3 Best Golf Umbrella’s (Size, Cost & Benefits)

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A golf umbrella is made to be much larger than a regular umbrella. Umbrellas designed for golf are lightening resistant and have a more durable handle to withstand windy weather conditions.

What is a Golf Umbrella Used For

Golf is a game which is normally played when the weather is sunny and dry. Players generally don’t venture out for a match when it’s too windy or rainy. Mild winds are however tolerated.

Most serious golfers will carry a kit or bag containing all their golf equipment like clubs, balls and tees.

Many golfers instead choose to travel along the course using a golf cart.

Golf umbrellas are used for protecting both the golfer and the cart from the sun, wind and rain. These umbrellas are larger than normal and do a great job of providing cover and protection.


Do You Need a Golf Umbrella

Now that you know the main functionality of a golf umbrella, you may be wondering whether you need to get one. The answer will depend on your location and its usual weather conditions.

If your location experiences high levels of rain then I do recommend you investing in a golf umbrella. If instead you experience a lot of sunny weather, then an umbrella may not be worth using.

However if you do use a golf cart that has no roof; hooking an umbrella to your cart is very useful in blocking out UV rays from the sun.

There have been many days where I have gotten sun burnt playing golf. Getting burnt has ruined many a game for me. This is why I now hook my umbrella to my cart – each and every time!


Golf Umbrella Vs Regular Umbrella Differences

The differences between a golf umbrella and a regular umbrella are that the golf umbrella is designed to have a much larger sized canopy. It will also be lightening resistant, lightweight and more durable than a regular umbrella.

These umbrellas are made of a fiberglass drum which helps in reducing their weight. These umbrellas are generally lightning resistant as opposed to regular umbrellas. The handles are constructed in an ergonomic fashion so that it can withstand heavy winds.


Are Golf Umbrellas Waterproof

Yes golf umbrellas are waterproof. If you’re out on the tee and get caught in a sudden outburst of rain, you can rest assured that your umbrella will do an excellent job of protecting both you and your equipment from the downpour.

These umbrellas are designed even to withstand lightening and heavy winds.


Golf Umbrella Size

Umbrellas’ designed for golfers are manufactured in a variety of sizes. You will need to pick the size which is right for you.

The various sizes that these umbrellas are available in are 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34 and 36.

You should take a look at their individual diameter before deciding on the right one. If the umbrella is for your caddy, you’ll want the largest sized umbrella to cover both of you.

On the other hand if it’s for your golf cart, you’ll need to buy based on the size of your cart and the number of people travelling.  

Also keep in mind exactly where you tend to drive your golf cart. If your cart usually travels in narrow areas, you’ll need to choose an umbrella that’s smaller in diameter.


Golf Umbrella Diameter

Golf umbrellas have an extra larger diameter. The canopies in these types of umbrellas need to be huge to cover both the golfer and the cart comfortably.

The average golf umbrella will have a diameter of 50 -60 inches. This amount is much larger than an everyday umbrella that is only 39 inches (100cm) in diameter. The diameter is measured from one edge of the canopy to the opposite side.


Golf Umbrella Length

The length of the average golf umbrella measures 40 to 50 inches (127 cm). 70” would be considered an extra long length, while 40” is considered small.

If length is a concern, simply look for an umbrella where the tube is retractable.


How Much Does a Golf Umbrella Cost

Unlike the majority of golfing equipment you’ll come across, golf umbrellas are actually quite inexpensive.

A good quality golf umbrella can be purchased for around $20-$30. Of course there some models which cost upwards of $70 and may even go up to $100. It all depends on the size and functionality you require.

After doing hours of research it’s clear that some brands stand out from the crowd.

BAGAIL, ACEIken and G4Free are the preferred companies offering umbrellas in this sector. Most of their umbrellas for sales have an Amazon user review score of 4 to 5 stars.



