How to Fix a Wet Golf Cart that Won’t Run (After Washing!)

Golf cart won’t run after getting wet

Why won’t my golf cart run after washing?

Excess water can cause blockages or damaged to a golf cart which can cause it to not run after washing it. Washing a golf cart can damage the F/R switch or put holes in the battery casing causing the golf cart to stop working.

  • Make sure to blow out excess water.
  • Don’t get the F/R switch wet
  • Steel-clean your golf cart.
  • No water should make contact with any electrical connections and wires. 


Can you wash a golf cart? 

You can wash a golf cart, but you must be gentle and avoid exposing electrical wires to water. Power cleaning using a hose or jet, should be avoided.

Remember to park your golf cart in a shaded location as sunlight can cause the soap to dry too fast. 

A golf cart’s exterior is covered with a layer of clear coating. So, you should always avoid abrasive cleaning methods.

A golf cart has more exposed parts than a car. Don’t blast your hose at the golf cart, and, make sure that the seats don’t get wet. 


Can electric golf carts get wet? 

Yes, electric golf carts can get wet. You can use water to clean your golf cart. But you must be cautious with the exposed parts and electrical parts.

You do not want the vital parts of your cart to get wet.

Golf carts can even run in wet conditions at times. They do come equipped with a roof and wipers. But special attention should be given to the batteries, which should be properly locked. 


Can you leave a golf cart in the rain? 

No, golf carts are not explicitly designed to drive in the rain. They tend to sink into the mud and sometimes even worse, like spinning out of control or sliding.

After being in the rain, the cart won’t respond, and you’ll have to give it time to dry out. Do not let the golf carts sit in the rain for too long. 


Can a golf cart be left outside? 

You can park your golf cart outside if allowed in your neighborhood, the weather is suitable, and it is not raining. Even if you park the golf cart outside, make sure to park it under shade or in a shed. 

If you wish to park it outdoors, then you must have a cover or protection from the elements like dust, heat, and sunlight.

Custom-made covers can be bought from the store or online, which will cover your golf cart adequately from top to bottom to keep it safe. 


How to troubleshoot a flooded golf cart

Remove dirt from the fuel 

You might find that there is excess dirt in the fuel leaked because the valve isn’t closing. Replace the valve, or you can install new filters to keep the fuel clean. 


Valve Replacement

Check if the valve is working or not. If you find that it’s not, then you need to replace it. 


Fix the fuel system 

To manage the widespread flooding of fuel, you can try replacing or adding new fuel to see if that helps. 

If that doesn’t help, then a damaged float pin or the wrong fuel level can be the problem. In that case, replace the pin and adjust the float bowl. 


Can you pressure wash golf cart batteries? 

No, it is usually advised not to power wash a golf cart battery. There are a few obvious reasons for it. 

  • The spray will be too hard on the battery for it to handle the pressure. 
  • Sensitive terminals, casing, and cables can get damaged easily. 
  • You can even puncture a hole into the casing of the cart’s battery, which is not what you want. 


How to fix an EZGO that won’t run after washing 

An EZGO golf cart that is exposed to water can damage the electrical components of the golf cart. 

  • Make sure there is no water around or near any electrical part. Use compressed air to dry out the parts quickly. 
  • Let the cart sit for a while till it completely dries and then try again. 
  • Also, check if the solenoid is working properly or not. 
  • The other problem can also be with the main controller, and for that, you will require a Curtis PMC handset for recovering. 


How to fix a club car that won’t run after washing 

Make sure that the Club Car DS/Precedent golf cart completely dries out. Use an air blower to help the drying process. 

You can also use a fan for blowing on the engine compartment. It takes a few hours or a few days, even for the water to evaporate completely. That is the only and main solution for the cart to respond. 

You will also have to check the spark plug. Put the plug in the spark plug cap and ground it. Then, crank up the engine. 

Once you have checked the spark plug, fully drain the carburetor to inspect the fuel for any water. 


Yamaha G16 golf cart won’t run after washing batteries. 

Look out for any water evidence on electrical components and connections of the Yamaha G16 golf cart.

  • Remove the cover from the electric box on the front of the engine and let it dry out.
  • Use compressed air to remove excess water from the wire connection nooks and crannies.
  • Ensure that there is no water inside the airbox.
  • Pull the spark plug then crank it up to ensure that the cylinder has no water. 


How to pressure wash your golf cart

  • It highly depends on the model of the golf cart and the battery. Some categories can be highly sensitive, in which case, it is advised not to pressure wash your golf cart. 
  • If you wish to pressure wash anyway, you should remove the controller first and then wash your cart. 
  • Do not get water on the F&R switch. 
  • Take care of the sensitive parts, and then the rest of the cart can handle a good pressure washing. 
  • Avoid hitting the microswitch and the throttle signal. 


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