(7 Reasons) Why Small Golf Head Drivers Are The Best!

small golf head driver


Golf head drivers are used to provide maximum distance coverage when compared to regular clubs. This is because drivers generally have longer shafts than normal. The loft angle of the driver is designed to provide a long range of shot.

Gaining optimum control of a driver is essential to make full use of its potential. In order to achieve greater control, golfers can use a small gold head on their drive.

If the player is unable to control the driver correctly, then there is a high chance of the ball moving out of control.

Over recent years, a lot of new technological advancements have been made with regards to the driver-heads.

Generally speaking, it’s more common to find driver heads with a large surface area. A larger head is what most golfers prefer. This is because having a larger surface area on the club face will mean there’s less chance of you missing the ball during a swing.

However, small heads may be a better fit for you if you know how to get the most of these clubs. I’ll do my best to help you understand how small golf head drivers can help you become a better player.


What are Small Head Drivers?

Small head drivers are golf clubs with a smaller surface area compared to most other drivers. The surface area of a driver is generally measured in cubic centimeters or commonly referred to as cc. Small heads are available in 380cc to 400cc.

On average, the largest drivers have a surface area of about 460cc. However smaller sized drivers are designed with a longer shaft, which reduces resistance.

An advantage of having a long shaft is that it improves a golfer’s swinging momentum, and can increase swing speeds.


Small Head Driver Benefits

What are the main benefits of using small head drivers? There are 3 main benefits golfers can enjoy using a smaller sized head over larger models:

  • Small heads offer increased ball control to the player. You can easily shape the direction of the swing using a smaller driver head.

  • Due to their thin – long shaft, players can hit the ball at a very long distance. The longer shaft found on these clubs allows you to swing at the ball faster; causing the travel speed of the ball to increase.

  • The user can change angles and perform sharp turns using a small head driver. The accuracy offered by these clubs is what makes them useful to a lot of golfers.


Small Head Driver Vs Big Head Driver

Are you planning on buying a new driver head anytime soon? Ever wondered which driver head is best suited to you? Both the big head drivers and the small head drivers have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

I feel it’s important to understand both the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision. So let’s begin!

  • Big driver heads have a greater surface area and hence are very forgiving in terms of hitting the shot. This is not necessarily the case with small driver heads. Since the surface is low, the ball has to be hit with greater accuracy.

  • Larger sized heads are preferred when hitting the golf ball over shorter distances. They’re designed with shorter and thicker shafts compared to small driver heads.

  • Manipulating the swing in a small driver head is very easy when compared to big driver heads. This is what accounts for a lot of precision in the small driver heads.

  • The small head drivers produce a lower amount of spin compared to the larger sizes. This makes them ideal for beginners and those who need help with controlling ball trajectory.


What Does CC Mean in Golf Drivers?

CC stands for cubic centimeters. You’ll find the term ‘CC’ commonly used among golfers while talking about their golf clubs. This is a measurement that refers to the surface area of the driver’s head.

The USGS is the central authority which fixes the standards that are used for the golf head drivers. 460cc is the maximum permissible size of a golf head. These are generally found in big head drivers. It roughly translates to 28 cubic inches.

Everyone often wonders why there is an upper limit being set for these driver sizes. This is because drivers having more surface area will have more energy being transferred to the ball.

Not having an upper limit on driver size would lead to the ball traveling longer distances than necessary. To avoid this, the USGS has come up with the maximum limit of 460cc.


400cc Vs 460cc Driver

Golfers who do not generally hit the ball using the center of the driver are the ones who would benefit most from a 460cc driver. 460cc drivers are generally more forgiving in nature which I why I believe they’re better than 400cc clubs.

I find a golf ball can easily travel at a longer distance despite being hit by the off-center area on the driver.

A 400cc driver falls in the “small head category”. They can provide a great deal of flexibility to the player. These heads generally have lesser drag compared to the big head drivers. The head speed is also is higher when using 400cc drivers Vs 460cc models.

The main difference between the drivers is noticed when a player hits the ball using the side of the driver head.  In 400cc drivers, this may account for an increase in missed shots compared to using 460cc drivers.


Best Small Head Drivers

Want to try out a new small head driver? Some of the best drivers in the small head category are listed below:

Cleveland Launcher 400 pro-light shaft 10.5

The Cleveland launcher driver head has a 400cc surface area. The club offers a higher launch angle when compared to the previous 330 launcher model.

The backspin is also lower and the moment of inertia is on the higher side. Coefficient of restitution of this club is around 830. This driver offers an optimum combination of distance and accuracy for the players.

TaylorMade r7 Quad Driver

The TaylorMade r7 comes with adjustable weights. Depending on the weights fixed, the swing varies.

The club is very versatile and is very easy to handle as it comes with a 410cc surface area.

You also have options to custom fit the shafts. Though the standard shafts are decent, a lot of intermediate players prefer using custom made shafts for their drivers.

The r7 is one of the best drivers in the market and comes highly recommended from many top players.

Cobra King 414 Comp Drivers

The weight distribution is maintained by using a composite top. It comes with a very light shaft enabling easy handling.

The surface area of the Cobra King is 414cc but offers excellent workability.

Overall, a highly recommended club for mid-level players.


Why Use Small Head Golf Wedges?

Small heads are not only limited to irons and drivers. In fact you’ll find them also on wedges. So why should you use a golf wedge with a small head? There’s many good reasons I can think of actually.

Small head golf wedges are typically used for shots which require higher launch angles but need to cover a short distance. If you need to launch the ball with exact precision, wedges will the best club to achieve this.

Golf wedges can help you shape your shots with a higher degree of accuracy, especially from the rough. Inexperienced golfers don’t like big wedges because the club may get caught in the grass; reducing the distance their ball travels.

However, a player who is confident of hitting the sweet spot of the wedge is recommended to play with a smaller wedge as it can give you a lot more control of the ball.


Why Use Small Golf Irons?

Golf irons can be classified into 3 categories namely, short irons, mid irons, and long irons. 8-irons or 9-irons are classified as short irons.

These are characterized by shorter shafts and bigger loft. The shaft sizes increase as we move from short irons to long irons.

Similarly, the loft also decreases as we move from short irons to long irons.

Why should you use a small golf iron?

Amateurs and beginners trying their hand at golf for the first time are generally recommended to start playing the game with short irons. This is because the shorter irons offer more control to the player due to the short shaft length.

The increased loft is also an added advantage and helps provide more control to the player.



I believe it’s important to use the correct equipment to get the most enjoyment from your golf game. With the amazing advancements in technology it can sometimes be intimidating knowing how to sift through the many clubs, heads, loft sizes and other options we have now have.

Small head drivers are generally more difficult to control for beginners due to the problem of missing the sweet spot.

Once you have acquired a reasonable degree of control, I recommend upgrading to a driver with a small head as the control they offer is unmatched by any other club type.

I always recommend all players to choose the best type of iron and driver based on their game style and skill level. An increase in accuracy will always improve your scorecard than any tactic or club promising extra distance.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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