Golf Cart Roof Supports Troubleshooting (Shakes/Cracks)

golf cart roof supports

Types of Golf Cart Roof Problems

  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Shaking
  • Loosening

Just like your cars, golf carts also come with different problems that require replacement and repair. You may encounter golf cart roof issues like cracks, holes, shaking, and loose.



Cracks in your golf cart roof can cause damage when rainwater enters into the batteries and other parts. It’s best to use good plastic to avoid such problems. You can use plastic repair adhesives or fiberglass repair kits to fix cracking problems.



Golf cart roofs are necessary to prevent rain and sun from damaging. Holes in a cart allow rainwater to move inside, causing improper engine functioning, battery and solenoid damages, etc.



Golf cart roof shaking occurs when there are welding problems. When you move around bumpy roads or in bad weather conditions, you can encounter this problem. Adding support can fix this issue.



Two bolts are securing in a golf cart that supports the roof. It loosens when it gets hit on a bump, so you can use longer bolts and nuts to tighten it.


How to extend the golf cart roof?

You can find golf cart roofs in different lengths ranging from 54″ to 112″ based on passengers’ numbers. With multiple roof accessories available, you can add one for a more comfortable ride

Option-1: You can check your golf cart or passenger accommodation year and buy an extended roof accordingly. You can choose the correct one which can help passengers to stay sheltered from rain and sun.

Option-2: Besides, you can take the help of a PVC pipe to make it fit with the Classic Accessories 4 passenger enclosure along with EZGO roof extension brackets. I recommend having a good golf cart roof that can provide optimum protection and convenience.


Why is my golf cart roof shaking?

The shakiness in a golf roof cart occurs due to loosened screws and bushings. Furthermore, it can arise when your roof doesn’t conform to its recommended specs and is over tightened.


How to fix a shaking golf cart roof:

  • You can use OOK 1/2- 1/4 in. small clear plastic self-adhesive bumpers for tightening can provide better protection.
  • Use a wide rubber strip fitting to your roof channels and place it with the help of glue.
  • You can also add a rail to your roof channel in case of Club Car golf carts.
  • Another is using the flat washers to cart’s spacers.
  • Else, you can seek professional assistance and have your cart weld for corner supports.


How to tighten loose golf cart roof support

When you move through bumpy fields, it leads to loosening of your roof bolts. If you notice your roof cart nuts being stripped, it means there is loose roof support.

  1. Tighten the bolts present on your roof support.
  2. You can find the two bolts below the plastic trim cover that requires tightening.
  3. Use OEM bolts that can fit your golf cart. If you have a Yamaha Golf Cart, then you can go for its strut studs costing $15.99 to fix the issue.
  4. Another method is to try one bolt from the driver’s side.
  5. Use bolts according to your model and year. Selecting the correct mounting stud for your roof struts is highly essential.


Methods of repairing the holes on your golf cart roof

Holes in a golf cart roof can damage other parts when contact with rainwater or direct sun. The most affected ones are batteries, engines, and solenoids.

Fix this issue by using:

  • You can use a fender washer to fix these issues. Although It’s similar to that of a standard washer, it consists of a larger diameter to center the hole.
  • Place the fender washer underneath the roof’s bolt when tightening. Fender washers are available in different sizes; you can buy one according to your needs.
  • Cover fender washers with paint or caps and use it on your cart roof for repairing holes.
  • You can also use any gel substance to fill the hole and then drill it out to place the bolt inside it.


How to repair cracks on a plastic golf cart roof?

You can repair a crack depending on the size and selecting the glues based on your roof plastic for better results.

For a small crack, repair it by using the exact type of glue. But, for larger cracks, you need to take the help of fiberglass repair kits available in every auto parts store. You need to work more on sanding to cut down excess glue for best results for this process.

  • First of all, drill out the cracked area in ‘V” shape and insert a plastic weld on the rear. You can take the help of plastic tape on the front side to break the weld.
  • If you have a cart roof made up of ABS plastic, you must search ABS glue available with most plastic model kits. It will help in softening the area connect cracks.
  • With the ABS sheet used for backer strips, you can use them behind cracked surfaces to stiffen the glue. If necessary, you can repaint that area for greater outputs.


How to repair a EZGO Golf Cart Roof

EZGO is one of the leading golf carts requiring proper maintenance to work in the long run. Mostly EZGO roof repairs are done through a fiberglass repair kit. If you have holes, minor or larger cracks, using a fiberglass repair kit is a great solution to your needs.


