How to Fix a Golf Cart that Keeps Shutting OFF Randomly

Golf cart keeps shutting off

Why Does My Golf Cart Keep Shutting Off?

When a Golf Car is shutting off without warning, it’s because of low battery voltage, dead batteries, or because the solenoid coil is overheating.

  • Low battery voltage: Sometimes a dip in the minimum voltages of both batteries causes the Golf Cart to turn off randomly. It is best to use a voltmeter and check if the voltages of both batteries are reaching the bare minimum mark.
  • Coil of solenoid: The coil attached to the solenoid of the Golf Cart may get too hot and bypass the functioning of the solenoid. That may cause a glitch which may end up in the Golf cart causing stutters while being used.
  • Change of batteries: Are your batteries running for almost 10 years? Then it will be better to get the batteries changed and see if the problem is sorted. We have found many Golf Carts running properly post getting new set of batteries.


Why does my golf cart cut out at full throttle?

A golf cart may cut out at full throttle due to a faulty solenoid that needs replacing, or having too low of a battery voltage.

  • Solenoid needs replacing: It may be that the solenoid of the Golf Cart may have developed some glitches due to which it is not responding at full throttle. Replacing the solenoid helps in most cases but it is advisable to get it checked at an authorized service center.
  • Battery voltage is too low: In many instances, the batteries may not be carrying adequate amounts of voltage to keep the Golf Cart in running order. The voltages of the batteries should be checked via a voltmeter to see if it is reaching the minimum level of voltage to keep the golf cart in running order.


How to Fix a EZGO golf cart that keeps shutting off?

EZGO Golf Carts may sometimes turn off while being operational. The ways to fix a EZGO are stated below:

  • Check the Solenoid contacts: The wires connecting the solenoid may not have electricity flowing due to which the Golf cart is getting abruptly shut off. It is recommended to change the wires connecting the solenoid and check if the problem gets sorted.
  • Change the batteries: Remember when you last changed the battery set of your Golf cart? It may be that the battery set is being continued since inception. An eroded battery set may also be one of the more probable causes of the EZGO Golf cart to keep shutting off.

The above methods should work in most EZGO golf cart models like the Marathon, Medalist and TXT.


How to Fix a Yamaha golf cart that keeps shutting off?

Yamaha golf carts also have been known to show signs of shutting off in frequent intervals while in use. Let us go through some of the probable reasons of the glitch:

  • Changing the rev limiter wires: Sometimes changing the wires that come out of the rev limiter and get connected to the coil feed wire connects to the other side of the oil switch. The wires usually pass through the wire loom holder over the drive clutch.
  • Replace the Solenoid: The case may be that the solenoid of the Golf Cart needs to be replaced. It has to be checked whether the voltage persists across the large terminals and the contacts of both wires are not connecting any longer.

The above methods should get your Yamaha golf carts on the move, be it the Golf Cart Fleet 2012 or the Yamaha G20 or Yamaha G9.


Why does my Golf Cart Shut off while driving?

We have heard a lot of Golf Carts getting powered off and eventually shutting down while being on the move.

Some of the likely causes include:

  • Fault with the controller: It may be that the controller is getting disconnected from the solenoid or may be falling out of the solenoid. It is advisable to check the connections out there to check if the wires are getting disconnected.

  • Check the V-Glide Unit: It is also important to check if connections to the V-Glide unit of the Golf cart are connected correctly.

    First check whether the wires and connections to the V-Glide are properly done without any loose ends. If any dust has accumulated, it has to be properly cleaned since the dust may cause the throttle to cut off when in full potential.

Try to adopt one of the above techniques and should get the glitch sorted in all popular golf carts like the EZGO series, YAMAHA series etc.


2002 EZGO Golf cart keeps shutting off

The 2002 model of the EZGO has been reported to be getting shut off and the same feedback has come from a lot of customers across the USA. But don’t worry, as following a few easy steps is all that’s needed.

  • Incorrect amount of throttle: Most controllers have a minimum voltage that it requires to function at optimal levels. If the current voltage is just above the limit, the golf cart will end up jumping. Again, when the voltages go down, it will hit minimum and all the power that is gained shall be lost. Be easy on the throttle to keep the voltage at minimum level.
  • Dead Batteries: post completion of charging if the batteries do not hit the minimum level of voltages, chances are that one or both batteries are dead. Try changing the battery set to check if the problem gets sorted.

