5 Tips To Get a Golf Sponsorship Fast

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Golf is fun, but even better when you have a company paying for your equipment! Wondering how to find sponsors to help you with your costs? Golf is a sport where finding a sponsor is possible if you know where to look.

In most cases, if you are starting out, you might not be able to find sponsors during the initial stages. However I recommend you ask a family member to help you with the initial $5000 amount to get you started.

Only if you’re a serious about playing professional golf, should you go searching for a golf sponsor. However, this doesn’t mean that you need be an established name to find sponsors.

Even if you are an amateur having good rankings and standings, you can easily find people willing to sponsor you.

In this article, I will help you understand how to get golf sponsorship’s quickly for beginners.


How to get a Golf Sponsorship

The best way to get a golf sponsorship is to rank in the top 30 in your local golf event. It’s best to start early and aim to perfect your skills during your college days. Try to maximize your rankings, and if you’re ranked somewhere around the top 30, it signifies a good start.

However, if you are hoping for sponsors to find you, you will need to rank within the top 5 for your area or college.

Another suggestion to get sponsorship’s is to participate in high profile events. National level tournaments can be tricky to get in and requires a good deal of skill and practice.

If you can manage to place highly in one of these high profile events, the chances of getting a decent sponsor increase dramatically. Of course, one thing to remember is that you must have a bit of natural talent and skill in order to have sponsors approaching you.


How Do Golf Sponsorship’s Work

What a professional golf sponsorship looks like for a pro player is entirely different compared to how it looks like for an amateur. For amateurs, the costs that come in will barely cover their expenses.

In general, golf sponsorship works on a profit-sharing basis. The company will usually provide all the equipment and have their branding printed on it. This works as a marketing and branding technique.

The other method which companies often use is to demand a share of your winnings. The golfer is expected to pay a certain percentage of their winnings to charity. This will get a high coverage in the media and press release circles.

For professional players participating in high profile events, the winnings are usually high stakes and hence sharing a percentage for charity will not make a big hit to their bank account.


What Golf Sponsorship Looks like for a Pro Player

A professional golf player is generally paid millions for wearing clothing bearing the names of the companies sponsoring them. It may be surprising to note that as much as $1 million dollars are paid to professional golfers just for displaying the name of the sponsor on their hat.

Companies get a lot of Television exposure when their names are displayed on the clothing. Keep in mind, there are a lot of rules and regulations in place when it comes to displaying names. Alcohol and tobacco company names are strictly prohibited.

Earlier when Nike was into making golf balls and equipment, their sponsorship deals stated that the golfer had to use only their equipment and gear. Now, golfers are finding out that they have the flexibility to pick out their sponsors and are not required have to wear a single brand of clothing.


Companies that Sponsor Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments are something every player looks forward to. Be it for the sake of publicity, a better ranking, or finding more significant sponsors. It is indeed surprising to note that the top companies which sponsor these tournaments are from the automobile sector.

The automobile sector alone accounts for a staggering 4.4% of the sponsorship’s. Airline companies and watch companies together account for around 4% of the sponsorship.

BMW leads the sponsorship race with around 27% stakes. The second place in the list is secured by Rolex.

The other categories of industries which are active in sponsoring golf tournaments are banks and companies dealing with alcoholic beverages. Apart from BMW and Rolex, MasterCard, Fila, and Coca Cola are some of the leading sponsors. Companies dealing with sports apparel account for about 2% of the total donations and sponsorship’s.


How to Find a Sponsor for your Event

Finding a sponsor is paramount to the success of any golf tournament. It can seem like an uphill task approaching a company to ask for sponsorship, but you have nothing to lose. To entice sponsors, I recommend you follow the suggested guidelines below.

This is how you get a golf sponsor:

  1. Speak well and don’t be afraid to show your personality. Your marketability off the course is just as important as your skills on the course. Remember to act humble and not make unrealistic demands.

  2. Explain the target audience to the companies and how it can help them bring in more sales.

  3. Give adequate information about the venue, date and expected audience profile. If any high profile golfers are involved, it is essential to mention these to the companies.

  4. Many companies will be willing to sponsor to fulfil their quota of corporate social responsibility. This can be a good starting point while looking for sponsors.

  5. Flexibility will be the key while talking to sponsors. Keep multiple options open and don’t be set on specific companies. Some companies might like to be the trophy sponsor, while others prefer to be your hospitality partner.


About the Titleist Golf Donation Request

Requests for complimentary merchandise depend on many factors. Having all of your requests is highly unlikely. Titleist has formulated a policy which prevents the promotion of complementary merchandise.

  • Product donation:

Innumerable Individual requests for donations from the Acushnet Company are being received on a daily basis, and hence the company is unable to respond to the requests.

However, in good faith and the right spirit, Titleist extends its support to many worthy local and national charities. Some of the charities that are supported by Titleist include Folds of honor, Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation and the United Way.


  • Discount Purchase Program

Titleist offers discounts for their products at various authorized golf shops for aspiring high school golfer’s. Products that can be acquired at a discounted price include golf balls, golf bags and headgear.

You can read more about the program on the official Titleist sponsor page


About the Ping Golf Donation Request

Ping is a significant company which takes pride in sponsoring and donating golf equipment for upcoming and established golfers. A large number of people make requests for free equipment from Ping. For your request to stand out, it is crucial to keep the following factors in mind.

  • Complete details of the event.
  • If any tax exemptions are available, details of those must also be mentioned.
  • The list of items required for the event must be mentioned along with the possible beneficiaries for the products.
  • The event itinerary and if possible, the flyer must also be sent.

It’s important to send these details at least 2 months prior to the commencement of the event. The details should be mailed or faxed to the company office. Ping will contact the people who have qualified for the donation. If necessary, the company may ask for further details.



With an increasing amount of younger players turning to golf as a recreational sport, the audience and awareness about this game are also on the rise. A lot of amateur players look out for donations and sponsorship to help support their games.

Once you have landed a good ranking, sponsors may begin approaching you. It takes a good ranking in one of the significant events to land a decent sponsor.

A lot of companies like BMW, Rolex sponsor major golf tournaments. BMW sponsors around 27% of the stakes in golf tournaments.

If you’re looking to host golf events or competitions, Ping, Wilson, and Titleist can help sponsor equipment for the golfers. Automobile companies and watch companies account for major sponsorship’s in golf.

To rope in sponsors for your tournaments, it is vital to explain the benefit for the company and pick out the target audience.

Due to the changing landscape of media, the Internet is another avenue you may wish to take advantage of. Publishing yourself online can open up additional opportunities for you to get stand out from the crowd and get noticed by sponsors.

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