Callaway Apex 21 Hybrid Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

Is the Callaway Apex 21 hybrid adjustable?

Yes, the Callaway Apex 21 hybrid is adjustable. The adjustment can be done to the hosel of the hybrid to optimize the control, loft and trajectory of the player as well as render more versatility.


Callaway Apex 21 hybrid specs

The following table illustrates some key specs and features of the Callaway Apex 21 hybrid that are worth keeping in mind if you are contemplating using the golf club.





Adjustable hosel to optimize the club for better control, trajectory and loft based on individual preferences.

Loft Options

19° to 27° (3-hybrid to 6-hybrid)

Offset and shaping

The hybrid has a minimum offset and a moderately sized clubhead.


The club comes with Jailbreak AI velocity blades to increase the vertical stiffness near the club sole as well as more off-center and on-center ball speeds.

The blades also assist in rendering better speed when the bottom portion of the clubface is hit. The flex on the carbon crown renders more forgiveness, especially on off-center shots and better spin rate consistency.


The Apex hybrid renders high launch and stability due to the dual and precisely shaped extreme tungsten weighting and the center of gravity at the lower part of the clubface.


The AI-designed flash face with bars spread across it to improvise on the torsional stiffness. This makes the club quite forgiving across the entire clubface.


The clean crown and compact size ensure that there are no distractions when hitting the ball. These two aspects also help to gain more confidence when the hybrid makes an impact.

Feel and Sound

The club has a responsive feel when it encounters an impact. The face feels hot and the sound appears sharp offering you assurance of a good swing.


How to adjust the loft on Callaway Apex 21 hybrid

The Callaway Apex 21 hybrid can be be adjusted using the OptFit hosel. The loft and lie angle can be adjusted to achieve ping point accuracy for both beginner and advanced golfers.

The Callaway Apex 21 hybrid set encompasses four hybrids ranging from the 3-hybrid to the 6-hybrid. All four hybrids feature the same type of loft adjustment using their hosels.

The OptiFit hosel features two cogs one above the other. These two cogs encompass the settings for adjusting the loft and also the lie angle of the hybrid. They have independent movement and so one cog is not dependent on the other.


You must remove the clubhead with the Callaway Torx wrench to adjust the cogs for your preferred loft setting.


Remember to secure the clubhead in place after making the desired adjustment using the same wrench.

Both the cogs have four markings on each. Each cog has the N and D markings representing Neutral and Draw respectively for the lie angle.

Additionally, the bottom loft has the S marking and the +1 marking. The S marking indicates the stated loft of the hybrid while the +1 marking can help in raising the stated loft by 1°.

If the desired loft is chosen using this cog, the lie angle setting must be done with the other cog.

In contrast, the two extra markings on the top cog are +2 and -1. The +2 marking steps up the stated loft by 2° whilst the +1 marking steps it down by 1°. If this cog is utilized to set the preferred loft, the other cog should be used for the desired lie angle setting.

Once the favored loft and the lie angle setting are achieved, ensure that the white dash marking over the hosel where the stated loft is mentioned and the desired settings on both the cogs and the white line on the clubhead are in a straight line before tightening the clubhead.


Callaway Apex 21 Hybrid adjustment


Adjusting the loft of the hybrid can change the way you play your game. For example, when you increase the loft, the hybrid becomes more suitable for a draw. This setting closes the clubface marginally when an impact is produced. They achieve more ball spin and a higher ball launch but the overall distance gets lowered.

In contrast, the hybrid is ideal for a fade when the stated loft is lowered. This option opens up the clubface partially during an impact. The overall distance gained is a bit more but the ball launch is lower and the spin is lesser.

The draw is more pronounced with a +2 setting than a +1 setting. It is maximum when the +2 setting is chosen on the lower cog and the D setting is selected on the upper cog.


Callaway Apex 21 hybrid adjustment chart

The various lie angle and loft adjustments of all the hybrid golf clubs in the Callaway Apex 21 hybrid series are mentioned below. There are eight settings for each driver including their default loft and the lie angle.



 Stated Loft

Loft  (+1°)

Loft (+2°)

Loft (-1°)

 Lie Angle




































The Callaway Apex 21 hybrid is undoubtedly a good choice for golfers of all levels. The high versatility of the golf club makes it ideal for both low handicap and high handicap players.


The club is well-suited for those who are looking to replace their long irons from the same manufacturer with a hybrid.


The Flash Face of the club focuses on rendering fast ball speeds for both off-center and center strikes.

The club incorporates an AI design that makes each club function differently. Furthermore, the club is stiffer at the sole when compared to the toe. This helps the players achieve more speed when the club is hit at the lower portion of the clubface.

The bars on the clubface are spaced at a considerable distance from each other and assist in maintaining a consistent spin rate while increasing the forgiving nature of the hybrid at the same time.


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