Fix EZGO Rear End Noises (Grinds, High Pitched, Clicking)

Noise coming from EZGO Rear End

Why is my EZGO making noises from the rear end?

The main reason a EZGO cart can start making noises in the rear end is because of loose bolts, or because the input shaft splines are dirty and need to be greased.

  • Check the input shaft splines of the motor as over time they need to be cleaned or greased.
  • Replacing the bearing of the motor might help.
  • Take a look at the drive motor coupling; May it’s time to replace it.
  • If the splines inside the left drum assembly strip out, your cart may make noises.
  • Problematic batteries can also be the reason behind the noises. Ensures that they are fully charged and running in good health.


EZGO golf cart rear end noise problems

The bearings of a golf cart bare fixed to the differentials, so any problem in that part can create different types of sounds. This is the reason why damaged bearings are the common cause for all of the sounds that occurred at your cart’s rear end.

Type of EZGO Noises

 Troubleshooting advice

Rattling Noises

  • Dirty or un-greased input shaft splines

Grinding Noises

  • Failure of the brake drum, spindle nut, hub mechanism
  • The spacer attached to them under the rear tire on the side of the driver— it is loose.

Winning Noises

  • Damaged Motor bearings
  • Replace the fluid oil

Knocking Sound

  • Check the bearing for damage.
  • Replace the bearing if damaged.

Beeping Noise

  • Bad Solenoid
  • Change the tires


EZGO RXV golf cart makes a clicking noise

The common reason behind any sounds occurring from the rear end of a golf cart is damaged Motor bearings. But it is also for a coach to make noises after a certain period of usage. Well, when a cart gets old, it requires extra care anyway, so let’s get started.


Wheel Bearings

As mentioned before, fixing bearings can stop all kinds of sounds coming from a golf cart. Scrutinize the bearings and try to fix them.



Damaged bearings and loose bolts is the main reason for clicking noises coming from a golf cart.


Friction Modifier

Well, the circumstances can be different for everybody, so do the causes. Maybe this time, a Friction Modifier can save your day. If the friction is much more than usual, then clicking noise can appear on your golf cart. Apply friction Modifier and see if it helps.


Stuck Rocks

It may sound silly, but sometimes we forget about easy solutions. Look if any rocks are stuck on tires. Removing them can eliminate the noise.

Also, look for bad armatures and if there is excess tension in the brake.


EZGO TXT golf cart makes a clicking noise

Here are some common causes of clicking noises of golf carts

  • Bad bearings
  • Problematic rear wheel drums
  • Loose Bolts

Most of the time, troubleshooting can quickly solve golf cart problems. Check the below list and see which one is work.

  1. Inspect the bearings carefully and change it immediately to get rid of the noises.
  2. Check if the problem lies on the rear wheel drums. Replacing them might be a good option rather than. Attempting to fix it
  3. Loose bolts can be the culprit behind your golf cart’s noises. Jack them up.
  4. Make sure you are releasing the brakes completely while the paddle is up.
  5. Greasing or cleaning the input shaft splines can probably solve the problem.



EZGO Marathon golf cart makes a clicking noise

There can be so many reasons behind it. Here we have gathered the most common causes and possible fixes behind clicking noises of your EZGO Marathon golf cart. 

  • Check the fan. Once a golf cart user shared his struggles with the clicking noises of his Marathon golf cart. He said when he took down the fan; he saw a bracket, which was causing the sound. So, maybe you may also find your solution behind the fan!
  • Make sure that the starter belt is doing great or not. If any chunks of it fall, then it can create annoying noises.
  • Clean and grease the input shaft splines.
  • Loose bolts can create sounds and make a part of a vehicle fall off, so tightening them would be an excellent decision.
  • Do not put extra tension in the brakes.
  • Take care of your battery. Make sure there is appropriate water inside them while driving or charging.


Why is my EZGO PDS making a beeping noise?

Beeping noises is the most common problem reported by golf cart users. Usually, these kinds of Sounds are heard while reversing the cart and also sometimes while driving casually. Here are some things you can do to fix it:

  • A bad solenoid can cause more than one problem in a golf cart. So, it is the first thing that needs fixing.
  • Maybe the buzzer wires are gone into the F&P switch. Replacing it can solve the problem.
  • EZGO PDS tires are designed to carry up to a particular load. Maybe it’s been a while since you have used the same tires. Changing it may be the solution. Otherwise, your cart deserves this kind of new gift after so many years of service.


EZGO golf cart makes noise when decelerating

Loose castle nuts are the main reason why an EZGO golf cart makes noise when decelerating.

  • Make sure the castle nuts are tight. If the nuts are loose, the golf cart can make noise while decelerating.
  • The input shaft or the rubber bumper both can be the reason why your cart is making noises. The wheel drums must be alright in order to keep your golf cart noise-free.
  • Maybe your batteries are running out of water.
  • Ask someone who can tell you the best and let him inspect the tires; replace them if you need it.


