How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost? (Best Time of the Year to Buy)

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The average cost of golf clubs is between $200 – $400, depending on the type of clubs you need. Golf clubs can cost as little as $2 for a used putter, or $600+ for a brand new driver.

How much you shell out on the club is based on your requirements, needs, and goals. But, you certainly have some options for less expensive golf clubs.

  • On average, golf clubs for casual players will range from $200 to $400, based on the metal’s quality used in the clubs. Partially graphite clubs or stainless steel will be more cost-effective than the titanium ones.

  • Sports Authority provides complete golf club sets for men, which includes mid-ranging brands. The Wilson Tour Package costs $200. It comprises of three iron and stainless steel hybrid irons, three graphite shafted woods and Putter, to complete the package.

  • Golfers can spend up to $400 for Men’s Adams Tight Lies. This package consists of a titanium driver, oversized heads for Iron and low fairway woods.

  • You can have some expensive golf clubs as well, costing around $800! Even the professional clubs can cost you $1000 and more for irons, which makes a single component of a complete set.

  • There are higher-end golf clubs available for women from TaylorMade and Adams. Here, the ranges will vary from $600 to $800. The 20s set from Adam has titanium driver, two hybrid woods, two low fairway woods, a putter and several irons, and will cost $800.

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Price of Golf Drivers

New golf drivers from reputable manufacturers will cost you $250 to $600. The branded golf drivers are a bit more expensive. But, there are some less famous brands available as well, with low rated golf club drivers. This is where you’ll find new drivers for as little as $120 (USD).

Budget drivers will work correctly for amateur golf players but don’t expect optimal distances or accuracy. A brand new set of irons can cost you anywhere on average between $400 -$1200.


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Price of Golf Putters

High end golf club putters can cost you around $400 and more, even though you can get a quality one at lower rates, such as $120.

Even some e-commerce sites like Amazon are selling putters for as low as $35. The putters have perfect balance with the alignment tool.

  • The package will have a head cover included in it. Some of the top-rated putters will cost you around $110 from brands like Callaway. The rates will vary from $110 to $125.99, depending on the golf putter.

  • The number one putter in golf is from Odyssey called the STROKE LAB SEVEN PUTTER, which will cost you $249.99.

  • Another expensive putter is the TaylorMade Spider X costing you $349.99.

  • You can invest around $359.95 for a golf putter from EVNROLL ER Range. Such putters will last long if you’re looking for something new and powerful. The price will vary based on the model selected.

  • A slightly less expensive option is the PING Sygma 2 range putter, which is priced at $217. It comprises of Mallet putter with an adjustable length shaft.


Price of Golf Irons

The cost of Golf irons will range from as low as $114.99 to $1399.99 for professional clubs.

Of course the price will depend on the brand you have selected. Some e-commerce stores are selling major brand irons sets at bargain prices. Professional clubs can cost you over $1000  just for the irons.

  • The Callaway Steelhead XR Irons will cost you $399.98, after discount. Its original price is within $499.99 to $599.99.

  • The TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons, made out of Steel, costs $399.99. The prices are subject to change, based on the available discounts. The high end golf irons from the same company will range within $599.99 to $699.99.

  • There are cost-effective golf irons available from Callaway as well, costing at $87.50.

  • Another significant brand is Cobra F. The Steel based gold irons will cost $599.99. Right now, it is available at $349.99 after discount. This amount is flexible and for a limited time only.

  • Callaway comprises of multiple types of golf irons, each with a separate price bracket. The Rogue Individual irons are made out of graphite and will cost $126. The same company has Rogue irons but with Steel, and those are a bit expensive. These items range from $787.99 to $899.99.

  • However, the Callaway Women’s rough irons will cost less, within a range of $99.99 to $125.99. These products are made out of graphite. So, it seems that men’s golf irons are way expensive than the ones made for women.


Price of Golf Wedges

The Golf wedge is a versatile club in golf as it can be used in the fringe, fairway and the rough. It can even be used in a sand trap. The average price of golf wedges is $140 USD.

 Among the available options, the Titleist Vokey SM7 provides you with the versatility you need at a high-performance level. It is an expensive golf wedge, which will cost you $149.99.