One of the above methods should hold good for all 2002 EZGO Golf carts in the market.


2003 EZGO TXT/RXV Golf cart keeps shutting off

The 2003 EZGO models, be it the TXT or RXV reportedly get shut off while in use. Follow one of the following ways to get it sorted:

  • Change Modes: Change the mode of the Golf Cart to “Diagnostic”. Then put the key to “Off” and change the “Run/Tow” option to “Run”. Then change the FNR switch from “Reverse” to “Neutral” at least 5 times. There will be another series of beeps to indicate the fault code.


2008 EZGO TXT/RXV Golf cart keeps shutting off:

The probable reasons along with solutions of getting the 2008 EZGO TXT and RXV in running order are briefly stated below:

  • Change the Controller: The most common reason for the abrupt shutoff is the damaged controller in the Golf Cart. The controller may be getting too much heated and the thermal temperature is rising. The best bet would be to replace the controller and check if it works fine.
  • Tires are too large: 22 inch tires that come with most EZGO Golf Carts sometimes increase the overall thermal temperature of the vehicle. Try replacing with smaller sized tires to check if the temperature drops.


2009 EZGO TXT/RXV Golf cart keeps shutting off

The probable reasons along with solutions of getting the 2009 EZGO TXT and RXV in running order are briefly stated below:

  • Solenoid is faulty: Some of the 2009 EZGO carts did not come with the latest versions of solenoids. It is better to install the latest version to check if the problem is solved.


2001 Club Car DS Gas keeps shutting off

The probable reasons along with solutions of getting the 2001 Club Car DS in running order are briefly stated below:

  • Replace the speed magnet: The first check should be done on the speed magnet if you are using the 2001 Club Car DS Gas. In most instances, this particular model has features breakage of the speed magnet and then holding onto the screw. Try replacing the magnet to be sure if the frequent shutting off gets sorted.
  • Check the MCOR: The Motor Controller Output Regulator (MCOR) can be one of the reasons behind the Golf cart getting cut out at full throttle. Based on the motions on the pedal, the MCOR shares the impulses to the motor controller unit. It needs to be checked if the MCOR is working at optimal capacity without being broken at any part of it. If found broken, the MCOR needs to be replaced to sort out the issue.


2008 Club Car Golf cart keeps cutting out:

How to troubleshoot your 2008 Club Car golf cart when it keeps cutting out:

  • First take the DVM and put the red lead on the strip wire (either blue/white) and the black lead on the negative of the main pack
  • Check to see if the pack voltage is showing at 48 vdc.
  • Now time to do the opposite, place the black lead on the strip wire and the red lead on the negative. Then check to see if the voltage is clocking at 48vdc.
  • The solenoid should then be ideally getting closed. Check if the resistance is at 2 ohms, if not replacing the solenoid is the only solution.


Club Car Precedent cart keeps shutting off

There may be various reasons of the Club Car Precedent to keep shutting off, let us discuss on few of the common ones:

  • Check voltage of the batteries: Use a voltmeter to check if both batteries are showing the minimum voltage requirements to keep the golf cart in running condition.
  • Change the batteries: If the Golf cart is shutting off at regular intervals, it is time to check if the batteries are doing fine. The batteries, if has signs of any sort of erosion on the exterior, it is better to get a new set of batteries and check if the issue is sorted.
  • Beep Codes: If the golf cart starts beeping suddenly, check to see if the number of beeps matches the codes present on the cover of the Golf Cart.


Yamaha G2 golf cart keeps shutting off:

The Yamaha G2 Golf Cart may keep shutting off due to one of the following reasons:

  • Loose solenoid wiring: The first check should be done whether the wiring on the golf cart is in right condition. Check the wiring done in the solenoid or the F&R switch, remove any sort of dust that may have accumulated and try reconnecting.
  • Check the fuel line: There may be a crack in the fuel line or air may have accumulated inside the fuel tank.


Yamaha G16 golf cart keeps cutting out

The Yamaha G16 Golf Cart may keep shutting off due to one of the following reasons:

  • Check the air box: Yamaha golf carts are known to be susceptible to leaks in the air tank. So as an owner of a Yamaha, it has to be checked if the air box is completely sealed and if any type of gas has come in contact with the filter.
  • Keep the engine in neutral: Change the engine output to “Neutral” and try applying less degree of throttle inputs. It has to be made sure that the throttle gets closed when the gas is let off.


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