How to Adjust Golf Cart Headlights (Dim when Accelerating)

Adjusting golf cart headlights

Why do my golf cart lights keep dimming when accelerating?

The reason for golf cart lights dimming is usually because of loose wiring or a faulty accelerator.

Loose Wiring

 This is one of the most common concerns when it comes to dimming lights. A good example of this problem is when your battery has disconnected wires and is not charging properly.

Loose wiring can cause a drain on your accelerator that will dim the golf cart light. Some of the most well-known wiring issues are loose battery wires, pedal wiring, board computer wiring, and more.


A problem in the Accelerator 

Another issue connected with the dimming of lights in your cart is your accelerator’s problems.

The Accelerator is one of the most important parts of the cart, and when it goes wrong, it can lead to various other complications like the dimming of cart lights.


Troubles with the harness

 The harness that holds the accelerator and the lights are also very important. These harnesses have been put in an ideal location for placement and for them to receive a good flow of electricity. A problem like this is really common and leads to dimming the light when you press the accelerator. EZGO lights dim when accelerating 


How to fix golf cart headlights that dim when accelerating

  • Change the battery on your golf cart.
  • Check wires for any loose connections.
  • Ensure the accelerator harness is attached securely.
  • Replace the accelerator.

When the battery is not charging correctly, it causes the right amount of drain on the accelerator, and every time you accelerate the cart, the lights seem to pulse or dim.

Club Car lights dim when accelerating 

When the club car lights dim during acceleration, it is generally due to low voltage band is actually quite a common problem faced by owners. You will have to test the battery now.

The load tester can do the job for you. However, if you do not have one, this is what you can do instead:

  • Attach a digital voltmeter to the batteries of your cart one at a time. Then, drive the cart a few yards to assess how far the volt is dropping for every battery.
  • This test can also be done while the meter is directly connected to the positive and negative on the main battery pack. This will help you see how far the voltage drops for the whole pack while driving the cart.


Yamaha golf cart lights dim when accelerating 

This is one of the biggest concerns for people who own a Yamaha golf cart. If the golf cart light dims every time you are accelerating, you need to look for the problem and fix it.

 The problem should not be big enough for you to call for a mechanic and be solved at home. Here are some suggestions that will help you:

  • The problem may originate at the accelerator, and this one of the most complicated of them all. Not only does this mean that you are accelerator is running down, but it may also need a more electrical charge. This problem is extremely pertinent for those who have an old cart.
  • Loose wiring can also lead to this problem. There are many ways used wiring comes in the way of riding your cart. You need to make sure that the battery wires are in the proper place so that there is no major drainage in the accelerator. The wiring in your pedal also has to be kept in check as it triggers a search of electricity that may cause dimmer lights.


How to Adjust Yamaha Golf Cart Headlights

When you want to adjust the headlights in the Yamaha golf cart, it is generally with the goal of altering the aim. This is how you can fix the headlights in your golf cart by yourself at home:

  • You will first need to loosen the four screws that hold the headlamp in its place. With the turn signal, you will now be able to turn the signal. This will help you to separate the plastic bezel from the headlamp unit.
  • Now that you have loosened the screws of the brackets, you will be able to adjust the lamp angles.
  • Now you can preposition and aim the headlamp according to your liking.
  • When you feel happy with the headlamp position, you will then have to put on the screws.


How to Adjust EZGO Golf Cart Headlights 

Many people face the problem when the golf cart’s headlights are so bright that it becomes dangerous to drive at night. However, if you want to abide by the law, you will have to make some adjustments to make this work. While most golf carts have adjustable headlights, many do not.

In the case of a EZGO TXT, RXV or Marathon, most of these golf cart models actually do not come with adjustable headlights, which can be unfortunate in many cases. However, if you want to try some innovative ways, here are some of them:

  • You can loosen the mounting screw with the help of a screwdriver and create a safe between them. Also, you can stick a Popsicle or similar object in between to maintain the space.
  • Use a dimmer switch, which will help you control the headlight’s brightness, which is the primary concern.


How to Adjust Club Car DS/Precedent Headlights 

Headlights can’t adjust on most golf carts. However, this poses a considerable risk to those who drive at night as it produces too much light. This can cause the car to come opposite to get blinded by the morning, which may lead to an accident.

The headlight are not adjustable in a Club Car DS or Precedent. However, you can try the following methods:

  • You will be able to find two screws that have plastic shims on them in the headlight itself. You can try to make the shims larger because this will help you make the lamps point down. Although it won’t help you to make a huge difference, some improvement is better than nothing.

If the bracket screws on your Club Car golf cart can be removed, unscrew it and then aim the light according to your preference.


Why EZGO golf cart lights don’t work

EZGO headlights are not working is particularly common with those who have bought a second-hand golf cart.

  1. First check if the headlights circuit is fused. You may possibly find blown a fuse here.
  2. Next, you need to check and see if the headlight switch is getting enough power from the DVOM.
  3. If the headlight switch is not receiving enough power, it may be because of a loose plug, corrosion in the wire, a break in the wire, or if the fuse has blown.
  4. Check to see if the switch’s power supply is active and working correctly.


Club Car golf cart lights not working 

If you find that your club car golf cart lights are not working correctly, it might be a huge concern. You need to check several things from time to time to make sure that this problem does not arise. While this problem can be avoided, if you are already facing it, then you can check for the following:

  • First and foremost, it is vital for you to check if the fuse has blown because this is the most important that supplies power to the battery, which helps to light up the headlights.
  • Next, you need to see if there is ample power coming from the switch. If the button is performing alright, then do check the power outlet as well.

Once you figure out when the problem lies, you can simply fix it with the tools you have or ask a specialist for help.


Yamaha golf cart lights don’t work 

The cause for Yamaha golf cart headlights not working is because the switch connected to the headlight is not getting enough power to it.

  • Check to see if the headlight circuit is fused for some reason.
  • You need to check whether the switch connected to the headlight has an adequate power supply. No power is common with loose plugs, corrosion, or breaks in the wire.
  • Next, you need to make sure that enough power is coming out of this switch.
  • If the switch is performing all right, then go ahead and check the bulb socket as well.

The led headlights of my golf cart are too bright. Why is it so? What can be done?

While golf cart headlights are very useful in the woods because of their brightness, they can be a little overpowering in the regular neighborhood. In fact, they are against regulation at night as you can blind the person coming from the other side as the lights get so bright.

If you want to handle the problems and get a good solution, adding a dimmer is the best way to do so. These are a great easy to alter the cart’s brightness, depending on the place you are and the time of the day. Many seasoned cart owners actually swear by this trick.


Why are my golf cart lights blowing a fuse? 

Golf cart lights often seem to blow up the fuse. Some of the reasons why this must be happening are as follows:

  • The presence of a grounded wire or naked wire may lead to this problem. To fix this, check all the wires and reconnect any, if naked.
  • In the gas pedal, the on and off switch is out of order for several reason. You need to swap the switch for simple solution.
  • There remains a dead short connection right after the start. You can correct this easily.
  • Make sure to tighten all loose connections.
  • The terminals of the battery are connecting to the right posts in order to function properly. You need to check the connections all time.
  • A short may have resulted if the cable from the key switch had gotten too hot and melted the plastic.


What size fuse do I need for golf cart lights? 

10 amps is the recommended size fuse for most golf cart headlights.

All golf carts come with a fuse for the light. However, sometimes the pre-installed ones may not be of excellent quality, which may cause a lot of problems. If you want to buy a new one and install it, you must choose the right size.

10 amps is generally the best size considering the size of the cart. However, nothing higher than 15amp must be used. This may lead to an overheating problem that may cause a short.


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