  • You can have the best Wedge for spin control. Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedge is an example of golf wedge, with an innovative design and grooves on the clubface. The price of Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedge for men and women is the same at $149.99.

  • Another exciting example of golf wedge is Mizuno S18, which features well-balanced design to help a golfer with missed shots. These wedges are easily available from the e-commerce store like Amazon at $149.95.

  • Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth is yet another example of durable golf wedges, known for its carbon steel construction. These wedges are not quite expensive as the previous ones and will cost you $139.99 worldwide.

  • The Wilson Harmonized wedge is one inexpensive golf wedge, which does not have a design with various features like the ones mentioned before. It is a perfect wedge for average players to help save some bucks. It is available at Amazon for $26.16.


Price of Golf Hybrids

The hybrid golf club is a perfect combination of iron and fairway wood. These items are easier to use than long irons. The average hybrid golf club will cost around $199.99.

I prefer Callaway Rogue 2 Hybrid club, known for its Jailbreak technology and speed face cup. 

Another interesting example of golf hybrid is the Taylormade Golf 2018 M4 Rescue Hybrid 3. I prefer this one when I don’t have enough money to spend on Callaway Rogue 2. This product costs around $130, which is still high but few dollars less than the Rogue 2.

 Adams Golf Tight Lies 4 Hybrid is yet another golf hybrid which costs similar to Taylormade Golf 2018.

  • Callaway Rogue Hybrid is the best

Callaway is a well-known brand when it comes to golf clubs and also highly rated. This Rogue Hybrid is available in the right or left-hand orientation with senior flux. It has a single shaft material called synergy. This product has four different lofts for configuration and comprises of 17, 19, 21, 24, and 27 degrees. 

Jailbreak technology uses two steel bars for making the body stiff. Furthermore, this club is easy to launch straight and further when compared to other alternatives. That’s why the price of this hybrid golf is pretty high.

  • TaylorMade M4 Hybrid

If Callaway is not your favorite brand for golf clubs, you can try out TaylorMade anytime. This TaylorMade M4 Hybrid is the competitor of Callaway and has multiple loft options, such as 19, 22, 25, and 28 degrees.

This product is part of the latest upgraded version, M4. Apart from that, TaylorMade has M3 and M2 models as well. M4 clubs are used for all shot types and are easier to launch from any given situation. This top-rated hybrid club is perfect for every golfer, whether novice or a pro. In terms of technology, the Taylormade M4 is quite similar to the Callaway one. But, the price differs a bit, as mentioned already.

Apart from these two major competitors, you can get Adams Tight Lies Hybrid, Cobra King F7 Adjustable club, and Pine Meadow Excel EGI, as some of the other best examples of hybrid clubs at separate rates.


How Much Should You Spend On Golf Clubs

There are multiple options for golf clubs. Each one has a specified feature, which adds more to the pricing. If you are wondering how much you should spend on golf clubs, read along.

  • The Store’s range for OEM gear

To me, this is the last option to consider. They are not bad, but the product’s quality is not up to the mark. The golf clubs are not universal and won’t fit all players. If there is no discount, you can easily spend $300 or more on just a driver.

On average, the cost of new OEM club will be around $1900. The driver will cost you $400, hybrid one $200, Fairway wood is at $200, Wedge at $150, Iron set at $800 and Putter at $150.

  • Branded OEMs from the Clearance section

These products are not as new as the previous ones. But based on the age of the golf club set, you can get around 50% off on the products. However, these golf clubs are not fitted and won’t have the same benefits. If you want, you can retrofit these clubs, but at an extra expense.

  • Golf clubs from eBay

For me, eBay is a life savior. Here, I was always welcome with new deals from reputable sellers. If you want, you can try Craigslist as well, but I haven’t tried it personally. On eBay you will find multiple options and at flexible rates.

  • Purchasing from a Local Golf Club Fitter

The cost of such golf clubs from local club fitter can get a bit tricky. The price will vary as everyone has different labor rates already set. The prices of golf parts will remain the same, but the difference will be in labor charge.

Some people can easily triple the cost and can even add extra charge for ferrules, tape, electricity, and more.

