Why are my Club Car Golf Cart Brake Lights Not Working?

Club Car golf cart brake lights not working

Why are my Club Car Brake Lights Not Working?

The frequently reported reasons for the brake light not working in a Club Car golf cart is either a faulty brake light switch or loose wiring. You have to check these two first before moving on to anything else.

  • A faulty light bulb
  • Loose or disconnected wires
  • Faulty brake light switch


Malfunctioning Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch is mounted below the Club Car’s pedal. You will have to remove the floor mat to access it. Most people buying a Club Car do not give much thought to the brake lights. The brake light switch does not form part of the light kit if you have ordered one.

This is one reason Club Car golf cart users are surprised when the brake lights do not come on when the brake is applied. On many occasions, the brake light switch may be there but it may not be wired properly. You may find a component like a brake light timer relay missing or malfunctioning and this will need replacement or repair.

While checking under the floor mat check the fuse that is meant for the brake lights as well.

The above applies to the 2010 Club Car Precedent.


The Wires Should be Connected Correctly

If you have ordered a light kit, you will notice a brown wire going out from it. This should be connected to the purple wire from the ultimate harness. This will complete the circuit for the brake light. Also take note of the extra wires coming from the light kit harness. These are usually of four colors – green, red, orange, and blue. Make sure the green and blue wires are connected.


Check the Bulb

This is a no-brainer. If a light does not turn ON, you would check the bulb immediately. In the case of the brake lights in a Club Car golf cart, there are two brake lights at the rear and if both don’t light up, the problem could be elsewhere.

You also need to check that the bulbs are fitted securely and that they are the correct rating of bulb.


Why Do My Club Car Brake Lights Stay On?

The main reason why Club Car golf cart brake lights stay on is because the timer relay in the circuit is failing.

The issue that most users of Club Car Precedent Electric (2010) come across is that once they apply the brake, the brake light comes and stays on even after the brake is released. It switches OFF only when the ignition is turned OFF. 

The problem occurs in cases where the relay failed when in the closed position. It could be the brake light switch as well. You should replace the relay and the problem should get resolved. Some experts contest this as they say if the relay is faulty the brake lights won’t come on when the ignition is ON.

The other reason for the brake lights staying on in a Club Car is the floor mat blocking the brake pedal from gaining its position back. If it remains pressed, the brake lights could stay ON.

You can also confirm if the relay is a timed one, in which case, the brake lights will stay ON for a while before switching OFF. This could be as much as 4 minutes. To verify this, follow these steps given below:

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and switch it ON.
  2. If you find the brake lights ON, wait out the four minutes to see if the lights go OFF.
  3. If the lights still stay ON then you have an issue.
  4. If the brake lights switch OFF after four minutes, that is a normal situation and you have no issue.

In addition to all these, there is a pressure switch in the circuit. It could cause the issue of the brake lights staying on in the Club Car Precedent golf cart.


How to Fix Club Car Brake Lights Not Working?

To fix the problem of the brake lights not working in your club Car golf cart, you have to first identify the source of the problem. It could be any of the switches, the bulbs, the relay, or the wires. You can start with the brake light bulbs to see they are functional.

You can then remove the floor mat below the pedal and inspect it. You should be able to see the brake light switch there. Check if it is connected properly with the wires.

There is a relay below the dash for the brake lights. You must check if it is receiving 12V current for it to function properly.

Whichever step fails the test, you can repair or replace the part and see if the brake lights work or not. Some of the light kits sold in the market may not contain the brake light switch etc. and you will have to order them separately.


Club Car DS Brake Light Switch Install

If you have ordered the LGT-641 Club Car Brake Switch Kit, the following steps will help you to install it on your golf cart.

