Why does my EZGO voltage keep dropping and is too low!

Hey fellow cart enthusiasts. My EZGO golf cart’s voltage has been acting up, and it’s really affecting my cart’s performance. I’m getting inconsistent readings, and I’m not sure what to do. Has nyone else had this issue happen?


Funnily enough, I had the same voltage issue with my EZGO cart. One thing that really helped me was checking the battery in my multimeter. Turns out, the multimeter itself was the culprit!

Solutions that worked for users

SolutionUsers Who Found SuccessPersonal ExperienceEstimated Cost (USD)Time Needed (Minutes)
Check Multimeter Battery2Replaced multimeter battery$05-10
Check Individual Battery Voltage1Checked each battery’s voltage$015-30
Replace Batteries1Replaced all batteries$400-$80060-120

Symptoms You Might Experience

  • Sudden voltage drops while driving
  • Cart slowing down or coming to a complete stop
  • Lights dimming or flickering

What Could Possibly Be Causing This?

  • Weak or failing batteries
  • Loose or corroded connections
  • Faulty charger or charging system
  • Electrical resistance in cables, solenoids, or other components

Proven Solutions

1. Check Multimeter Battery

(Refer to the previous article section for details on this solution.)

2. Check Individual Battery Voltage

What I Did:

I used a multimeter to check the voltage of each individual battery in the cart.


I was able to identify any weak or failing batteries that needed replacement.

Personal Experience:

After checking each battery’s voltage, I found that one of them was significantly lower than the others. Replacing that one made a big difference.

Estimated Cost:


Time Needed:

15-30 minutes


  1. Disconnect the Batteries: For safety, disconnect the batteries from the cart.
  2. Set Up Multimeter: Set your multimeter to DC voltage.
  3. Measure Each Battery: Touch the multimeter probes to the positive and negative terminals of each battery.
  4. Record Readings: Note down the voltage readings for each battery.
  5. Compare: Compare the readings to identify any batteries that are significantly lower than the others.

Expert Tip:

Always measure the batteries when they are disconnected from any load for the most accurate readings.

3. Replace Batteries

What I Did:

I replaced all the batteries in my golf cart.


The cart’s performance improved significantly, and the voltage issues were resolved.

Personal Experience:

After replacing all the batteries, not only did the voltage stabilize, but the cart also ran smoother and faster.

Estimated Cost:


Time Needed:

60-120 minutes


  1. Purchase New Batteries: Make sure to buy batteries that are compatible with your golf cart model.
  2. Remove Old Batteries: Disconnect and remove the old batteries from the cart.
  3. Install New Batteries: Place the new batteries in the cart and connect them properly.
  4. Test: Turn on the cart to ensure everything is working as expected.

Expert Tip:

When replacing batteries, it’s generally a good idea to replace the entire set rather than just one or two. This ensures that all batteries are of the same age and condition, leading to better performance.

Models Where This Solution Worked

  • 2004 President with US brand 155AH batteries

Extra Tips

  • Battery Age: Sometimes, the age of your golf cart’s batteries can affect the voltage. Older batteries may not hold a charge as well as newer ones.
  • Weather Conditions: Extreme temperatures can affect battery performance. If you’re experiencing voltage issues during very hot or cold weather, this could be a contributing factor.


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