Why Golf Cart Charger Lights are Flashing (Red/Green/Yellow)

EZGO golf cart charger lights flashing
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Why is My Golf Cart Charger Flashing Red?

The battery charger on your golf cart will start flashing red due to a fault code. 2 red flashes can mean that the voltage is too low.

Different colored flashing lights denote different fault codes.

  • If the red indicator light flashes and nothing happens after that, you must check if the charger is properly connected to the AC mains.
  • If there is a single flash of the red indicator LED lamp in the battery charger, it indicates there is a fault in the charging mode.
  • If you observe two red flashes it indicates a fault in the battery voltage.
  • Three red flashes by the LED indicator is meant to convey that the battery charger has timed out.
  • There can be four red flashes as well which means that it is another form of battery charger timeout.
  • Six red flashes indicate that the charger is faulty.

The battery voltage fault could be due to either high voltage or voltage below the required level. The battery bank in a golf cart must be between 36volts and the maximum you can have in it is 67.2 volts. If the voltage is beyond these limits – lower or higher, the red indicator flashes twice.

The battery charger timeout with three flashes can be due to one of the three situations given below:

  • The charge in the battery bank has gone below 50%.
  • The batteries have gone old and cannot take more charge.
  • The charger cord is too long that it impairs the capacity to charge properly.

The battery charger timeout with four flashes of the red indicator in the battery charger could be to warn you that the charge time has exceeded the parameters set by the manufacturer.

When the charger gives out six red flashes, it means that the charger is not charging. You can check this by first disconnecting the charger from the AC mains and the DC point on the battery terminal. Wait for a few minutes (10 minutes advised) and reconnect the charger. Remember to plug in the AC mains first before connecting the DC end. If the problem persists, you will have to replace the charger.


Why is My Golf Cart Charger Flashing Green?

A green light flashing on the battery charger of your golf cart usually indicates the charge level of the battery. Short green flashes mean the charge level is below 80%, where long flashes mean the charge level is above 80%.

  • If it is one solid green light it indicates the golf cart’s battery is fully charged to 100%.
  • If the green light flashes at long intervals, it means the charge is above 80%.
  • If the green light is only a short flash, then the charge level is below 80%.


Why is My Golf Cart Charger Flashing Yellow?

The yellow light in your golf cart charger flashes when the batteries need to be charged. If you have not used your golf cart for some time and the battery charge level goes below the threshold, the yellow LED indicator starts flashing.

Once the charging starts, the flashing of the yellow light will stop. You may notice that if you keep the switch to Run, the yellow light can flash and on Tow position, it is not flashing. This is not how it should be. Reset the onboard computer (OBC) and you will find that the charging takes place whether the switch is in the Tow or Run position.

On some chargers, the flashing yellow light can mean that the charger is in the ‘abort’ mode. You can try unplugging the charger and after a gap of a few minutes, reconnect and see if the flashing yellow light stops and the charging starts.


Club Car ERIC Charger Light Fault Codes

The different stages of charging a golf cart battery bank with the Club Car ERIC charger are explained in the table below.

Light Status Explanation/Action
Red Solid Red Error in charging Charger should be removed and re-plugged.
Flashing Orange Charger not in a position to complete charging.
Green Green light ON Solid green Charging complete.

Stage 2 of the charging cycle is completed.

Solid green
Green light flashing Green light flashes Charging in progress. Will indicate when it is almost near full charge.
Solid green
Green light OFF Charging in progress Yet to reach full charge.

The charging cycle has not reached Stage I.

Flashing green
Blue Sold blue Power from mains to the charger is present.

EZGO Powerwise QE Charger Light Fault Codes

LED Fault Code Display Information

Light Status Explanation for Status/Action
Red Brief one-off flash Check the AC voltage.
One solid red flash Charge enable fault – check the DC connector/ battery temperature above 122°F or below 14°F.
Two red flashes Battery voltage fault – voltage on the battery pack is less than 36volts or higher than 67.2volts.
Three red flashes Battery charge timeout – charging time exceeded 12 hours. This indicates that either the batteries are old or that the charger is unable to charge.
Four red flashes Battery fault – Charge not getting completed despite the full time on charge. Batteries may be old.
Six red flashes Faulty charger – internal fault in the charging circuit is detected. Remove once and reconnect to see if the flashing stops or contact the service center.

EZGO Golf Cart Charger Light Flashing Green

You may notice two types of flashing of the green light on the EZGO golf cart charger. One is a flash of short duration while the other is a long flash.

The short flash indicates that the golf cart battery is charged less than 80%.

The long flash of the green light means that the cart battery is charged more than 80%.

