golf cart frame:

  1. To repair this, first, you have to check the angle of your golf cart. To lift the cart, you need to fill up the tires on the side.
  2. Inspect each coil spring and check whether it’s bent or in the right shape. Remove all the springs that are broken and damaged. 
  3. Measure the length of your collapsed spring with the help of a ruler. If the size and shapes are uneven, then replace it with the new one. Inspect the shock absorbers and replace them too if it needs. Replace all the parts of the golf cart, which become rusty due to excessive use. 


How to fix a bent club car frame

The golf cart club car frame bent due to inadequate maintenance, bad driving habits, and badly damaged suspensions.

Steps to fix the bent club car frame

  1. To repair the Yamaha golf cart club car frame, you have to start checking the tires. Check whether it has enough pressure or not.
  2. Refill the tires and then check the leaning side of your golf cart for a retainer. You can change the retainer if it’s broken. 
  3. Swap the shock absorbers and check the suspension tab beneath and remove them if it’s bent. Remove the damaged springs also. 
  4. Check your cart if it still has bent after removing the rusted parts. If still, the problem is there, then go for a repairing shop.


Why is my golf cart frame corroded? 

The golf cart battery corrosion occurs because of bad maintenance and an excessive amount of use. 


Bad maintenance:

The golf cart club car frame was damaged due to poor maintenance. You should maintain the golf cart club car regularly. Check the necessary components of a golf cart and replace it within a period.


An excessive amount of use:

The corrosion occurs due to an excessive amount of use. So, it wants to substitute within a specific time. 


Conditions of spring:

Check the conditions of your spring. If it’s not in good condition, then replace it.


How to fix corrosion on the club car golf cart frame?

The corrosion occurs in the club car frame due to bad maintenance and an excessive amount of use. You need to repair it soon; otherwise, it causes severe damages.

Steps to fix the issue:

  1. First, take a bowl of hot water and then mix baking soda in it. Spray it over the golf cart club car frame. 
  2. Now keep it in this position for some time. Let it bubble for a few minutes, then rinse it with water. Repeat the process until it doesn’t bubble. Don’t spray the solution over your driveway; otherwise, it causes severe damages. 
  3. You can also use CRC aerosol in the auto parts of your golf cart club car frame. Before doing the above things, remove the batteries of your golf cart club car.


How to fix a rusted on Club Car frame

The golf cart frame is rusted due to bad suspension wires, uneven springs, and excessive use. 

Steps to fix the issue:

  1. If your golf cart club car has an issue of rust, then you have to ground off all the rust. Fabricate the missing pieces.
  2. After inspecting the missing pieces, weld them in place. 
  3. Other than this, pick a hammer and tap it on the rust. Remove all the rusty metals or cut down the rusty pieces.


How to clean an aluminum golf cart frame

To clean the aluminum golf cart frame, you need the complete toolbox for the golf cart frame, including a screwdriver, spray bottle, and all.

Steps to fix the issue:

  1. Mix the aluminum cleaner into warm water and put this in a chemical spray bottle. Spray this into the affected area.
  2. This solution contains sulfuric, hydrochloric acids, etc. Now spray it and wait. After that, clean it with water. You can scrub this with a soft brush.


How to paint a golf cart frame?

To paint a golf cart, you need different brushes, colors, spray bottles, etc.

To paint a golf cart frame:

  1. For this, you need an aerosol primer. Apply this on the frame and wait for dry. After some time, apply another coat. When the layer is getting dry then sanded down with the help of grit paper.
  2. Now before applying the base coat, first remove all the dust from this. Now with the help of aerosol paint, apply the base coats by avoiding stripping. Make sure that it’s covered with the new color. If you use a metallic color, then apply two coats over one another for better results. It creates a barrier and offers ultra-shine. 


Club Car DS frame repair 

  1. To solve the issue of Club Car DS frame repairing, strip it down to the frame and place this on a metal workbench.
  2. After placing this bolt down with gussets, you can also weld it to the table. Now with the help of a chain binder, start pulling this back in a period. It will spring a little in each pulls. 
  3. Other than this, you can take this to a repairing center, where they perform this service in a limited time with a frame repair kit. 


Club Car Precedent frame repair 

The Club Car Precedent frame repair needs some time and effort. 

Steps for Club Car Precedent frame repair 

  1. To repair the frames, you need to buy a proper tool or package of frame repair kit, usually available in the shops. The repairing shops also use these kits.
  2. To repair this, check all the springs, loose nuts, and bolts in your club car golf cart. Inspect all the elements of your golf cart and then check which part has an issue. Replace all the damaged parts or replace them with the new ones. After doing all the things go for a test drive. 


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