  1. Inspect the items included in the brake light switch kit you have received.
  2. It should have the wire harness, 2 micro switches, a metal bracket for mounting, and the mounting hardware; once you are sure all the pieces are available, you can start the installation.
  3. You have to remove the brake pad from the pedal. You will notice three screws (1/4-inch); you can slide the pad to one side.
  4. Now, install one of the micro switches, fixing it on the rear of the brake pedal. If you are confused about which one, the one with the longer lead should be installed here.
  5. Ensure that the extra wire is securely fastened to the brake pedal arm and not protruding.
  6. Now you have to install the second microswitch. First, you should mount the switch to the bracket provided in the kit.
  7. Then the bracket should be mounted on the underside of the golf cart. There are holes provided on the cart and fixing the bracket will not pose any problems.
  8. Again, ensure the loose wires are fastened to the frame.
  9. Lastly, you must attach the connector with 2 pins from the kit you bought to the wire harness of LGT-695 which also has two pins.


Some points to note:

  • This LGT-641 Club Car Brake Switch Kit has been designed to operate only on 12V current.
  • Ensure the harness is disconnected before you start the installation.
  • While mounting the brackets, make sure that you don’t overtighten the screws; it can result in the cracking of the microswitch.
  • There is a third wire in the harness in black; let it stay there.
  • The kit is usually supplied with an instruction sheet with diagrams that should make your job easier.


Club Car Precedent Brake Light Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram for the Club Car Precedent brake light provides you with the details required to fit the brake light switch along with the timer. You can do this yourself. Apart from the wiring diagram, you can access the photo-guide to help you with this.

You must understand the colors of the wires in the 9-pin wire harness and how they are connected. This brake light kit also includes the Turn Signal unit (part number TSG UNV 2463K).

First, the 9-pin harness

Pin 1:  Blank

Pin 2:  Orange (it becomes white in the main harness; left hand turn signal/brake light).

Pin 3:  Red, with white stripe (it becomes brown with the white stripe in the main harness; connects to turn signal head red wire and is positive feed from the brown timer wire).

Pin 4:  Brown (yellow in the main harness; right-hand turn signal/brake light).

Pin 5: Blank

Pin 6: White (black in the main harness; connects to 12V battery negative).

Pin 7: Red (connected to X on the flasher and becomes blue with the white stripe in the main harness; also, 12V positive).

Pin 8: Green (becomes red in the main harness; right-hand turn signal).

Pin 9: Yellow (green in the main harness; left-hand turn signal).


You can see that there are 2 blanks here and four go to the turn signal unit and one goes to the flasher. Pins 2 and 4 are relevant to the brake lights.

You should also note how the wires from the timer unit are connected. You will notice the red, black, and brown wires from the timer connecting to the harness. The first one, which is red, goes to the terminal on the brake switch. Note that where the rating of 12V is mentioned, only that level of current must be connected.

Some of the universal brake light kits may have wires of different colors than those described here. Study them carefully before you start fitting the components. 


Club Car DS Brake Light Wiring Diagram

If the brake light kit you ordered for your Club Car DS golf cart carries part No. LGT-641, you have the details above. If the kit is different, the wiring diagram may have the following details.

The Club Car brake light wiring diagram is in three parts, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.

The schematic shows you the view from the side where you can see the brake pedal and the brake pad. A bracket is screwed to the rear of the brake pedal pad from where two wires will go.

One of these wires will go to the NC switch and the other to the COM. As you go down the diagram you will see the section that is below the golf cart’s floor. Here the other parts of the brake light kit are fitted, mainly the brake light switch.

One wire goes to the battery positive terminal and the other to the brake light. The red wire goes to the brake lights and later splits into two to connect to both the side brake lights.

You should be able to follow the instructions and fix the brake light kit on your Club Car DS golf cart. 


Why are my Club Car Tail Lights Not Working?

The reason why the taillights on a Club Car  golf cart are not working is because the bulbs are not receiving power.

A voltmeter will be required to check if power is available. The other method is to use a 12V jumper on the bulbs. If they light up, then there is no issue with the taillights.

You should then check the ground or earth. For this, you will need an Ohmmeter. If both these show no problem, then you should move to the switch to check if the connections are proper. Check if the fuse is working fine.

You must also check thoroughly for any loose wires. In odd cases, the turn signal lights can also cause the tail lights to go OFF.

If none of the above steps work, you must consult a repair shop near you.


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