EZGO Micro Switch Troubleshooting

Testing EZGO golf cart micro switch

What Does a Micro Switch do on a Golf Cart?

The micro switches on a golf cart are used to control and protect the components through electrical signals. Micro switches play a critical role in the acceleration and reversing of a golf cart.

To make the golf carts lightweight, most of the makers including Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha have increased the usage of micro switches in their golf carts.

Of the many components micro switches control on a golf cart, below are three of the most critical examples that can explain what micro switches actually do on a golf cart.


  1. Accelerates the golf cart

A micro switch on the accelerator pedal gets activated once the pedal is pushed. This sends a signal to the solenoid and in turn more power to your wheels to make them move faster. These micro switches are more common in electric golf carts.


  1. Starts the engine

In gas golf carts, a micro switch located on the accelerator pedal triggers a signal that will start the cart’s engine. The cart will run without any problem as long as this micro switch remains active.


  1. Moves the golf cart in forward and reverse 

The forward-neutral-reverse switch on a golf cart is a micro switch that is triggered when the golf cart is supposed to move in the reverse direction. It will trigger a buzzer that will indicate the golf cart’s reverse movement.


How to Test EZGO Micro Switch

The micro switches on an EZGO golf cart can be tested by conducting a test for continuity using a voltmeter. There are multiple switches on an EZGO golf cart and the following step-wise guide can help you test all of them.


Step 1 – Access the Micro Switch

Most of the micro switches on EZGO golf carts including the EZGO TXT, EZGO RXV, and EZGO Express are located beneath the cart near the chassis. You have to unscrew the cover and access the switches.


Step 2 – Connect a Voltmeter

The micro switch will have two wires connected to it. You’ll need to connect a voltmeter to check the voltage on the supply side and the output side. Remove the wires from the micro switch terminals and connect the voltmeter after checking the polarity.


Step 3 – Check for Continuity

With the switch in its original position and in the alternate position, check the readings in the voltmeter from the micro switch. If the voltmeter reads continuity in either switch position, your micro switch is working fine and the problem may be with the connected component.

If the micro switch fails the continuity test, you’ll have to replace it.


Step 4 – Reset the Switch

Once the continuity test is completed, remove the voltmeter and connect the two wires back to the micro switch.


EZGO Micro Switch Problems

Micro switches usually run efficiently and do not need much attention. A bumpy ride, a wrong wiring or a defective component can cause the micro switch to stop performing as expected. A list of common problems associated with micro switches in a golf cart is given below.

  • The mechanical switch gets stuck and doesn’t turn over when charged.
  • A faulty micro switch can make the wiring around it go out of place.
  • A defective micro switch disturbs the overall power flow in the golf cart.
  • A faulty micro switch leaves the nearby components damaged due to a low or unrated power supply.
  • A dislocated micro switch can disturb the normal operation of other components.


How to Fix EZGO Micro Switch Problems

To make sure no further damage is caused to your EZGO golf cart, it is necessary to address a bad micro switch at the earliest. The below three-step procedure can help fix a bad micro switch.


  • Locate the Micro Switch

Check the position of the micro switch in your golf cart using the user manual as a reference. If the micro switch is out of position, rewire it to the expected position.


  • Test for Continuity

If the micro switch is in its expected position, conduct a continuity test as mentioned above by connecting a voltmeter across it.


  • Replace or Bypass the Micro Switch

If the micro switch fails the continuity test, you can get it replaced by a technician or have it bypassed if you’re not willing to spend on a replacement straight away.


EZGO Bad Micro Switch Symptoms

  1. No Starter Action

The golf cart stops responding to the accelerator pedal if the micro switch stops functioning.


  1. Uncontrolled Speed Changes

The EZGO golf carts, including the EZGO RXV and EZGO TXT, show uncontrolled speed changes and fail to drive at a constant speed in case of a bad micro switch.


  1. Stopping and Starting

EZGO golf carts tend to stop and start while running when there is a problem with the micro switch.

In case you face any of these troubles in your golf cart, the first thing you should do is test the micro switches in your golf cart and have them fixed at the earliest.


