Callaway RAZR Fit Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

How Do I Adjust My Callaway RAZR Fit Driver?

You can adjust the Callaway RAZR Fit driver using the Opti Fit Hosel. The adjustable hosels allows for the face angle and loft to be changed to suit your swing.

Back in 2009, the world of golf and its drivers would change forever. TaylorMade’s R9 adjustable driver had just been introduced and took off. The players gravitated to the idea of changing the angle of their driver’s face without having to fine-tune it in the pro shop.

Callaway waited patiently in the wings before they revealed their very own adjustable driver, the RAZR Fit. Let me explain how easy it is to adjust the Razor Fit Driver yourself.

Alternatvively, you can adjust the Opti Fit weights, included in the clubhead’s sole, which shifts the clubhead’s center of gravity and fine-tunes your ball’s flight and trajectory.

Callaway has always been a pioneer when it comes to introducing new technology in its products. Think back to their Hex technology that offered dimple patterns and a core technology that improved spin separation of the ball. They were the first to introduce interchangeable shafts in their drivers with their I-Mix line of clubs.

When constructing the Calloway RAZR’s composite crown, they spend years developing this technology with Automobili Lamborghini. How cool is that?


How To Adjust A Callaway RAZR Fit Driver?

When the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver was introduced in 2012, it took the golfing world by storm. Amateurs and professionals alike used it to increase their driving results.

Golfing pro Ernie Els was one of the first pro golfers to start using this driver. It’s not like the “Big Easy” needed any help with his swing, but golf is a game of inches, and he liked what the RAZR brought to the table, as did many others.

Callaway’s slogan “Change your driver, not your swing “was the perfect way to promote the RAZR Fit driver.

Before adjustable drivers came onto the scene, most golfers had to go through a back-breaking process to find the perfect driver to match their swing.

From golfing lessons, frequent trips to the local club fitter for minor tweaks here and there, and visits to the golf shop was a regularity in many a golfer’s life.

Trial and error were how you fixed your swing and got to the right driver. It cost a lot of money, more importantly, countless hours, that you could have spent on the course.


Callaway RAZR Fit Driver Adjustment Chart

RAZR Fit Driver SettingMeaningAdjustment SettingLoft
OOpenOpens club face 2.5°-0.8°
SSquareStandard SettingStandard loft
CClosedCloses club face 1.5°+0.8°


How To Adjust The RAZR Fit’s Club Face?

The RAZR Fit is made with Callaway’s acclaimed OptiFit adjustability system that allows for changing the ball’s trajectory with each different setting, and is easy to use. The system allows golfers to manually adjust the club’s face angle to three address positions:

  • Open
  • Square
  • Closed

When purchasing your RAZR Fit driver, it will usually be in the square position (S). Feel free to test the driver out with this setting to see if it matches your swing technique.

If you prefer that the clubface looks a little more open at the address, switch the setting to the open position (O). Should the setting not feel right, you can switch the setting to a more closed clubface when addressing the ball. Switch the setting to the closed position (C).


How To Switch Between Settings?

The setting adjustments are controlled via a cog – this is a rotating section of the hosel that alters the angle of the shaft axis in relation to the head.

Moving the cog to the different settings will change the face’s address to the ball.

Use the special wrench that you received with your purchase. Loosen the screw at the club’s bottom (the part that goes into the shaft) and adjust the cog as needed.

Rotating the cog will give you the chance to see what your preferred address is when hitting the ball.

Rotating the cog does not move the shaft, which means that the shaft’s graphics and grip reminders stay the same, even while the club’s face angle is being adjusted.

  • Setting the club on the open position (O) will open the face with 2.5 degrees.
  • Setting the club on the closed position (C) will close the face with 1.5 degrees.
  • Setting the club on the square position (S) will keep it in the neutral squared-faced position.


How To Adjust the Weight of the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

The RAZR Fit comes with an OptiFit weight system that allows you to shift the clubhead’s center of gravity, which allows you to fine-tune the flight and trajectory of your ball. There are two weights that you can adjust, and they are situated in the clubhead’s sole:

  • One weight weighing 2 grams.
  • One weight weighing 12 grams.


The neutral setup regarding your RAZR Fit driver weights would be to have the 2-gram weight inthe heel of the club, and the 12-gram weight in the toe. Should you be looking at drawing the ball from the tee or fighting the slice, move the 12-gram weight to the heel and the 2-gram weight to the toe.

Adjusting the weights can be done by using the wrench. The wrench should be included in the purchase of your driver.


Callaway RAZR Fit Driver Adjustment


What Other Technology Is Used In The RAZR Fit Driver

When Callaway designed the RAZR Fit driver, their mission was not to compromise the club’s performance in any way.

Adding the simple adjustability function would only be a success if the rest of the club’s design was of the highest quality and precision.

The end-product did not compromise the club’s performance in any way and the rest of the components added to the overall performance.


1) Revolutionary Forged Composite

Callaway used a forged composite in the crown that is lighter and stronger than titanium. The composite contains over 7 million turbostratic carbon fibers. It allowed the engineers to precisely control the thickness of the crown and resulted in an optimal center of gravity and a very high MOI (moment of inertia).

The MOI measurement (grams per centimeter squared) indicates how much resistance a clubhead has to twist. The higher the MOI, the better, as the club will be more forgiving when hitting the ball outside of its sweet spot.


2) Streamlined Surface Technology

Incorporated into the RAZR Fit’s design is an innovation called streamlined surface technology. This innovative technology addresses the variations in the complex aerodynamic flow during the driver’s entire downswing, from the transition right to the point of contact.

It reduces the club’s energy loss due to drag by up to 14%. This reduction in drag will lead to more club speed which will lead to further driving distances.


3) Speed Face Frame Technology

Callaway used the RAZR Fit to debut the overemphasized shaping of the clubface together with meticulous thickness control to offer a more prominent sweet spot. This brand-new technology enhances stress distribution and ultimately increases the ball speed across the face.



Callaway’s RAZR Fit Driver is an excellent constructed driver which is easy to adjust and will ultimately increase your success rate from the tee.

By adding some revolutionary technologies in their design, they have made sure to give the user the best chance of figuring out where to tweak their club, not their swing, for the best results on the course!

Adjusting the club to a suitable degree does not involve any change in the position of the shaft, leaving all the grip reminders as it is, making it easier for you to focus on your regular sewing patterns.

The engineers succeeded in developing a club that does not force you to change your swing but instead to simply change your driver.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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