When the battery bank in your golf cart is fully charged, the flashing will stop and you will notice one solid green light.

You should note that the LED indicators on the battery chargers for golf carts are different for the different brands and models. Each charger may have its unique set of colored LED indicators. You must check the manual that comes with the charger to understand what each light and the number of flashes mean.


EZGO RXV Charger Flashing Red

The EZGO RXV’s battery charger LED indicators may convey different things with the same light. If the red light flashes twice, it indicates that the battery voltage could be too low and the charger is not able to charge the battery bank.

Alternatively, you can check if the charger is connected properly. You can clean the contacts and tighten the connector to check if the problem goes away. Even a defective charger can cause the red LED to flash.

One way to find out low battery voltage is by checking the voltage of each battery. You might find a single battery with a low voltage that is pulling down the voltage of the whole bank.

You can try charging this battery alone with the appropriate lower-rated charger to see if the voltage can be raised. You must get the green all-clear indicator to be sure that your golf cart will function properly.


What Does 2 Red Flashes on My EZGO Charger Mean?

If the charger on your EZGO golf cart is Powerwise QE or Delta Q, the two red flashes mean that there is either a fault with the connector or there is a battery voltage issue. As mentioned briefly in the table above, the red flash may follow a pattern, like 2 flashes, a pause, followed by another 2 flashes.

If the golf cart’s battery bank is showing a voltage level below 36.0 volts or if the voltage exceeds 67.2 volts, then 2 red flashes of the indicator can be observed. If that is not the case then there could be a connector issue. Connector issues can only be resolved at the service center.


EZGO Charger Blinking Red and Green Light

One of the reasons the charger in your EZGO golf cart is blinking red and green could be due to an issue with the connector.

Try these steps:

  • Remove the connector from the DC end on the battery bank terminal.
  • Now, remove the connector from the wall socket of the AC mains it was drawing the power from.
  • Thoroughly clean the contact points on the battery bank and the connector end of the charger.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes.
  • Now, reconnect the charger starting with the battery bank terminal first and then plugging into the AC mains power socket.
  • See if the red/green flashing of the indicators has stopped.

If it is not resolved you will have to get the charger checked at the service center

Some users feel there is nothing to be concerned about if the charger works fine and the charging takes place. If the charger brand you are using is Powerwise QE, this red/green flash is normal, according to one user.


Club Car Precedent ERIC Charger Flashing Yellow

If you have a Club Car Precedent model, it should have an ERIC charger. If you see the yellow light flashing, the indication is that the battery charge is very low; between 10% and 25%.

The exact percentage of charge will be displayed through the yellow LED that you can read clearly.

You must immediately put the cart batteries to charge and allow it to charge the full course of 12 hours. Users usually leave it to charge overnight.


Why is My Yamaha Golf Cart Charger Flashing Lights?

The battery charger supplied with the Yamaha golf cart has LED light indicators on it. The first one is the indicator that shows that the charger is connected to the mains and is ON. Whenever there are charging errors, the other two LED indicators will start flashing.

If you notice the red-light flashing, disconnect the charger at once and reconnect. If the flashing of the lights does not stop after this, you may have some issues with the batteries. Either change all the batteries or check individual batteries and replace the bad ones only.

Yamaha insists on charging the batteries of its golf carts only using the charger supplied with the carts and not with any other charger. Follow the manual for detailed information on the battery charger and how to use it correctly.

Key Takeaways

Navigating the blinking lights of your golf cart’s charger can feel like decoding a secret message. Each color and pattern—red, green, yellow—signals a specific issue or status, from battery voltage faults to charging progress. Understanding these cues ensures your golf cart stays powered up and ready to go, whether it’s a low battery signal or a charger malfunction.

  • Red Light Flashes: Signal various faults, including low or high battery voltage, charging mode issues, and charger malfunctions. Specific patterns, such as two or six flashes, indicate different problems.
  • Green Light Indicators: Reflect the battery’s charge level, with short flashes for below 80% and long flashes for above 80%. A solid green light signifies a full charge.
  • Yellow Light: Indicates that the battery needs charging or there might be an issue requiring a reset of the onboard computer or an ‘abort’ mode on the charger.
  • Charger Fault Codes: Different chargers, like the Club Car ERIC and EZGO Powerwise QE, have unique LED indicators and fault codes to diagnose issues related to charging and battery status.
  • Charger Connection and Maintenance: Proper connection and maintenance of the charger and battery terminals are crucial for effective charging. Cleaning contacts and ensuring proper connection can resolve many flashing light issues.
  • Manufacturer Guidelines: Always refer to the charger’s manual for specific meanings of LED indicators and follow manufacturer recommendations for charging and maintenance.


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