How to Bypass Micro Switch on an EZGO Golf Cart

The below steps show you how to bypass the micro switch on a EZGO golf cart:

  1. Set the EZGO golf cart to service mode and lift the rear wheels to access the underside of the golf cart.
  2. Using a jumper wire, jump the power from the 48V positive terminal to the small positive terminal on the solenoid.
  3. Turn the key of the cart to the ON position and press the accelerator.
  4. Check if the wheels are turning normally.
  5. If the wheels aren’t turning, recheck the jumper connections and try steps 3 and 4 again.


How to Replace an EZGO Accelerator Micro Switch

Micro switches are easy to locate in EZGO golf carts, which make the replacement a hassle-free experience when you have to do so.

The below steps can be followed to replace the accelerator micro switch on most of the EZGO models. The steps remain the same for all models with only the location of the micro switch changing for different models. You can find the location of the micro switch in your golf cart in your cart’s user manual.


  1. Locate the Accelerator Micro Switch

Refer to the user manual of your golf cart and locate the position of the accelerator micro switch. In most of the EZGO models, it is located on the bottom side of the cart near the accelerator pedal.


  1. Access the Micro Switch

Unscrew the outer covering and access the two terminals of the micro switch.


  1. Unscrew the Micro Switch

Once you have tested the micro switch and are sure about replacing it, go ahead and remove the micro switch by unscrewing it and removing its terminals.


  1. Replace the Micro Switch

Once the old micro switch is out, fit the new micro switch and connect its two terminals correctly with the right polarity wiring.


  1. Re-seat the Covering

Once the new micro switch is installed, re-seat the outer covering that was removed to access the micro switch. Turn the cart ON and check if the micro switch is working as intended. If not, reopen the covering and recheck the wiring.


How do I Bypass the Reed Switch on My EZGO?

You can bypass the reed switch in an EZGO golf cart by connecting the red wire of the reed switch to the white wire from the charger receptacles and to the red wire from the FRN micro switch.

  1. Disconnect Supply

Ensure that the main power supply is disconnected before accessing the reed switch and charger receptacles.


  1. Open the Cart Charger Receptacle

Disconnect the red coloured wire that comes from the A+ terminal of the charger receptacles.


  1. Open the Reed Switch

Cut the white-colored reed switch wire. Try to ensure that the white wire is cut as close to the reed switch as possible.


  1. Bypass the Reed Switch

To bypass the reed switch, remove the reed switch and install an eyelet on the white wire that was cut short in step 3. Connect the new eyelet to the A+ terminal of the charger receptacle which was opened in step 2.

The above steps ensure that the reed switch is safely bypassed on your EZGO golf cart. However, it is necessary to make sure that the charger doesn’t remain connected while the cart is driven.


EZGO Accelerator Micro Switch Location

The accelerator micro switch serves a different purpose in EZGO gas golf carts and thus has a different location. On EZGO gas golf carts, the accelerator micro switch is located behind the forward-reverse lever and right below the seats under the mat near the accelerator pedal.

You can access the EZGO accelerator micro switch by removing the four P1 Phillips screws that hold the top covering in place.

Once the top is removed, the micro switch can be seen along with the throttle sensor.

The micro switch is located at the same place for almost all EZGO models including the EZGO TXT 48V Electric, EZGO RXV 48V Electric, EZGO Elite TXT, EZGO Elite RXV, EZGO Express S4, EZGO Express S6 and EZGO Express L4.


EZGO Micro Switch Wiring Diagram

As per the EZGO micro switch wiring diagram, there are four wires coming out of the main micro switch. The wires are divided using two individual spades.

On one side, there is a white wire which connects to the ignition shutoff module and a black wire that connects to the key switch and also goes to the ground.

On the second side, there is a green wire which also connects to the key switch. There is a red wire which connects to a fuse and the FNR switch. When the cart is set in reverse gear, the red wire sends a signal to trigger the reverse buzzer.

While at rest, one side of the switch is expected to remain open. The side with the green and red wires remains open when the cart is at rest. This remains the same for almost all of the EZGO golf carts including the EZGO TXTRON EZGO Elite and EZGO 48V carts.


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