  • Open the crack with a ‘V’ shape and grind the particular area with a disk grinder’s help.
  • Cover the edges using sandpaper and use a brush to clean the surface in case of dust and lose materials.
  • Wet out the cracks using 105 Epoxy Resin hardening mixture as its reliable and ideal for these conditions. Moreover, it’s suitable for fiberglass and other variety of metals.
  • Now, make a solid mixture to apply on the surfaces.
  • Remove excessive mixture and allow it to restore thoroughly.
  • Then, sand the surface again to make it smooth and remove any ridges or bumps.
  • Finish the complete process by applying wet sand, gel coat, or with paint. Make sure to strengthen the laminate to minimize flexing.


How to repair a club car golf cart roof

You can repair your club car golf cart roof by visiting an auto repair supply store and purchasing a repair kit based on your roof type, whether fiberglass or plastic. You can get a variety of epoxy glues to fix both fiberglass and plastic roof types.

Plastic roof: 

  • Start the process by grinding cracks and holes from both sides.
  • Tape the holes from the backside.
  • Fill the surfaces with a thick mixture from the front-end and put a coating inside it.
  • After that, take out the tape that you had applied inside.

It’s best to use Bondo professional 2-part component glazing fillers because it can blend with plastic, fiberglass, and other metals.


Fiberglass roof: 

  • First of all, wipe out the cracked surface using white spirit as It’s an organic solvent.
  • Once it becomes dry, apply sand to make the area smooth.
  • Take Bondo professional 2-part component glazing fillers and coat the surface.
  • Finish the complete process by applying a gel coat or paint it using epoxy resin.


What club car roof struts do I need?

Selecting a club car roof struts depends on its model type. It would be best to buy roof struts that can fit your cart roof perfectly without any problem.

In DS’s case, the backside struts mount to the cart roof similar to that of the front side. It requires the molding of a channel to the bottom surface, with the bar ending horizontally towards the roof. On the other hand, in Precedent, the bar ends vertically towards the roof.

Extended roofs should opt for a candy cane strut set that can fit 89 club car models. Moreover, you can make some alterations to your mounting attachments to fit it to your existing struts, whether DS or Precedent.


EZGOroof weight limit 

The recommended EZGO roof weight limit is 50 pounds. You can transport objects that are light without any cracking issue. Adding more objects can overstress your cart and lead to failure.


Can I paint the roof of a golf cart?

You can paint your golf cart roof, but you have to consider a few things to obtain high-quality results. First of all, you require purchasing some spray paints that will cost around $50.

  • You need to Set-up an area to perform painting work.
  • Collect basic things such as sandpaper, drop cloth, spray paint, necessary tools, and personal protective equipment.
  • Remove the roof using a screwdriver to perform the painting work. You can reattach it upon completion.
  • Smooth it with sandpaper.
  • After that, use spray paint to cover the cart roof entirely without leaving any gap.
  • Once you are done with spraying, let it dry and settle for about three days.
  • When you notice it’s completely dried, reattach the roof to your golf cart.


Types of Paint That I Can Use On My Golf Cart Roof

When you think of performing painting work for your golf cart, it’s best to use acrylic spray paint to enhance the look. Using acrylic spray paint will stick perfectly to your cart roof and remain the same for a longer period.

I would recommend using thick paints that can last longer as well as withstand every weather condition. Acrylic paints are designed in such a way to withstand heavy rain.


How to paint the EZGO roof

You can paint your EZGO roof by using acrylic, plastic primer spray paint, and plastic-fusion paint. You can select base colors and add custom patterns to it.

Steps involved:

  • Start the process by scrubbing the surface through sandpaper. You need to perform the scrubbing work in a circular motion.
  • Wipe down dust and sand from the surface using running water. You can use a hose for spraying water.
  • Allow the roof to dry and keep it under direct sun.
  • Mix spray paint and plastic primer making a thick paste.
  • Apply the mixture to your roof surfaces and re-apply for a darker look.
  • Let it dry and finish up the task with a sealant coating for a glossy appearance.


How to paint a Club Car roof?

The painting process for the paint club car roof is similar to ezgo. It includes acrylic, plastic primer spray paint, and plastic-fusion paint.

Steps involved:

  • Gather all necessary tools and paints according to your preferences.
  • Use a spray gun that costs around $200-$1200 for having a controlled pressure. You can also use spray cans that fit your budget.
  • Start with primer and apply a base coat of your desired paint. Repaint up to 2 coats for getting darker shade.
  • Let the paint settle for about 72 hours to receive excellent outputs.
  • Once dried, reinstall it to your golf cart.


How to paint Yamaha G16 roof

Unlike the EZGO and club car, you can use similar paints to your YamahaG16 roof.

  • Clean your golf cart roof using scrubbers and brushes.
  • Let it dry under the sun.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth your cart roof surface and clean it with water.
  • Once dried, wipe the surface using a cloth to remove any dust.
  • Now, apply primer and dry it.
  • When the primer dries, do sanding through a P1000 grit paper.
  • After that, apply paint and let it settle for three days.
  • Finish the painting activity by applying a clear coat protector.


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