Similar to regular umbrellas, golf umbrellas are also manufactured in a variety of color options. You can go in for the plain black one if you want something subtle. There are also bright colored options like red, yellow and white.

If you can’t decide on just 1 color, you may like to choose a combination of colors. Two colored umbrellas (red and white) have always been a popular choice amongst golfers. 


Why are Golf Umbrellas So Big

In the golfing world even 40 inch umbrellas is considered small. Most of umbrellas that you’ll see on the course will be at least 50 inches in diameter. You may be wondering why they are so huge.

Golf umbrellas need to be so big because they need to protect both the golfer and his cart from the rain.  Playing golf with wet socks is never much fun and will definitely cause a drop in your performance.

You definitely will want an umbrella larger enough, to cover you, your caddie and that expensive golf cart you have!


Golf Umbrella for Push Carts

Golf umbrellas are in general designed to cover both the push carts and the golfer. The only thing you need to keep a note of while buying this is your height. In a lot of instances, tall people find that the canopy of the umbrella hits the top of their head.

To avoid any issues, take note of your own height, as well as the height of your golf cart before purchasing your umbrella.


Where to Buy Big Umbrellas

These umbrellas are usually found in all the stores which stock golf equipment. You can find some of the best umbrellas at your local Target store. If you prefer to order online, Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods and Rock Bottom Golf are all good options.


3 Best Golf Umbrellas

I have listed the top picks in the golf umbrellas.

  • GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella – This umbrella is rated high for its durability. The canopy is double-layered which will stand strong during gusty winds.

  • Atree Auto Open Straight Umbrella 56-inch Dual Layer – It can be used for both wind and rain. It features a fiberglass frame and shaft and has a vibrant look.

  • All-Weather Elite Series 60-inch Navy and White Auto Open Golf Umbrella – This waterproof umbrella features a classic style, and is effective against heavy winds.



Golf Umbrella Holder

While you’re buying a golf umbrella, it’s necessary to obtain a suitable umbrella holder.

I made the silly mistake of not buying a holder for my very first umbrella. When it came time to use it on the golf course, I had a very frustrating time!

Without a holder, the umbrella became a burden. I couldn’t place it down anywhere, and it actually flew several yards away whenever I lost my grip.

Umbrella holders can easily attach the umbrella to your golf cart. Most products will be adjustable so that you can quickly turn the umbrella against the side of the wind.

The holders will also have a size adjustable clamp so that you can insert any sized umbrella.


Golf Umbrella with Seat

If you’re on the tee and are bored of standing up all day, you might want to consider buying one of the golf umbrellas which also feature a seat. The umbrella when folded up will have a seat on which you can sit/lean. Of course, you’ll not be able to relax as comfortably as on a real golf chair. But the seat is very handy and does serve its purpose.


Golf Umbrella with Shoulder Strap

While playing a game of golf, you cannot exactly walk around holding an umbrella in your hand. The shoulder strap models were designed just for this purpose. You can now carry your golf umbrella using the shoulder strap when it’s not in use.


Are Golf Umbrellas Allowed on Airplanes?

In general, yes umbrellas without any metals spokes are allowed to be checked in. You might want to inquire with your airline and the TSA agent before packing these umbrellas as it depends on the carrier and the place you’re travelling to.



If you’ve done any browsing whatsoever for golfing equipment, you’ll certainly notice most products are expensive.

The good news is that golf umbrellas are one of the cheapest items you can add to your golf kit. For $30 you can order a high quality umbrella that will stand the test of all weather conditions like sun, rain, hail and wind.

Just remember to first think about the most likely situations that you’ll be requiring your umbrella, and then buy accordingly.

If you own a golf cart with a cover, then you may not even need an umbrella. However if your cart has no roof, or you tend to travel the course by foot, then I recommend you invest in a good weatherproof umbrella.

For added luxury you can buy a golfing umbrella with an attached holder or chair. Just remember to buy one as soon as possible, as you’ll certainly use it at some point!

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