I have a simple rule to determine the price while purchasing golf clubs from local club fitter. I add the costs of parts and then add $25 as labor charge.

If you’re wondering how much you should spend on golf clubs, it is hard to find any definite answer.  It can be as low as $50 if purchased from eBay or any e-commerce store, or the price can hike up to $1000 and more for the rare Japanese models.


Should You Buy New or Used Golf Clubs

From my personal experience, I can tell you that a custom-fitted shaft will have a significant effect on performance.

If you have enough money to spend, then buying a new one will be the right choice. But, if you are starting as a novice, then used golf club is an excellent alternative to save money.

Once you are well-aware of the game and ready to advance, you should visit a qualified custom fitter to help you with the perfect golf club.

 These golf clubs are brand new and will cost you a few bucks extra for the customized work.

  • Used golf clubs if maintained well can be in proper condition and resold at reasonable rates. With a little bit of research and guidance from your golf friend, used clubs can fit your match.

  • However, before you purchase a golf club, you should think about how serious you are about the sport. If your aim to play good enough for a business outing or friendly matches, then your priority will be value.

    If you want to put in some extra time and become a master in golfer; spending extra money on fitted and high performance gear will be the better option for you.


While Buying used Golf Clubs

If you are just starting out playing golf, buying used golf clubs can save you hundreds of dollars. Before you go purchasing used clubs; keep the following suggestions in mind.


Quality of the Used Club

As the golf clubs are pre-owned, there will be some signs of blemishes. You have to check out various wear and tears before the final purchase.

  1. Check whether the club heads are loose or not. If loose, then you should purchase the club.

  2. Next you have to check the groves in iron heads to determine if they are not worn out.

  3. Don’t go for the clubs which have rust on them or dents.

  4. Avoid the graphite shafts with large nicks on them as well.

  5. If the grips are worn off, you can easily replace it with new ones.


  • Get the perfect Fit

Fitting the clubs to your body type is essential. Maximum clubs are available with standard length shaft. However, if you’re over 6 feet and 6 inches tall, then your golf shaft should be an inch longer. The standard clubs for women are an inch shorter than men and also light in weight.


  • Look for the ones with modern designs

Don’t avoid the sets with advanced golf technology in it. There are some inexpensive sets available,.

Look for the wood clubs with larger club faces. For the irons, you should check out perimeter weighting first. It helps the beginners to practice slow and less accurate swings. You can even try out the hybrid clubs. These clubs have metal woods, which are easier to hit.

  • Try to purchase a half set

A Standard golf club set comprises of eight irons, a putter and three woods. If you are new to golf you don’t have to spend money on a full set. You can easily save some money by purchasing a partial set. A partial set will comprise of four irons, two woods, and a putter.

  • Aim for the Best Putter

Whether you are purchasing a new putter or a used one, feel free to check how the club feels in your hand. It needs to be comfortable and well-balanced. 

Remember to set a price on your mind before you purchase a golf club set. It can be a new set or an old one depending on the amount you are comfortable to spend. No matter whatever choice you make, remember to check the quality first before proceeding further.


When is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs

There is no doubt that golf can be an expensive sport. Whether you have you been playing golf for years or have recently take up the sport, you’ll want to keep reading to learn my secrets in buying golf clubs at the cheapest prices possible.

Choosing the right golf clubs is very important to be able to play the game well. However at the same time, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by carefully picking the right time of year to buy your equipment.

So when is the best time to buy your golf clubs?
The winter season is the best time to by golf clubs as the temperate drops and rainfall increases. The colder months of December, January and February are the cheapest months to buy golf equipment as prices decrease by at least 30%.

Not all golf clubs are created equally. A beginner golfer won’t select the same clubs as someone who has is more experienced. Furthermore, an intermediate player shouldn’t select the same clubs as a professional player.

Golf clubs are not only made to different quality standards, but if we got even deeper, specs such as loft angle and club head speed can differ from club to club.

This is why it’s crucial to first decide on the correct club for your experience level and playing style.

Once you have selected the correct club based on your style of game, then you can begin looking for good deals.

Although golf clubs are sold and are available all throughout the year, there are better months of the year to buy them.