EZGO golf cart makes high pitched noise

A golf cart making weird noises is a very common issue. Sometimes, these noises reach such a high pitch that it becomes beyond annoying.

Different sounds heard can indicate different issues with your golf cart:

  • If the cart is making whining noises, then it’s not that dangerous. It can signal that your motor bearings should be replaced now, or maybe your cart needs fluid oil.
  • If the EZGO makes a buzzing noise, then maybe it’s because you didn’t let it dry totally after washing it, or perhaps there is some wrong with the F&R switch wires.
  • Clicking noises mostly comes from the rear wheel area. Loose bolts, damaged bearings at the wheel area can cause clicking noises.
  • High pitched beeping noises can be pretty irritating. Maybe a bad solenoid or bad F&P switch or damaged tires is causing it; replace them immediately.


EZGO golf cart making grinding noise from the rear end

In the case of grinding Noises, for most of the golf carts, it’s the bearings.

Sometimes damaged bearings give birth to groaning or grinding noises, and it keeps annoying the cart user while driving.

Here is some troubleshooting you can perform:

  • Find out if it’s the bearings and replace them.
  • Failure in the Brake drum, spindle nut, hub mechanism, etc. can be the cause. Just ask someone to tell you if the nut is acting abnormally or spins when you brake and accelerate at the same time.
  • If the spacer is loose, it can cause grinding noises while driving.


Troubleshooting EZGO steering noises

A noisy steering wheel is not at all something only you are facing; it’s pretty common. Here is a step by step trouble mentioned below; see if it would work:

  1. Remove the steering wheel.
  2. Clean out the bearing with the B12 chemtool spray.
  3. Put white spray lithium grease on the bearing.
  4. Now put the steering wheel back but keep it like that, do not lock it right away.
  5. Now move your steering wheel back and forth and see if it’s still making noise.
  6. In case it’s still making noises, repeat the steps mentioned above again.


Troubleshooting EZGO clutch noises

Some golf cart clutches make noises when the cart is in gear and after closing it when it begins to open. Even if there could be other circumstances, I’m your case, but the issue is the same. So, here is a list of something you can do.

  • Check if your cart needs fluid oil.
  • Ensure the belt is not worn out; if it is, then replacing it could stop the noises.
  • Check if the clutch shaft is alright. If it is damaged, then it will become loose whenever the clutch will open and start making noises. Replacing it can solve your issue.


Troubleshooting EZGO rear-wheel noises

Here are a few things you have to check when hearing rear-wheel noises coming from an EZGO:

  • Examine the tires and rim.
  • Make sure the hub mechanism the rear wheel is fine.
  • The brake drum is not sticking.
  • Bad bearing.


Bad bearing is the leading cause in most cases and so just replacing it can solve the issue. If you find problems somewhere else, then just working accordingly will do the job. But you need to check your cart very carefully and find out the main reason.


2004 / 2005 / 2006 EZGO Noise Troubleshooting

Most of the golf carts make noises due to the damaged Motor bearings or damaged wheel bearings.

A knocking noise and the low oil pressure are the main signs of bad bearings.

If the wheel bearing is bad, then it will make loud noises, something like metal grinding. And the noise will grow louder every time.

If none of the above signs are coming to you, then maybe the gears and couplings, F&R switch wires, loose bolts, solenoid, F&P switch, etc. It can be damaged. Or perhaps your cart is out of fluid oil.

Try to focus on these matters one by one and your problem will be solved within no time.


2007 / 2008 / 2009 EZGO Noise Troubleshooting

The below troubleshooting steps can solve EZGO noise problems.

  • Inspect the cart bearings, motor, gears, and couplings.
  • Change the RE Fluid in the Golf cart.
  • Don’t start driving when your cart is not completely dry after washing it.
  • While washing, it is possible that some water entered the F&R switch. Remove the switches and also the wires and then dry them properly and rewire them.
  • Make sure that wheel bearings are alright.
  • If the solenoid is damaged, replace them immediately.


2010 /20011 / 2012 EZGO noise Troubleshooting

  • Examine and replace damaged motor bearings or wheel bearings.
  • Re-fluid your cart.
  • Make sure the batteries have enough water.
  • Replace the bad tire.
  • Check all the wirings very carefully and immediately change any damaged wire.
  • Make sure the cart is charging correctly and let it changed entirely before taking it out.
  • Replace bad bumper.
  • Check the input shaft splines; cleaning it or greasing it can solve the problem.

After troubleshooting your problem, the noise can go away, but you should still ask someone for a quick check-up of your cart. Sometimes even wrong troubleshooting can lead to bigger problems.


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