Why Is My Golf Cart Charger Clicking On and Off?

Golf Cart Charger Clicking On and Off


Why Is My Golf Cart Charger Clicking On and Off?

Your golf cart charger may be clicking ON and OFF because of a bad battery, a bad connection between the charger and the battery, or low water battery levels.

  • Bad battery
  • Bad connection with the charger
  • Water level too low in the battery
  • Charger issues


A faulty charger can also cause the golf cart charger to make clicking sounds.


Bad battery

  • Check the voltages of the batteries to find out if it is above or below the normal range. Any issue with the voltage can cause the charger to give out a clicking sound. When the battery is charged to the desired voltage, the clicking stops.
  • If the voltage is too low, then in some cases, the battery won’t start at all. So if the cart is working, then the problem could be a minor fluctuation in voltage.


Bad Connection

  • If the terminals of the battery are loose or the wires have worn out, then the charger might make a clicking noise. Tighten loose terminals and replace worn-out wires.
  • Check the wires connecting the charger to the battery as poor or loose connection can also cause this problem. Change the wires if they appear worn-out or tighten them if they are loose.


Water level too low in the battery

It is important to check the water level in the batteries. If the level is a little low, it can cause the batteries to malfunction and trigger a clicking sound in the charger. You need to top up the required amount of distilled water for the batteries to work fine.


Charger issues

If the charger cable is bad or has worn out, you will need to replace it to stop the clicking noises.


How to Tell If My Golf Cart Battery Charger Is Bad?

You can tell if your golf cart battery charger is bad if it doesn’t charge fully but is functional or the charger gives out some clicking noises at regular intervals.

Acid stratification is another common cause for a failing battery charger. The acid settles down at the bottom of the battery causing the upper half to run short of the necessary electrolyte.

  1. Use a voltmeter to check the charger output. If the reading shows above 12 volts, then you will need to replace the charger. This kind of issue usually occurs in Yamaha golf carts.
  2.  Open the fuse cover and take the fuse out gently using a screwdriver. Try inserting a new fuse and check the charger. If it works correctly, then the issue is with the fuse of the charger.
  3. If you feel that issue is due to acid stratification, then gently tilting the battery can help to raise the acid level from the bottom half. This might help resolve the acid stratification issue.
  4. In the case of an EZGO cart with a Powerwise charger, the most common problem is the charger handle wearing off. Check the ends for a clip-like structure and see if it has worn out. Replacing this will solve the issue.


Why EZGO Battery Charger Is Clicking?

The EZGO battery charger is often clicking because it’s not working properly or the charger cable is worn-out or water level is too low in the battery, all of which could result in a bad connection with the cart.

  • If the water level in the battery is too low, then the cart might give out a clicking sound. Topping up the water to the desired levels stops the clicking.
  • Replace the charger with a new one or with another one from a similar cart to see if the issue is resolved. If the clicking sound stops, then you will know that the problem was with the charger. Getting a new charger will solve the problem.
  • If the pH of the battery is not as desired, then the charger might not work properly. Such issues are usually common in the case of an automatic Powerwise charger. Changing the charger usually helps in resolving this issue quite easily.


How to Fix the EZGO Golf Cart Charger Which Keeps Clicking On and Off?

You can fix the EZGO golf cart charger that keeps clicking ON and OFF by checking the voltage ratings and water levels of the batteries. You may also need to replace the charger.

If you’re not sure of doing the steps mentioned below by yourself, then you’ll need to get the golf cart checked at a professional service center to understand the issue.


Tools Needed

  • Voltmeter
  • Stick to check battery the water level
  • Substitute charger
  1. Check the voltage levels of the battery using a voltmeter. If the voltage reading is either high or low, then you can safely assume that the problem lies with the batteries. Replacing the batteries will solve the issue.
  2. Check the water levels of the batteries using a stick. If the levels are low, then adding some distilled water will stop the clicking noise. Battery draining out fast usually occurs in gas carts like EZGO TXT.
  3. If none of the above methods work, then replace the charger. Most often, doing a charger replacement will get the noise to stop and fix the issue. This is usually the case with EZGO TXT and EZGO RXV models.