The secret to buying good golf clubs at low cost is to first look at the current weather conditions where you’re located.


Buying Golf Clubs During Summer

Golf is generally played during the summer months when the weather is sunny and dry.

Much like gyms experience a surge in gym membership signups, a flock of new golfers tend to come out of the woods once the summer season begins. This makes summer the most expensive time to purchase golf clubs.


Buying Golf Clubs During Winter

Winter is generally a time when golfers go into hibernation. Heavy rainfall and snow can make playing golf very difficult. This is the time you will need to take advantage of lower prices.

Golf clubs go on sale during the winter season in December, January and February. These months are when you’ll find clubs on sale at the cheapest prices.


The Best Time of Year to Buy Golf Clubs

While there is no such thing as the perfect time to buy new equipment, knowing when the golf clubs will be available at a discounted cost can really help in saving quite a bit of money. Golf equipment does not come cheap. So, it is vital to know these facts.

October and March are considered ideal for buying new golf clubs. This is because the winter sales will offer a lot of discounts. When you buy in March, you get a lot of time to practice during the Summer months.

When do Golf Clubs go on Sale?

If you’re like many amateur players, you will eventually learn to identify the best times to buy golf equipment. All golf stores tend to offer golf clubs and other such equipment on sale for the customers. You will need to identify the stores and also the times of these sales. This comes with practice.

Most often, the holiday season like Thanksgiving will see a lot of stores putting up huge offers on their products. In some cases, the stores may give store credits instead of direct discounts. But even then, it is absolutely worth waiting for these times, to buy the necessary equipment.

Another thing to note is during the launch of new golf clubs. Whenever new equipment or clubs are launched to the public, the companies and stores will want to stock up and market their new products. For this purpose, they will offer their relatively old stock on discount.

The start of Summer and Spring will see golf store shelves stocked heavily with the latest club designs. This might be a good time for you to look into their relatively old collection.

Online stores also offer excellent discounts throughout the year. You can easily compare the prices and chose the website which provides the maximum discount, all from the comfort of your home.


When are New Golf Clubs Released?

There was a time when the big companies used to stick to preset schedules when releasing their new collections of golf clubs. Every year on the same day or at least the same month, these companies used to come up with these new launches.

But with more and more companies offering a variety of features, the competition has grown where companies no longer stick to such a rigid schedule.

In general, you will find that the companies will be announcing their launches somewhere in the season of fall, for their official release in winter. You will be able to get your hands on them before the tournaments in spring.


When Does the New Equipment Come Out?

Companies don’t follow a fixed schedule for the launch of new golf equipment. However the summer months of November to April to June see the highest number of new golf clubs released.

Many golfers will wait for sales or the launch of new products to replace their old equipment. This does not limit itself to golf clubs but also extends to other related golf equipment as well. A lot of people are confused as to when they should replace their existing equipment. There is no such pre-defined expiry for the clubs.

If you use a club or driver which is more than 5 years old, you might find it too outdated for use in the tournaments. It has been found that using the latest drivers and technology can make a significant difference in the level of one’s game.

This doesn’t mean that every time a piece of new equipment is launched, you need to go and buy it. You will need to find the optimum balance between the tech aspect and the usage.



Golf is a game that involves a lot of intricacies. It sure is an expensive game. Every golf club and accessory costs upward of $1,000. These are not small investments, anyone can make. The golfers make sure that they choose their equipment wisely.

It is essential for beginners to understand their strengths and weaknesses before buying a lot of stuff. There is no particular season or time of the year when new launches occur. You will need to follow up with the companies or other golf news sites to know about launches.

Buying new golf clubs during winter is the best time to make a purchase as there will be a lot of discounts being offered due to being the off-season. This can help you save quite a bit of money.

While it’s tempting to buy the latest and greatest golf club, unless you’re a professional; it’s not needed to buy the absolute best. Casual players should spend wisely and not go overboard on a club where you don’t have the necessary skills to take advantage of any benefits the club provides.

There are hundreds of different clubs that you could buy, which makes it difficult to choose the best one club. I recommend looking at this list of My Favorite Golf Clubs to help you.


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