How to Fix EZGO RXV/TXT Lights Not Working (STEPS)

EZGO RXV/TXT Lights Not Working

Why are my EZGO RXV golf cart lights not working? 

A blown-out headlight fuse is the main reason that your EZGO RXV golf cart lights are not working. An incorrect circuit connection to the headlight fuse can also cause the lights to stop working.

There are times when the circuit wires are torn or worn out. In such cases, the fuse will not receive enough power to power up the lights.

If the fuse does not receive enough power, then it is considered to be blown out. Another cause can be the power from the switch. If the bulb sockets does not power up, then there is a problem with the switch.

It is important to check all these components and replace them if required to get the lights working. 


How to Fix EZGO RXV headlights not working

These are the steps to fix EZGO RXV headlights:

  • First, check all the wires used to establish a circuit connection.
  • Check if the wires are torn or not connected properly. 
  • Use the DVOM to check the amount of power going to the fuse.
  • If there is no power, then the fuse is blown. Replace the fuse. 
  • Examine the switch and check if it is receiving enough power. If the bulbs do not light up, then there is a problem with the switch. 


EZGO RXV brake lights not working

Brake lights are not present with every EZGO RXV golf cart model. However, there is an option to install them manually.

Some EZGO models consist of factory-installed tail lights and brake lights.

If the factory-installed brake lights are not working, check to see if the wiring is connected correctly.

Generally, a loose connection causes EZGO brake lights to not work. If the brake lights were installed manually, check to see if the installation was carried out correctly.  

If brake lights are not present, you can install them manually. However, if you do not know how to do so, it is better to consult a service agent to get this done without any hassle.   


EZGO RXV headlights not working

If the headlights on a EXGO RXV are not working, the main cause is a blown headlight fuse. If the fuse is blown out, the headlights will never work until replaced.

If the connections are loose or the wires are torn, the headlights will not power until you replace the wires. While replacing the fuse or the wires, it is important to ensure that the connections are secure.


EZGO headlights keep blowing out

The major reason for this problem is the wrong connections. Every component of an EZGO golf cart has its own functionalities and wired connections. It is important to establish the connections properly to avoid major problems. 

Therefore, if the headlight wires are connected to the wrong battery terminals, blowing out occurs. The headlights should be hooked to only two battery terminals. If connected incorrectly, the headlights can blow out.

Therefore, you should establish the connections properly and replace the faulty components. For this, you can refer the wiring diagrams given in the user manual. If there is confusion, consult a service agent for guidance.  


Why do my EZGO RXV brake lights stay on?

Sometimes the brake lights on a EZGO RXV will stay on even when the golf cart is switched off. To fix this problem, it is important to install a brake light kit.

There is a wiring diagram given along with this kit. It is important to understand all the connections before starting the installation. 

There is a delay timer that specifies the time after when the brake lights will shut off. This delay timer should be wired properly so that the brake lights shut on time.

The time after which the brake lights will shut is generally mentioned in the instructions manual. You just need to ensure that the timer is connected properly. 


Why do my EZGO TXT brake lights stay on?

If the brake lights on a EZGO TXT stay on, connect a delay timer so that the lights can turn off.

This timer is provided with the brake light kit. If not provided, it can be purchased and installed.

Generally, the brake lights shutdown time is about five minutes. If it is taking longer than that, it is important to check the wiring.

Refer to the wiring diagram given with the kit to solve this problem. Otherwise, consult a service agent for assistance.


EZGO headlights keep dimming

The main reasons why EZGO headlights keep dimming is because of a faulty accelerator, or loose wiring.

When the golf cart is accelerated, there are times when the headlights keep dimming. You should fix this issue as soon as possible as it might result in a bad driving experience.

The major cause of this problem is the wiring. It is important to ensure that all the connections are tight and established properly. Even a small mistake can lead to bigger problems. 

Dimming lights also indicate the presence of a faulty accelerator. Therefore, it is important to troubleshoot the accelerator and replace it, if required. This will help to improve the overall health of the golf cart. 

In addition to these, many other issues, such as a faulty solenoid, improper power supply, blown out fuses, etc. can be the reasons for dimming headlights. 


Why do my EZGO RXV brake lights keep dimming?

The main reason why the brake lights on a EZGO RXV golf cart keep dimming is due to loose wiring.

Circuit diagrams are shown in the user manual. These diagrams are easily understandable and help to establish appropriate connections. 

If the brake lights start dimming, it is important to refer to the circuit diagram once again and check all the connections.

Check the health of the wires as well. If wires are worn out, replace them with new ones.

In addition to the circuit connections, you can follow the troubleshooting steps for various problems related to the brake lights to eliminate major issues. 

If no proper solution is found, contact the service agent to resolve all the issues. 


How to replace EZGO headlight bulb forum

When your EZGO headlight bulb is blown out, replacing the bulb is required.

It is important to get a bulb with the same voltage, as mentioned in the manual. Getting and installing an incorrect bulb will result in other serious issues. 


You can follow the steps given below to replace the headlight bulb:

  • Discard the blown-out bulb.
  • Get a bulb with the same voltage. 
  • Refer to the instructions manual. 
  • Study the circuit diagram and establish the connections accordingly. 
  • Make sure to use good quality wires for establishing the connection.

If there is any confusion, consult a service agent instead of doing it on your own.


EXGO TXT headlight bulb size

If the bulb blows out, it should be replaced with a new one to get the lights working as before.

It is necessary to get the same bulb with the exact size and voltage capacity that there was previously. Otherwise, the replacement will not be successful, and the headlights will never work.

Generally, the bulb’s exact size and voltage capacity required for a particular golf cart is mentioned in the manual.

You can contact the dealer or service agent to get the replacement completed. 


How do you wire an LED light bar to an EZGO golf cart?

  • Remove the rivets in the front splash by drilling them. 
  • Loosen the screws so that the light bar can slide into it easily. 
  • Disconnect the wire harness.
  • Connect the headlight bar brackets. 
  • Use the bolts on the brackets to tighten the light bar. 

You can follow the kit’s instruction manual to achieve positive results. In case a problem arises, contact the service agent to resolve the issue.


EZGO RXV light kit instructions

Before starting the installation, go through the instructions manual to easily finish the installation.

  • The wire harness should be connected based on the circuit diagram provided. 
  • Any components that are supposed to be removed should be disconnected correctly.
  • The headlight or taillight cut-outs should be installed, as mentioned in the manual.
  • Then, connect the driver and passenger headlight assemblies in their respective holes. 
  • Insert the headlights into the cut-outs properly. 

These are necessary steps to follow. Refer to the instruction manual for detailed steps. Contact the service agent in case of any confusion. 


EZGO RXV headlight wiring diagram

The headlight wiring diagram is provided in the EZGO RXV instruction manual. You should follow this diagram during installation or troubleshooting. There are several tips given along with this diagram.


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