How To Fix A Club Car Charger That Clicks But Doesn’t Charge?

A Club Car charger that clicks but doesn’t charge can be fixed by checking for an issue with the voltage in the wall receptacle or with the battery.

Most of the Club Cars use a Power Drive charger. The battery not getting charged is a common issue with this type of charger. Checking the common options like the charger, battery, as well as wall receptacle, can give you an idea as to what is causing the issue.


Tools Needed

  • Voltmeter
  • Safety gloves


Some of the common steps that can be done are checking for the water level or checking for the acid buildup in the battery to rule out any kind of battery issues. You can also do the following.

  1. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage reading of the wall receptacle. Most often, there may be no power in the receptacle.
  2. Take the black and grey wire from the back of the cart and touch the negative terminal of the battery. Wear safety gloves before trying this out. This should show a reading in the voltmeter. If you don’t notice a reading, there is a problem with the battery.
  3. Try using an alternate charger to see if the issue is fixed. Sometimes, the rectifier in the charger may not work correctly. This is a common occurrence in the Club Car DS 48v models. Replacing the charger fixes the problem.


Why Is My Yamaha Golf Cart Charger Clicking On And Off?

Your Yamaha golf cart charger clicks ON and OFF because of a charger that is connected incorrectly.

  • An incorrectly plugged-in charger could be a major reason for the noise.
  • One or more of the batteries having a voltage less than the normal range can cause the cart to emit clicking sounds.
  • The battery charger may not be giving out the required voltage output for the cart to charge effectively. This can cause the charger to make a clicking sound without charging the golf cart.
  • A failing onboard computer can trigger the clicking sound and prevent the golf cart from getting charged.

It’s always advised to check for any loose connection between the charger and the battery as well as the wall receptacle.

Loose connections are often the  reason why the cart refuses to charge but the charger makes clicking sounds.


How To Fix A Yamaha Golf Cart Charger That Just Clicks On And Off?

You can fix a Yamaha golf cart charger that clicks ON and OFF by checking for loose wire connections in the charger as well as the batteries.

Make sure that the charger is plugged in securely in the wall receptacle and all the battery wire connections are tight and intact without wear and tear.

Tools Needed

  • Safety gloves
  • Voltmeter

Make sure you use safety gloves before attempting to repair any connections. If you feel that the procedure is difficult or are unsure of what to do, then it is better to get the cart checked by a professional service center.

  1. Check the voltage in all the batteries of the cart. If one or more voltages are significantly lower, then the issue lies with the batteries. Replacing the batteries will solve the problem. If your batteries are still covered under the warranty period, you can get them replaced for free.
  2. Check to see if the problem lies with the charger. Try using a new charger of a similar model in place of the old charger. If the charger works fine, then replacing your existing charger will solve the issue easily. This problem occurs quite often with the Yamaha YDREX4 model.
  3. Check the voltage at the wall receptacle. Sometimes, the wall receptacle might not give out the necessary voltage. Fixing the supply at the receptacle will resolve this clicking noise.


Why Powerwise Charger Clicks But Won’t Turn On?

The Powerwise charger clicks but won’t turn ON because of a capacitor that might have gone bad or a defective meter in the charger. The clicking sound can also be due to a faulty relay in the charger.

  • A bad capacitor
  • Defective meter in the charger
  • A malfunctioning relay


The clicking sound is very rarely due to the batteries. Often replacing the charger will resolve the issue.

The click sounds that you hear could likely be from the relay. You can check using an ammeter to know whether the current is passing through or not.

  1. Try using a replacement charger to see if the issue is due to the charger. If the new charger works fine, then the old charger may have a bad capacitor or a defective meter. You will have to change your existing charger for the cart to work.
  2. Check if there is current flow through the relay of the charger using an ammeter. If there is no reading in the ammeter, the relay is defective. A charger replacement will solve the problem.


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