King Cobra F7 Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

What year was the Cobra King F7 Driver released?

Following on from the success of the F6 range in 2016, Cobra has continued with its pursuit of innovation and excellence with the release of the F7 and F7+ drivers in 2017.


Cobra F6 VS F7 driver

They have made the clubs lighter by using Carbon Fiber. The result is a high MOI driver and more weight to the head.

By removing the FlipZone and CarbonTrac movable weight systems seen on the F6 range of drivers, the F7 range has managed to add an additional 2 grams by moving to a three-weight system on the sole rather than the sliding weight positions found on the F6.

The updated E9 face technology has paved the way for the removal of the Speed Channel featured in the previous range and with the same varying thickness helping on those off-center hits.

While the same length as the F6 at 45.25″ and 0.25″ longer than the F6+, The F7 range also offers a slightly shorter 44.25″ shaft for players looking for a bit more control and consistency.

The F7 is available in Black, Silver, and Blue, while the F7+ is only available in Black and Blue.


Cobra Connect Technology -Innovation in Partnership

Partnering up with Arccos to provide this first in club connect technology is a step in the right direction in a world ever more obsessed with the marriage of data and digital!

The F7 range is THE VERY FIRST CLUBS TO COME WITH Cobra Connect – an innovation that allows you to connect to an app on your smartphone that tracks ALL YOUR DRIVES! The sensor in the butt of the club offers the player an insight into the performance like no other.

According to Cobra, this is the world’s first ‘connected golf club,’ and outside of the effect it will have on your driving and golf ball, the ability to have your drive data available at your fingertips is worth its weight in gold!


Cobra F7 driver adjustment


Are the Cobra King F7 Drivers adjustable?

The F7 driver is adjustable by moving weights around. There is a single 12-gram weight that you can move into the three different slots to affect the result of the shot.

The other two 2gm weights simply fit into the empty slots left.

The MyFly8 SmartPad, as seen on the earlier F6 range, F7 offers a fantastic range of adjustments.

The shorter 44.25″ option ships with two 12gm weights, and while this does limit the adjustability, it does offer more fairways with greater control.


Cobra King F7 Driver Adjustment Chart

One of the obvious standouts is that the F7+ is a 455cc head rather than the 460cc standard. By making a slightly more compact option in the F7+, Cobra offers a fully adjustable product for the more skilled players while taking nothing away from performance.











Right and Left Hand

Right and Left Hand

Right Hand Only


Cast 8-1-1 Titanium

Cast 8-1-1 Titanium

Cast 8-1-1 Titanium


Cast 8-1-1 Titanium

Forged 8-1-1 Titanium

Forged 8-1-1 Titanium


Carbon Fiber

TeXtreme Carbon Fiber

TeXtreme Carbon Fiber





Swing Weight





Lamkin R.E.L 360

Lamkin R.E.L (Connect) Black

Lamkin R.E.L (Connect) Black


Graphite : Matrix Red Tie 60Q4

Graphite : Fujikura Pro 60

Graphite : Fujikura Pro XL R8 61

Head Volume




Stock Flex

X / S / R / Lite

X / S / R

X / S / R

Loft / Trajectory Settings

9.0° / 9.5° / 9.5°D / 10.5 / 10.5°D / 11.5° / 11.5°D / 12.0°

9.0° / 9.5° / 9.5°D / 10.5° / 10.5°D / 11.5° / 11.5°D / 12.0°

8.0° / 8.5° / 8.5°D / 9.0° / 9.5°D / 10.0° / 10.5°D / 11.0°


Front and Back only

Front, Back, Heel

Front, Back, Heel


Is the Cobra King F7 Driver forgiving?

As with the earlier F6 and F6+ range, Cobra’s new weight settings and positions are suitable for these less-than-perfect strikes. If accuracy is more important than distance (which in golf it should be), the average player will still enjoy good results from the slightly off-center hits.

The F7+ is not as forgiving as the F7 but still offers forgiveness with the weight set in the Maximum MOI position at the back.


How do I adjust my Cobra King F7 Driver

Adjusting the settings on the driver, whether it’s the weight position or the loft, remains as simple as it always has been.

To adjust the weights, simply remove them using the tool provided and insert the 12gm weight into the slot to achieve your desired result.

The replace the lighter 2gm weights into the empty slots.

Adjusting the loft is also simple. Unscrew the head from the shaft until you have enough room to wiggle the driver around through the loft slots. Select which degree of loft/draw you want, slip the shaft back into the head and tighten it. One click of the tool is all you need, and you’re ready to go!


Cobra King F7 Driver hosel adjustment

The eight adjustable settings on the hosel on both F7 and F7+ give the player a great range of settings to fine-tune shot results with little or no effort.

From the higher starting point of 9° on the F7 to the slightly lower standard setting of 8° on the F7+ and three draw settings available in each club, you can fine-tune loft and shape as you want and add more by positioning the weights accordingly.

As a general guide, for each increased/decreased degree of loft, your trajectory will change +/-0 .7 degrees, and your spin rate will change up to 300 rpm.


What do the weights do on a Cobra King F7 driver?

The weights on the Cobra King F7 driver change the forgiveness, trajectory, and spin.

By moving the 12gm weight to the back slot, you move the CG away from the face, giving a higher trajectory, more forgiveness, and more spin.

With the 12gm weight in the front, a lower trajectory, lower spin, and less forgiveness with the CG set forward.

Placing the 12gm weight in the draw slot will give more draw to the ball flight.


Cobra King F7 Driver draw setting

Both the F7 and the F7+ have three draw settings.

The F7 has them at 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5° settings, and the F7+ has them at 8.5°, 9.5°, and 10.5°. Remember that increase or decrease o these settings will change both the trajectory and spin on the shot.

The F7+ is aimed at the lower handicap players who want consistency and don’t need as much forgiveness but still want good workability and flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

The F7 gives the higher handicap players the forgiveness they need and the choice of settings for both shape and flight.



As a company constantly pushing the limits in design, adjustability, and the integration of ‘smart’ technology while still offering a genuinely affordable club, one can only marvel at Cobra’s continuing commitment to improving its driver offerings every year.

From the launch of the F6 range in 2016 and now the F7 range with all of the changes and innovation in design and material, Cobra is blazing the trail and pushing its competitors to step up.



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