How To Release Locked Up Rear Wheels (EZGO TXT/RXV)

EZGO wheels are locked up

Why are my EZGO golf cart rear wheels locking up?

The EZGO golf cart rear wheels can start locking up because of faulty brakes, low pressure fluid, or a bad proportional valve.


Proportional valve not working

When you want to stop the golf cart, an equal amount of pressure is needed to stop all the four wheels. But to stop the golf cart, you need to put more pressure on the front brakes, and that’s why the rear wheels are locking up.


Bad proportional valve

The right proportional valve regulates the amount of pressure applied to the front and rear brakes. By this, you can minimize the rear wheels locking up.


Low-pressure fluid

When you have the bad proportional valve, then the EZGO golf cart won’t offer the same amount of fluid for all the four tires. So, check the fluid levels and bleeder screws of all the four brakes.


Defective breaks

Check the EZGO golf cart breaks, and if it has voltage, then the break is defective. Sometimes I also try neutral and the tow switch to unlock the wheels for a short distance.


Do both wheels spin on a golf cart? 

Both wheels can spin on a golf cart by using the correct kits.

  1. To spin both the wheel of my golf cart, I welded my spider gears simultaneously. As per my suggestion, it’s the easiest way.
  2. When you talk about the kit, then there is a limited kit for the rear ends, so welding up the gear may be the best option for you.
  3. After welding up the tires, you can drive only for the off the road. Most of the people denied to welding their spider gears because of the tight turns.


Why my golf cart wheels won’t turn? 

Golf cart wheels won’t turn because of the stripped axle, issues with an input shaft, and solenoid problems.


Stripped Axle:

Jack up your golf cart by and try to turn the rear wheels; if the wheels don’t turn, then look for a stripped axle.


Service and replacement:

If a golf cart hasn’t been serviced in a long time, the wheels may get stuck. Regular servicing and replacement of damaged parts is necessary.


Problems with input shaft:

Check the area where the shaft connects; if there is a problem on the motor or if this area has been stripped, you need a quick replacement.


Problems on your Solenoids:

If your Golf cart wheels don’t turn after a short period, then there may be a problem on the Solenoids. Replace it as soon as possible.


How do I release locked up wheels on a EZGO golf cart? 

When the batteries of an EZGO golf cart are dead or have too much power, the wheels can lock up. The rear wheels may also lock-up because of bad proportion valve, defective breaks, and low fluid vale.

To release the locked rear wheels on an EZGO golf cart, you have to push the lower part of the brake pedal.

You should jack up the rear end and then remove the rear wheels and tap the brake drums.

If you don’t use the golf cart for a long time, then the pads can freeze to the shoes. 


How to fix issue when your battery is dead

  • To fix the locked wheels of the EZGO golf cart put the key in the off position
  • Switch your Golf cart to tow and lift the cover around it
  • Identify the wires which are labeled as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Check which wire is connected to which one.
  • Now switch the wires as changing its connecting position.
  • Now start your EZGO golf RXV to check whether the wheels run or not.
  • Fix EZGO golf.


Locked up wheels

  • To fix EZGO golf locked up wheels after a long time. First, you have to bark up the right brakes
  • Now jack up the rear end and remove the rear wheels
  • Now tap the brake drums with a hammer
  • Set up the parts again and check whether it’s working or not.


Tools needed to unlock EZGO wheels

To unlock your EZGO wheels, you need various tools or kits like a diagnostic tool, SVC tool and rapid battery tester kit with a barcode scanner.


Diagnostic tool:

With the help of a diagnostic tool, you can unlock your EZGO wheels. With this, you can check the precise fit and function of your EZGO RXV wheels.


Tires & wheels:

If you want to replace the wheels, you can purchase the EZGO wheels from a trusted center.


Rapid battery tester kit:

Choose a Rapid battery tester kit with a barcode scanner to check your EZGO golf cart’s battery.


Digital multi-meter:

This is helpful for diode testing, AC/DC voltage, and battery testing. It comes with additional diagnostic features that help you diagnose the Locked wheels of the EZGO golf cart.


Why EZGO RXV Rear Wheels are locked up?

The EZGO RXV rear wheels locked up because of damage to brakes, low fluid, battery dead, and all.

To fix the issue of locking EZGO rear wheels, replace or repair your brakes; check your proportional valve.


How to Fix EZGO RXV rear wheels locking up

  • To fix EZGO RXV locked up wheels bark up the right brakes
  • Now jack up the rear end and remove the rear wheels
  • Check the breaks if it has an issue then take a few seconds to recover this.
  • Check whether the motor is turning over or not.
  • Use a voltmeter to check to the battery level.
  • Replace the battery if it has died.
  • Reconnect all parts and check your golf cart.


Why are EZGO TXT rear wheels locked up?

The EZGO TXT rear wheels can lock up because there may be differential side gears. Low fluid pressure levels and a bad proportional valve can also cause locking up of the wheels.


How to Fix EZGO TXT rear wheels locking up

  1. First, check both brake cables
  2. Jack up the cart
  3. Use a small drain pan to remove the cover
  4. Check to see if the motor is turning
  5. Use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage


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